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Chapter 13


The unaware Gu Yan currently indulging in the holographic game and could not bear to part with it was actually a very easy-going … Ah no, a happy-go-lucky person. As long as he was in a relatively stable environment, where he stayed did not matter much to him.
After all, Gu Yan spent his days nested in his home, code for taking care of the cat. As a writer, the money he earns is more than enough to support himself and his cat. Not long ago, he had just brought his cat with him to travel abroad in the name of searching for inspiration. His days were spent very carefreely.
Although he had been forced to cross to this world, after crossing, Gu Yan also did not meet the kind of systems he had read about on BuJiang where the protagonist was bound to the system and forced to complete whatever task. If they did not finish, they would be obliterated. Gu Yan now eats well, live well, sleep well and is still being taken care of well–
Apart from having to be careful not to let the Earth Alliance be destroyed according to the original plot, Gu Yan basically had no other worries.
He had to go through the various storylines that he had written. According to what the system said, the only way for him to go to the next world was to die in this one.
But suicide this kind of thing, Gu Yan cannot bring himself to do. Since he cannot, he might as well enjoy the experience in this futuristic world.
(x) This holographic game is really fun (x)
The system that had long ago seen through Gu Yan’s thoughts decided to keep quiet. System previously had other hosts before, but never did it see anyone… as lazy as this host.
The calculated data showed that in some ways, this was a sign of a strong psychological strength–?
For the first time, 037 started to doubt the results of its own calculations.
[Ding Ding, external wake-up program is starting, player has chosen to quit the game, Counting down 10, 9, 8 …]
Gu Yan was just about to break the record on the warship VR simulator game and couldn’t help but let out an ‘Eh”. Just ten more seconds and he could have beaten the first ranking person.
The steering motion of his hands did not cease and persevered until the last 10 seconds. In the final moment just before he was forced out of the game, Gu Yan seemed to see his name hanging in the second place…
Before the holographic game started, Gu Yan was required to close his eyes. That was why he was currently lying in complete darkness and there seemed to be a weight pressing down at his waist.
Although the holographic device had not yet been taken off, Gu Yan already reached out a hand to touch the weight on him. Unsurprisingly, he touched a tuft of fur and followed by that, his fingers suddenly felt wet.
Strange … Why was it so quiet?
Accustomed to hearing the big cat constantly letting out low meowing sounds, the silence now feels a little too quiet.
With growing suspicion, Gu Yan waited for his sight to be restored before he looked towards the direction of the adult Heidis.
The lying Gu Yan met the gaze of the pair of light vertical pupils. He suddenly had a fleeting feeling that something had changed. Why did he feel as if…
The way this Heidis was looking at him was a little strange??
This was not the first time being stared at by the Heidis but this time, the feeling he gotten was different from before. However, Gu Yan was not able to tell where exactly was different.
And the tail seems to be swinging too happily …
The big cat quietly lying on his body was looking at him with a kind of gaze that was hard to describe and swinging its tail non-stop…
Gu Yan hesitated for a little while. Under the fervent gaze of the pair of light colour pupils, he put his hand to the Heidis’s lower jaw and prepared to gently scratch it.
As his fingers touched the Heidis’s jaws, he carefully rubbed a little, not noticing that the eyes of the cat staring at him had narrowed slightly.
The pupils had slowly shrunk into thin slits. It seems like his patience and restraint had gradually reached a critical point.
The Heidis in the form of a large cat lying on his body was currently letting out low grunts. However, at this very moment, the very person who had caused him to feel the desire to conquer had unknowingly hugged him, followed by a light kiss on his forehead …
“Huh–?” Gu Yan’s brain had short-circuited as he looked at the large man that was currently pressing down on his own body. The black military uniform was buttoned all the way to the collar and the cold face of the Heidis seemed to be giving off a feeling of abstinence… If only the other was not currently kissing his face.
The cool and soft fleeting touches trailed up the corner of his lips. Gu Yan who had been frozen silly for a while suddenly regained his senses. However by this time, the soft touches had already reached his lips and he even got the feeling of being kissed, as if the Heidis wanted to reach his own tongue in.
The f*ck?
Feeling his moral integrity being ripped to shreds but his body still being suppressed, Gu Yan was completely unable to move and could only put up a weak struggle.
Watching the whole process from the sideline, 037 entered a state of silence. it had previously detected the abnormal mood fluctuation of the Heidis. Just now … should it have reminded the host not to touch and kiss the cat?
But it was already too late, thus 037 decided to stay silent.
“…… Like.” Aware of the struggling youth, the adult Heidis that looked extremely indifferent once again leaned closer to touch his face while his lips reaching to kiss the youth’s earlobes.
Hearing the cold voice gently whispered the few words beside his ear, Gu Yan who had just recovered from his state of shock went back in once again. This time, he didn’t freeze for a long time because the person pinning him down had already kissed all the way down to his neck.
The adam apple at his neck was continuously being licked and sucked, shocking him. Gu Yan’s breathing became erratic in the next second and started struggling even more fiercely.
However, he suddenly heard a low hum from the adult Heidis that was pressing down on his body, his voice slightly hoarse. Seeing the darkening gaze of the adult Heidis staring at him, Gu Yan had a feeling his actions had brought him the opposite results. He was starting to feel a little panic.
End of chapter 13
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