Chapter 8: A light kissTranslator: Vivi from DummytranslationsEditor: Vivi 🙂
Half a month was neither short nor long. In this half a month time, a certain silver tiger tabby cat stuck to Gu Yan’s side every day and basically followed him wherever he went. The only exception was when he had to attend his medical examination, only then he would leave for a while.
Being together every single day, the abnormalities in the Heidis was easily detected by Gu Yan. He wondered, this Heidis seemed a little different……?
Eli still cuddled with him every day, climbing onto his lap while he was sitting, and onto his shoulders while they were taking a walk in the courtyard, and, uh … if they were walking in the evening, the Heidis would also take the initiative to become his scarf, just like now.
The capital of the Heidis Empire is located in the Aisers of the Saran Galaxy. This planet also had the usual four-seasons and it was currently late autumn, in the daytime, it will be cool but in the evening, it becomes colder.
\Gu Yan’s activities within this mansion were extremely limited, he was only allowed to stay within this courtyard. However, since the beginning, Gu Yan had always been fond of writing and his life had always revolved around his cat and his novels. Every day he will punctually take his cat out for a walk… that was why the limited freedom he had did not have much effect on him.
“00, will the story really follow the plot that I have written in the novel?” he asked. Lifting his hand, he rubbed the exposed head of the Heidis curled around his neck. His fingers lightly played with the big cat’s ear as he tried to reach the system through his consciousness.
When he had first crossed into this world, Gu Yan had already experienced the mighty power of the plot. Right now he only wanted a final confirmation in order to kill any last hopes that he might have.
System 037 did not say yes, but still confidently replied: [The ‘Rules’ will strictly adhere to the original plot that you have written.]
Gu Yan: “…”
Gu Yan slowly became silent. His memory had always been good and he clearly remembers the ‘great’ ending he had written……
The Earth Alliance would be destroyed by the current Heidis empire, and all human civilization would cease to exist.
The adult Heidis around the young man’s neck suddenly meowed because it realized that the young man’s finger which was touching his ear had abruptly stopped.
Hearing the muffled sound, Gu Yan peeled the adult Heidis from his neck and held it in front of him, carefully staring into his eyes silently.
The Silver Tiger tabby cat did not resist and let the youth do whatever he wanted, just slightly tilting his head, the pair of light vertical pupil met the pair of dark pupils.
Although he did not understand why the youth was doing what he was doing, this domestic cat form of the adult Heidis liked the feeling of being stared at by this youth.
In that pair of black eyes, the Heidis could see his own reflection. Letting out a low meow, Eli narrowed its eyes in satisfaction again.
Satisfaction, adoration and happiness. In the face of this youth, the adult Heidis does not need to conceal his own feelings.
So obedient …
The more Gu Yan stared at the big cat in his hands holding, the more confused he gets. Even if it was something he wrote, under such circumstances he finds it hard to believe that the adult Heidis he is holding will become the leader of the army that will lead the destruction of the Earth Alliance.
“But aren’t I still well and alive?” He stretched out a hand to scratch the jaws of the big cat to divert his attention as Gu Yan continued to question the system.
If the development of events had followed the storyline, when he first crossed over he should have already have become a dead cannon fodder under the claws of the very beast that was currently licking his fingers.
[Since the host does not belong to this world, this can be an exception.]
Moreover, he was favoured by the ‘Rules’. The following words, system 037 did not say out loud. This sort of unexpected situation cannot be calculated or understood even by systems that exist in the high dimensional world.
So it turns out that those settings were not unchangeable. Thinking of this point, Gu Yan lifted the adult Heidis in his hand gave it a big hug.
Gu Yan only hesitated for a little while before he lowered his head and gently placed a light kiss on the big cat’s forehead.
No matter how he looked, this cat always seemed extremely docile and obedient to him. He had to quickly take opportunity of the time when the Heidis is still currently suffering from amnesia and being clingy to him to quickly curry favour with the big cat.
The people of this world were still living people and although he was pushed by the system into this pit, he had naturally developed feelings for this world that he had been dwelling in for a while now.
Why did he have to write this rotten ending??
Since the crossing into this world, he cannot help but cursed himself gloomily in his heart every time. The destruction of the Earth Alliance was his own doing. Frankly speaking, he should bear the responsibility of cleaning up the mess he made in order to live with his conscience.
The warm and soft touch lingered on his forehead for only a moment and ever so lightly. In that instant, the adult Heidis pupils shrunk even further as it narrowed its eyes.
Hoping the youth would bend down to kiss him once more, the adult Heidis in his hands adopted a docile attitude. However, its tail was unconsciously swishing with a lot more momentum than before.
Perhaps his wishes had been heard for the youth once again kissed his forehead.
The adult Heidis in its domestic cat form willfully let out a low meow, its tail hooking onto the youth’s wrist.
At this moment, a silly person committed to raising his favorability within the Heidis did not know that in reality, the Heidis in his arms…
Had already regained its memories.
End of Chapter 8



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