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Chapter 11: Rubbing a soft belly

The seventh floor of the military exhibition hall was not open to ordinary people. Its fame was due to the illustrious machines and armoury that had brought victory to the various Heidis wars. One of the most famous exhibitions was the “Silver Blade” assault machine, which was once driven by the Heidis empire’s tenth Emperor.
When Eli took the black-haired youth to see the exhibition, everybody who saw it had been extremely astonished. However apart from that, under the influence of the suppressor and a certain powerful Heidis’s smell marking him, no one noticed the problem with his race.
As the young man admired the large war machines, he failed to notice the adult Heidis who had been silent and aloof, staring fixedly on him.
This human likes these war machines. This was the conclusion the Heidis had reached while observing the youth from the side
The soldiers’ efficiency was extremely high. By night time, Gu Yan had already received a present.
Gu Yan had long accepted his fate as the Heidis’s human-shaped cat post. He watched as the silver tiger tabby slowly climbed up his legs and his eyes couldn’t help but twitch.
Especially at the thought of what he had set as the ‘master’ of this beast, Gu Yan’s eyes will twitch even more fiercely.
He was such an upright writer …
Gu Yan saw this big cat’s mouth seems to be holding something as he climbed up his legs and let out a ‘ meow ‘, letting whatever that he had been holding in his mouth fall on his lap.
…… Gu Yan had an urge to laugh.
The domestic cat form of the adult Heidis stared at the curve at the corner of the youth’s lips and stared for a good while. It picked up the fallen object once again and tilted its head towards the youth.
It was a rare moment where the Heidis had chosen not to climb onto him and lay quietly but instead, arched itself into the youth’s embrace. Gu Yan was doubtful as he stroked the big cat’s head: “Eli?”
Realizing that the cat had been intently staring at his other idle hand, Gu Yan thought for a moment before placing his other hand in front of the cat.
He had probably made the right choice as the Heidis in its domestic cat form lowered its head slightly and placed the object in his mouth into Gu Yan’s hands.
“For me?” Gu Yan looked at the bracelet that was placed in his hands, or rather a ring, and asked.
His response was a low ‘ meow ‘ from its throat.
The slight tilt of its head as the adult Heidis waited expectantly for its praise was a lethal blow to Gu Yan, the cat maniac. Gu Yan who had already lost any sense of rationality held up the adult Heidis and started kissing him without the slightest hesitation.
Originally after he had finished kissing the cat and regained his senses, he had started on a round of self-reflection. However, when he heard the cat letting out soft mews, Gu Yan quickly discarded any last shred of moral integrity he had.
He still had no idea exactly what the ring was when the cat in his lap started mewing again and Gu Yan put it on.
He had finally appeased the big cat in his lap as it quietened down. Gu Yan lazily relaxed his upper body and let himself fall onto the bed.
The whole empire had no such thing as a ‘ bed ‘. The bed that he had wanted had been specially customized for him … Gu Yan already had a feeling he was no longer being held captive, but being kept by this adult Heidis.
However, it seems as though there weren’t any disadvantages, rather there were a lot of advantages…?
Oh no no no, he is an upright writer, Gu Yan struggled to grasp at his last strands of righteousness and morals.
Feeling the weight on his leg lifted, Gu Yan looked over and saw the silver tabby cat biting the corners of the blanket. Afterwards, he dragged it over to cover his body.
It was really obedient…
The adult Heidis in its cat form had just started pulling the quilt over the dark-hair youth’s body, not yet completely covered when it was pulled into a warm embrace.
Gu Yan pulled up the half-covered quilt that was at his waist and tucked the both of them in.
Recently, the weather had started to become colder. Although this kind of temperature change has had no effect on the Heidis race, it was different for the human Gu Yan.
Realizing this point, the adult Heidis even thought about changing into a bigger form so that he could provide more warmth for the youth.
The warmest part was at his belly. Gu Yan’s eyes were closed but his hands still continued to stroke the soft belly of the big cat back and forth.
As he stroked the cat, Gu Yan suddenly thought back to the first time he had seen the other’s human form… It was a man with a very symmetrical body, and the slightly tightened abdominal muscles looked full of strength and beauty.
Compared to his original form and now, their appearance was really too different. Thinking of this, Gu Yan did not hesitate to rub the cat’s belly
Hmm…… very soft, feels really good to touch.
Two weeks later, a young lieutenant had gathered together all the information and rushed towards the mansion.
“A human…”, the brows of the adult Heidis furrowed. The handsome and cold face gently read the name of the race, his cold tone held a subtle trace of tenderness.
Earth, a Level Four civilization.
Just a difference in one level of civilization gap can be overwhelming, let alone four. The adult Heidis continued to carefully browse the survey report in front of him.
It was really too weak …
They were a weak race that relied on the use of scientific and technological creations in order to even reach the fourth level. Although they largely relied on their technological advancement, this level of technology was still nothing compared to the Level seven Heidis’s civilization.
Thinking of how the youth had become more difficult to warm up recently,  a certain adult Heidis who had all along been lacking in the emotional department started to feel rather distressed. He wanted to finish dealing with his business quickly so that he could return to embrace the youth.
But looking at the report, he realized he did not see a record of what humans like.
“What kind of things do humans like?”
Evan froze for a moment, this was also within his investigation scope?
Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, Evan calmly said: “Please give this subordinate some time to research.”
Go. The cold and handsome young commander nodded expressionlessly.
End of chapter 11