Chapter 10: An upright writer

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Not understanding why but Gu Yan could faintly feel some sort of ‘expectation’ from the adult Heidis. The feeling of being watched by the big cat caused Gu Yan to unknowingly agree to his request before his brain could even process anything.
As a cat fanatic, Gu Yan was usually unable to refuse this Heidis’s requests much less when this one was acting cute with him.
The military base was located within a 20-story tall building, while its exterior looked no different from ordinary buildings, it was in fact built using special materials to allow it to withstand attacks. From every corner, this place had the Empire’s most advanced and rigorous defence system.
The 11th floor was the Seventh Corps’ jurisdiction. Originally, all the Heidis on that floor had been diligently doing their own work. Upon seeing their commander bring a person up and even into his own personal office, they couldn’t help but glance at each other.
The young man who had touched their commander’s head, played with their commander’s ears and pinched the commander’s paws was still alive.
“Sir, didn’t you say that the commander had recovered his memory …”
Evan pushed his glasses up and turned away: “Don’t ask me.”
He had only said that the military’s seventh floor had a museum. Never did he imagine that the commander would not only bring him there but also into his own office.
The office on the 11th floor was special. It belonged to their commanding officer and everybody knew…. that their commander did not like to be disturbed while he was working.
At this time, the highlight of their discussion was currently sitting in front of the desk, flipping through documents with a handsome and expressionless face. Although he was calmly gripping his pen, his thoughts were constantly wandering away… After a few seconds of staring at those documents, his gaze would shift back to a certain youth not too far away, wearing a holographic gear and playing happily.
His efficiency had been severely reduced.
The documents that had been done with fleeting attention were not many. The Heidis that had originally been sitting rigidly upright decisively put his pen down as he approached the youth.
Although the holographic virtual devices had covered most of the young man’s eyes, he could still tell from the slightly curved lip that the person was having a good time.
The beautiful Heidis slightly lowered his eyes and took off his white leather gloves before reaching out to touch the youth’s face. He especially tried to touch the curve at the corner of the youth’s lips.
Under the influence of the holographic device, the brain will be unable to judge and detect danger from the outside world. Hence, people wearing holographic devices are usually not aware of their own surroundings.
For example, Gu Yan was now in this situation.
Gu Yan was so immersed in the novel feeling of his first experience with a holographic game that he did not notice a pair of light vertical pupils staring intently at him.
Thinking of the kisses and affection that the dark hair youth used to shower him with, Eli narrowed his eyes and tried to imitate his actions. He lowered his head to gently touch his lips against the unaware youth’s face before shifting positions to touch the corner of his lips.
The closer he got, the more distinct the smell of youth. With an overbearing aura, he held the youth’s body as his light-coloured vertical pupil shrunk further. Lowering his head, he increased the intensity of the gentle kiss on the youth’s neck.
His mark had faded again …
After regaining his memories, he had also recalled the way to make his mark last longer on the youth’s body. However, he was still enduring.
Now was not the time yet. Right now… he will be rejected by that person.
037 was looking at this scene silently, unsure if this was the time to remind its host not to overindulge in the game.
[Host …]
“What’s the matter, 00?” “Gu Yan who was using the holographic devices to experience the thrill of driving a warship barely gave any attention to the system as he replied.
[…… It is recommended that the host temporarily turn off the holographic device. ]
Although he did not know the reason, Gu Yan still called for the game system menu, choosing to save the progress and selected the exit game option.
“?” Just as he switched off the system, Gu Yan had not had the time to remove the equipment from his eyes as he felt a slightly warm and soft touch at his neck while still in complete darkness.
Under this sort of situation where he could no longer see anything, his sense of touch was heightened. The fleeting kisses landing on his neck felt like flashes of electricity, shocking him with every touch and leaving behind a numbing sensation.
"Eli." Because he couldn’t see, Gu Yan blindly reached out towards the direction of the Heidis, wanting to touch his head to appease the adult Heidis and let him stop what he was doing. Meanwhile, the other hand was prepared to remove the holographic equipment that was blocking his vision.
The Heidis whose name had been called furrowed his brows and obediently stopped what he was doing. However, he refused to let the youth take off the holographic equipment as he lowered himself closer to the youth’s ear and let out a low ‘meow ‘.
The usual cold tone somehow seemed a little warm and the adult Heidis continued to push his luck, kissing the youth’s neck.
“Be Good …” What he could not see, he will not feel the severity of. Although he could still hear the cat meow, Gu Yan quickly relaxed his body.
Gu Yan could finally take off the holographic equipment without any resistance and he did so. Originally, he had decided to have a proper talk with the adult Heidis. However, he was met with the slow swinging tail of the silver tabby cat that was quietly observing him.
The next second, the adult cat-like Heidis climbed to the youth leg and laid down, its throat began to emit a low grunting sound.
…… It was a damn cheat, but who asked Gu Yan to have sadly fallen for this kind of ploy.
His fingers gently scratched the chin of the big cat in his lap, not understanding why the Heidis who had already recovered his memories was still so attached to him.
“Don’t tell me the plot has collapsed?” Gu Yan asked the system.
[There is no such possibility.] 037 quickly gave a negative answer.
[Can the host look back and try to remember if you had written any strange settings.]
Stroking the docile cat in his lap, Gu Yan rebuked the system: “I’m an upright author. How could I write any strange set…Uh…”.
Gu Yan suddenly stopped replying; even the hand lightly scratching the jaws of the big cat also stopped.
As he had said earlier, when he had been setting the character boss’s traits, because of his own cat lying in his embrace and acting coquettishly, his train of thoughts had been carried away and his mind had only been filled with his cat.
In retrospect, Gu Yan vaguely remembers that in the character settings, especially because his brain had been full of his cat at that time, after he had finished setting the character traits for this boss, in the small corner he had added something a little extra…
Master: Gu Yan.
End of chapter 10
T/n: Dun Dun DUn. Gu Yan digging his own pit since forever. Let us all have a moment of silence for the poor boy.


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