Laying out a few disclaimers and important notice for all to take note of (with effect from Aug 2019)

  • Our group only translates chinese novel, we do not own these novels. 
  • We no longer permit any form of retranslations from out translation works.
  • We do not allow reposting or dissemination of our work onto any other sites apart from dummytranslations. 
  • No epub or pdf versions are available as of now for any novels, and we do not allow any person to do so outside of their own personal use.

Commonly asked questions


1. How do I send you fanarts, cat pictures, gifs, etc.?

Thanks for asking, you can email them to me at dummytranslations@gmail.com or upload it to imgur and leave a link for me. All fanarts, cat gifs that I received will be deemed available to be reposted unless you let me know that you are not comfortable with me doing so. I will respect your choices.

2. Are you looking for any translators?

If you are interested in joining us, you can drop me an email at my contact page. But because I am currently not actively looking for translators, it might take a while for me to get back to you. I also have a few requirements. 

Firstly, any person looking to apply for the role of a translator need to have sufficient knowledge in chinese. There will be a test that I will let you go through if you do apply. Secondly, I only require at least one chapter posted every two weeks. Lastly, you must have a discord account for me to contact you via.

3. Are you looking for any editors?

Editors can apply out of pure interest but there will be no form of remuneration except cat pics. Currently looking for editors for:
  1. Past chapters of The people who're supposed to kill me fell for me instead
  2. Part-time editors that can take any chapter that needs last minute editing

4. What other sites are you on? Why do I keep seeing you on different sites?

I used to be based on wordpress (www.dummytranslations.com) but because of a few technical issues, I have migrated over to blogger. While it has been challenging due to my lack of knowledge in html, it has provided me with much more freedom. Wattpad is an alternative for readers to read offline and in a more standard app but note that the novels on wattpad are behind by a few chapters.


Have a question not answered?

Leave a comment below, and I'll answer it.