About Us

WHO the hell are WE?

✔ Loves ߣ
✔ Loves cats 
✔ Loves bread 🍞
✔ Can translate (a little) chinese
✔ Wants world peace
✔ Maybe needs cat gifs 

a stupid person.

Dummytranslations Est 2018: Created for no good reason except to poison people's eyes with bad translations and BL. Cats are our saving grace, meow meow.

ᗒᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓᗓ (We are a wWHOLe work in progress) 🚧🚧🚧


1. Vivi (Dummy)

Translating: The People who're supposed to kill me fell for me instead, The target always thinks that I like him, Dragon Castle, A little bit of Alien(i guess), Could you not tease me, my nemesis has finally gone bankrupt

Description: Constantly in front of her keyboard but is not translating, god knows what she's doing. Says 'no stress' all the time but am actually always in a constant state of panic.

Special Power: Constantly forgets which chapters have been posted and makes everyone around her dumber


2. Deathbutlowkey

Translating: The General's Cat always wants to climb into my bed, Number one zombie wife

Description: Thick skinned, knowledgeable, and well informed in the BL community, death leads the charge into hell and back, all for the sake of topping all the pretty boys

Special power: the ability to sleep six hours later than she was planning to and still not have gotten an ounce of shit done

3. ThisBro (Liana)

Translating: Number One Zombie Wife, When an alien is bound to a world-saving system, Fake Demon Lord

Description: Me and productivity have this agreement where we both pretend each other doesn't exist

Special power: Only one who seem to be able to chinese her way around,, makes us all wonder what we're doing here. Also made us search for the right shade of purple for a long time...

4. Kate

Translating: I have a sickness

Description: Kate is a deadpan blockhead who once forgot her schoolbag at home.

Special power: Our very own, home-grown and organic cult painter

5. Kyo576 (Guest translator)

Translating: Co-translator of The People

Description:  The big sister that always shares the pictures of her food, all the while unwittingly killing everyone in the chat through starvation at 3 am in the morning.

Special power: remembers something important and forgetting it the next second, then stressing about it because it was important

EDITORS??? Y'all:

1. Dragon Reader

Description: Perpetual Procrastinator, Fluff Lover

Special power: Amazing economics teacher. The momma u wish u had. Ability to juggle the shitton of chapters being thrown at her all at once because it's either ten or none, no in between.

2. Mimishijie

Description: Mimishijie is a Tiktok addict and professional thirsty bitch who occasionally edits fluffy danmei to satisfy her incessant need for cute boys

Special power: Divine supplier of MXTX fanart

3. Sammy

Description: Still does not know when there should or shouldn't be a comma in front of and (Don't worry, we're all struggling too)

Special power: Takes longer to choose a song to edit with then actually edit

OUR ONE AND ONLY Proofreader:

1. SleepyMango123

Description: The only Adult... who acts like an adult