Chapter 12: Favourite thing is qiuqiu

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Military Exhibition hall – 11th floor.
Seeing the young lieutenant currently analyzing the numerous documents and information, as a soldier that had been involved in the last investigation, Jean did not hesitate to ask, “Officer, do we start preparing for war?”
In the course of investigating the black-haired youth’s identity, they had discovered a new Galaxy. After passing through this galaxy, they will reach a Class D civilized planet called ‘Earth’. Moreover, this resource-rich planet was not affiliated with any of the higher classed civilization.
What a lack of affiliation with any of the other higher civilizations in the eyes of the Heidis means was not that the planet was independent, but rather, the planet did not have a master.
No master means they can take it by force.
If he had not recovered the strand of hair that the youth had dropped on his clothes and placed it in the tracking apparatus, this planet would have been quite difficult to find since it was hidden in a natural mist.
The mist here, of course, was not real mist, but rather some kind of mysterious fog that was yet to be identified. It causes any starship that enters the area to lose their direction and sail through blindly.
Just the discovery of this new galaxy was already a great military feat. If they were able to capture this masterless and resource-rich planet, a huge promotion was not impossible.
But for some reason, they were ordered to block the news of the discovery of the new Galaxy and after a long time, still did not receive any order to launch an assault.
“…” Hearing this, Evan pushed up his glasses. How can he tell the other man that he was in fact, currently researching on the preferences of mankind on this blue planet?
Yet he could not blame the other for asking such a question. This officer’s job came with a huge responsibility and this officer had always been one to plan before acting.
In the past, every time before a war, they will carefully analyze every aspect of their enemies and develop the best strategy to conquer the other side … Jean simply thought that this Officer was merely doing his job.
“Still no further instructions. Continue to withhold this information for the time being.” Expressionlessly, Evan continued to tidy up the information in his hands, taking out only important ones.
Their commander had absolutely no intention of capturing this planet and he already knew it from the very first day he brought the report over.
He had previously proposed, the discovery of a new galaxy and conquest of a resource-rich planet, with these two points together, it would more or less allow their commander to rise up the ranks smoothly.
At this point in time, the throne of the Heidis empire was currently empty. According to tradition, after the passing of the previous ruler, the heir was not able to take over the throne immediately. Rather, if he wanted to sit on the position of the highest power, the heir must also first pass the trials given by the elders.
Their commander had previously completed the first trial and was preparing to return back to the Heidis Empire when the series of unfortunate events unfolded. He had crashed onto a deserted planet and subsequently lost his memories.
Of course, there were no witnesses to this accident and a further investigation had yet to take place.
The contents of the second trial were unclear, but it was already underway and it was always beneficial to have another achievement under his belt. However, his proposal was mercilessly rejected by their commander with a simple ‘no need’.
“Yes, sir.”
When the subordinate turned his attention away, Evan’s expression became subtle, pushing the glasses back up his nose. He got ready to head back to his commander’s mansion.
With regard to the human race’s likes, his current lead was only “money”. This vague term. In their Heidis language … It should probably be their credit points or the most common standard currency within their own planet.
There were too many documents regarding this investigation to be studied and Evan felt that asking the human himself would be much quicker. After all, although his commander said he wanted to know what humans like, wasn’t it just that he wanted to know what this youth likes?
After arriving at the mansion, he continued to maintain a safe distance from the youth. He did not bother to beat around the push and straightforwardly asked, "What kind of things does Your Excellency, Gu Yan likes?” 
He was taken aback by this sudden question but hearing the words ‘likes ‘, Gu Yan first reflex was to blurt out two words: “Qiuqiu.”
Ball ball[1]… What in the world was that? A little puzzled, the young aide pushed up his glasses but did not ask further and instead made a mental note in his mind.
[1]Qiu = Ball, Qiuqiu = Ball ball
“What else is there?” 
Gu Yan cooperated and answered with a string of nouns, nothing too extravagant and he also did not probe the officer why he was asking such questions.
When asked what was his “favourite”, Gu Yan once again, unhesitatingly answered, “Qiuqiu.”
Running through all the words the youth had given him in his mind, Evan nodded. He could finally go and report back to his commanding officer.
Before leaving, he glanced at the youth’s left index finger, which wore a jade ring inlaid with green gems.
This ring was actually used to store the space button of the machine and was also the ‘ key ‘ to activating the war machine. Evan could not be any more familiar with it.
The war machine stored in this space ring was one of the commander’s favourite. Countless times he brought this machine into the battlefield and reversed the battle against the enemy, into their favour. By right, if nothing goes wrong, this machine would most likely be stationed in the military building’s seven-storey exhibition hall, as a sign of honour for people to pay tribute.
However, their commander had so easily and willingly gifted this ring to the dark hair youth while the latter had no idea how important the thing in his hands was.
He really could not understand his commander’s love —
Yes, as an aide, Evan was very clear that his boss had a very special affection for the dark-haired young man who belongs to the weak race.
The word ‘like’ simply did not suffice.
To be able to let a fierce and hostile beast allow itself to be tamed and disguise itself as a docile creature … Moreover, putting his own reins in the hands of the weaker man, allowing the small creature to treat himself as an ordinary domestic pet and be played with…
If it was simply ‘like’, it was impossible for a Heidis to be tamed voluntarily.
In front of his commander who was sitting in his chair, staring down at the documents, Evan began to repeat the answer he had just obtained from Gu Yan.
"Gu Yan said he liked Qiuqiu best … Commander?" Evan had dutifully regurgitated the answer but he suddenly saw the cold, handsome adult Heidis release his pen and stood up from his seat.
The eyes of the adult Heidis dressed in the black military uniform was cold and expressionless. From his appearance, nobody could see anything wrong with him.
However, at this moment Eli could almost hear his heart beating and it was beating loudly.
End of Chapter 12
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