Interested in becoming a translator but not sure where to start? Dummytranslations is currently looking for new BL fans to spread the love and 🌈. So, if you think you have what it takes to stay committed, why not try your hands at some translating. We welcome everyone, whether or not you have had experience!

Why you should join US! 🎉

  • You love chinese BL and fluff 
  • You wanna try translating as a hobby
  • You wanna meet new people
  • You can get your own ko-fi button and receive donations!
  • No pressure or deadlines because we know how hectic real life can be!
  • We do group translations + editing real time just for fun and you're welcomed to join if you like! A great way to learn new tips and have fun with everyone! 

  • Know basic chinese and be fluent in english
  • Pass a short test that will be issued (Don't be intimidated! Just take it as practice even if you find it difficult, we totally understand how absurd chinese can get)
  • Love danmei and cats
  • Interested in joining our translating family

Fill in the form here! ^O^: