Chapter 9: Not allowed

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Thinking that the adult Heidis by his side every day was still suffering from amnesia and currently like a newborn, ignorant to affairs, these days Gu Yan stepped up in his efforts to raise his favorability rating. He would treat this Heidis as his own cat, kissing and hugging it daily, putting him in his lap and stroking its fur…
The consequences were of course very serious, but not yet apparent at the moment.
“Commander, it’s time you went back to carry out your duties.” Having spent the whole day in the barracks, Evan had yet to catch a glimpse of his commander and thus took on the responsibility to sort out the messy Class B documents.
Generally, any confidential documents ranked Class B and below will be dealt with by the subordinates. For example in the army, most companies will usually throw the less important documents to the lower-rank officers.
But their commander usually would not…?
The other aides were often envious of him, having such a strict and hardworking commander such that this aide could have more leisure time. But now……
After obtaining directions from the steward about the location of the mansion’s owner, he headed west, where a water fountain sculpture stood grandly in the courtyard. Evan saw a black-haired youth sitting on a wooden chair nearby along with a domestic cat-like adult Heidis by his side, trying its best to climb onto his leg. After succeeding, he laid quietly in the youth’s lap.
“…” He recalled the scene that he had seen not long ago. Afterwards, he who usually considered himself calm in most situations couldn’t help but doubt his own eyes.
Last time he could still blame it on amnesia, but what about now?
“There is not a lot that needs me to deal with personally.” The adult Heidis that had left the youth’s lap was now in his human form, back-facing Evan. On the handsome face, those eyebrows seemed especially cold and aloof. Even the black military uniform he wears on his body appears extremely cold.
The hidden meaning was: I’ll go later. Having been by his commander’s side for several years, Evan had naturally understood the commander’s meaning. However, those words still caught him by surprise.
If you do not count the documents below Class B, those that actually required the commander to deal with was in fact not a lot…
Having said this, the expressionless adult Heidis slowly turned his head to look in a certain person’s direction. Not knowing what Eli had seen but Evan suddenly saw his Commander carefully remove his white leather gloves and gently raised his fingertips to his forehead.
Following his gaze, Evan once again saw the dark-haired youth of unknown origins. Gu Yan was sitting a distance away and thus did not notice their gazes.
Thinking of the scene that he had just seen not too long ago and now where his commander was touching, it seems as if … He was kissed by the young man just now.
…… He had a feeling he had just discovered the reason why his commander was no longer as diligent in his work.
“The things that you’ve instructed this subordinate to investigate, it still requires a bit more time.” He gently pushed the golden-rimmed glasses up his nose and continued, “The only thing we can confirm now is His Excellency, Gu Yan[1] currently does not belong to any of the races that we currently know of. From a rough assessment of the various races, we can infer that others of his kind may be existing outside of our Saran Galaxy.”
“En.” The hand that was still touching his forehead slowly lowered as Eli replied, his tone carrying a hint of iciness.
Hearing this, Evan hesitated for a while before gathering his courage to suggest to his commanding officer: “If he is from a distant galaxy, the investigation will take a long time. Actually, you can directly … Ask His Excellency, Gu Yan. ”
It took Evan a moment to change the word ‘ interrogation ‘ to ‘ ask ‘, since he still could not come to terms with the fact that he had to treat such a weak and fragile creature as his equal. After all, the Heidis race was prone to using violence to solve everything.
Although he changed his words, his commander still caught it.
“No interrogation is allowed.” His voice was extremely cold, filled with a deep sense of oppression that could not be refuted.
“Anything that can harm him is prohibited.”
This was a direct order from his commanding officer, he was clear of this. Evan quickly bowed his head and respectfully answered, ‘yes’.
When he looked up once again, he saw that his commanding officer was still staring at the distant black-haired youth, unable to take his eyes away.
Evan: “…”
He was really doubtful if his commanding officer would even go down there later. Who knows, he might actually bring back the documents that he needed to deal with up here.
“Staying in the same place for so long, His Excellency must surely be feeling bored.”
The adult Heidis that was silently watching the youth suddenly froze, his eyebrows twitching slightly. He turned to look at his aide, his eyes urging him to go on.
“While wearing the suppressor bracelet, His Excellency will be able to avoid notice. In fact, you can take him to visit our capital after finishing all the work.” In fact, Evan’s main focus was on ‘ finishing the work ‘.
Expressionlessly, the cold and extremely indifferent commander seemed to be seriously considering what he had said and after a while, Evan heard a low and slow ‘ hmm ‘.
He can’t believe the day had come where he had to even coax his commander to go back to work using such underhanded methods like this. In the past, the only ones who had to resort to this method were those that had become extremely frustrated by those documents.
At this point in time, Gu Yan who was still in the courtyard did not know about the exchange between the two Heidis. As a writer, Gu Yan had always been interested in new things, like these flowers and grass in the courtyard, it was enough for him to research on for a long time … These were species that cannot be found on Earth.
The plants on this planet were of no threat to the Heidis race, but it was not necessarily the case for this weak human.
Just as he touched the petal of a flower, Gu Yan immediately felt a slight tingling sensation. When he looked back at the flower, the dainty white flower had already been dyed to a shade of crimson red.
Gu Yan: “…”
Just as he wanted to take a look at his own fingers, his hands had already been grabbed by someone else.
The Heidis’s human form which he had not seen for almost half a month suddenly appeared in front of him, causing Gu Yan to be surprised for a second. However, the next moment he quickly collected himself and his body did not go stiff like last time.
The white leather glove was taken off and the adult Heidis lowered his head to carefully examine the wound on the youth’s hand. There was a small wound on his fingertip.
The black-haired youth in front of him was too weak. To protect him, he needed to be more careful … Plants that are dangerous such as those of Class D and above were not allowed near him. They had to disappear.
Gu Yan was very calm, the hand that was held by the other man was also very calm until his idle hand almost instinctively wanted to lift up to touch the Heidis’s head. Suddenly the hand that was being held felt something wet.
Gu Yan: “…”
Originally the black-uniform clad man emitted an aura of nobleness. However, this expressionless Heidis suddenly lowered his head and gently licked the youth’s injured finger up to his knuckle with the tip of his tongue.
This was the most instinctive treatment for the Heidis race.
The visual impact of the scene in front of him was too much, Gu Yan was momentarily at a loss for what to say.
“The Military’s seventh base has the most famous exhibition hall in the entire Empire …” Not knowing whether the youth will be interested in the place he mentioned, the adult Heidis that was clearly wearing an extremely indifferent expression asked the youth with a warm and gentle tone: “Do you want to go?”
After regaining his senses, he heard these words. At this time, Gu Yan finally thought back to these few days, every day if it was not spent hugging, it would be kissing this Heidis…..
It seems that … Eli had probably already recovered his memories.
Gu Yan: “….. …”
Thinking of his unrestrained kisses and stroking of this big cat, Gu Yan’s eyelids suddenly started twitching.
Since it’s like this, can anyone give him a chance to rewind again??
End of chapter 9
[1] A form of address to indicate his respect for Gu Yan.