Chapter 53
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In the arena, both of the players in the game were already full level characters and the highest level in this game was 100. However, this kind of level was completely insufficient in the eyes of many veterans. 
If they wanted to defeat a high-level boss, according to their difference in levels, a team of five to twenty-five people with even a bit of intelligence cannot even dream about it.
For example, the Death God that had appeared in front of the audience is one of the most inhumane bosses in the game.
This inhumanity refered to the difficulty of clearing the dungeon. Putting everything else aside, the scythe in its other hand is able to cut through the various meat shield[1] class characters in the team that were responsible for attracting and taking damage as easily as cutting vegetables.
In the early days of the game, the penultimate[2] boss of the Netherland was the first to be defeated. After the Avalon guild entered the Netherland and encountered the Death God, the tanks in the team shivered while the clerics all exposed a look of shock.
One hit KO, there was no opportunity for the clerics to recover their hp at all. It was said that the president of the Avalon Guild told the members who participated in the battle that night to wash up and sleep early.
This boss had too high requirements of the main team and the sub-team. After a few weeks, everybody in the team received an armor upgrade.
Of course, after a few weeks, although the tanks in the team were finally not sec-killed[3], they were still tortured to death by the various skills and settings of the Death God.
Until now, there was no guild who had cleared the Netherland boss.
One boss could defeat countless teams and countless guilds, this made the tanks and clerics’ teeth ache in anger, But who knew that this boss who they resented to death was actually summoned by a magician?
That person must have exhausted his entire life worth of luck, this was the general consensus after everybody could only stare in disbelief, unable to say a word.
The moment the black hooded figure that even light could not touch turned around and lifted its sickle, the thief holding his dagger hurriedly started to sprint away.
However, his reaction in the end still did not allow him to survive. A pair of skeleton hands emerged from the snowy ground and caught his ankle, completely trapping him.
Just like a weak bug tangled up in a web, forced to slowly wait for its demise.
There is a rule in the arena. No matter how powerful an attack is, at most, the character’s HP can only be reduced to 1. At this time, the system will judge the outcome of the duel and the loser will be sent back to the rebirth point.
Winner: Sen Luo
On the channel, the system’s prompt, a line of golden words appeared. At the top of the magician’s head, the title of the winner hovered for a few seconds.
“You were just lucky.” The thief holding his dagger in a state of critical blood was extremely indignant. He certainly knew that his opponent’s mana bar was almost empty. He was waiting for his mana to reach that stage before he got ready to kill him in one fell swoop. Who would have expected that the other side’s weakest skills would actually directly bring him to victory.
Since the winner and loser of the match had already been determined, the arena would soon send both of them out of the arena. Before the ten-second countdown was up, Gu Yan smiled at the still young and savvy thief and calmly said, “Luck is also a part of one’s strength.”
“You are good and in the future, will become even better. However, your habit of playing a game of cat and mouse with the enemy needs to be changed.” Facing a child, although his opponent’s words previously were not very nice, Gu Yan would not get angry.
As for what he said, this weakness of his was the reason he lost many times to his opponents in the past. As for whether he changed or not, it did not affect Gu Yan.
When the last second is up, Gu Yan was transported back to the outside world. Before the magician accepted the invitation to the competition, he had just entered a forest. The village of Sylphs. He came back here after he was sent out of the arena.
He was still ranked first place on the leaderboard. He had to accept at least three competitive challenges every month and must win in the duel to retain his position.
At the edge of the entrance of the forest, Gu Yan was currently deep in thought. Without thinking, he retreated back to a relatively safer area.
Taking a step back, he bumped into something cold, the kind that was lacking in warmth.
Stunned for a moment, Gu Yan turned around and unexpectedly saw a black hooded figure that all light seemed to avoid. He remembered that the duration of the summon was one and a half minutes, and this time limit was what made this skill weaker than a chicken rib.
What can one do in a short minute and a half? Unless you were also lucky enough to summon a high-level boss, it was better to save this mana that can allow you to use the substitution skill twice.
Now, there was still more than fifty seconds left in the minute and a half. The skin of the Death God holding its sickle is gray. He had been quietly standing behind the youth until he turned around, the pair of dark eyes showed a trace of fluctuation.
It was extremely minuscule, others can’t detect it, and it let this purely black existence to feel confused.
There was an emotion that should not be there.
Fifty seconds.
Gu Yan looked at the remaining time. Fifty seconds was not enough to bring him into the five people dungeon, or else he could take this boss to challenge the five people dungeon and obtain materials.
If he did not guess wrong, the original body appearing in this part was intending to go to the five people dungeon to obtain materials.
Bring the thief on a wild chase for ten minutes was not an easy thing for a magician. Putting the magic book away, Gu Yan found a bottle of blue potion to restore his mana. While drinking his potion, he did not forget to observe the boss that he had summoned.
In the future, he might go to the Netherlands dungeon with a team. This dungeon had many valuable things that a magician needs. It was rare to have the chance to have such a close look at the boss without being sec-killed by him, it should be grasped.
From its physical appearance, he observed a lot of useful information, such as the length of the weapon, the distance needed to avoid, block or reach during battle.
Gu Yan closely observed him like a specimen and he was the researcher. They were extremely close to the point where he could reach out to touch the sickle that had harvested countless lives. He was extremely curious and observed its shape too.
The black hooded figure holding the sickle stood still, despite its gray skin, he was very handsome. There were no expression or words, Gu Yan could not see any difference from his appearance.
Touching the sickle, Gu Yan did not notice that the pair of eyes that were originally dark and dull were now fixed on him with an indescribable gaze.
There were still ten seconds left in the summoning duration. In addition to its blade, Gu Yan also observed the lower shank. This whole sword was made out of source ore. A small piece of source ore was able to make the major guilds fight to the death.
Measuring the handle of the black sickle, he suddenly touched something cold and reflexively retracted his hand.
The moment his finger came into contact, the pair of dark eyes slightly lit up. The pale face of the Death God finally had a slight change. He was currently watching the youth that did not have the fear that he saw on countless tanks before. In front of this man, he unconsciously restrained the chaotic energy that converged around his body.
The reason he came to this place was because he heard…
Thinking to this point, the last second was up and the pure black figure gradually dissipated to nothingness. The pair of dark eyes were fixed on the young man in the magician’s robes until it completely disappeared.
The summoned boss was gone. Gu Yan continued to recover his mana before he prepared to go search for a few reliable people to form a team to enter the Netherlands dungeon.
Weapons, this kind of important things still had to be properly upgraded. Only when there was sufficient strength then is he able to come into contact with other guilds.
He was originally a lone wolf, however, Gu Yan was now looking for someone. He believed that the person he is looking has a great chance of being one of the characters that have appeared in the story. Looking one by one, he will find him sooner or later.
As for the rotten ending, wait until he finds the person he is looking for before he tackles this big headache.
At this time, in a completely enclosed space, the highest existence that ruled over the entire virtual world was still functioning. It was overlooking the ‘The World’. In many players’ mind, it is called the light brain, codenamed Asa.
The team that created it won the highest praise and the game ‘The World’ was born from it. The name of the game actually refers to a second world. But this holographic virtual world is just one of the many things it is responsible for. The light brain is a creation that astounded the world. Up to now, all kinds of important systems in the real world are also managed by it.
Zero error rate, a powerful self-learning ability that allows it to continuously update its database and constantly maintain the most advanced state of omniscience.
The only drawback that could not be considered a drawback was that the people who created it did not give it human feelings. There was a variety of reasons. The relationship between emotions and reason was inverse. If a super brain like this was capable of emotions, what can happen is unpredictable.
Numerous screens appeared in the virtual space it had created, each displaying a different location in the game world on these screens as it supervised the entire virtual world at all times.
However, a strange phenomenon was happening.
One, two… as if being invaded by a virus, the screens that originally displayed different locations suddenly changed to the same scene one after another.
Although the angles were all different, they were all indeed showing the same scene. What appeared in this scene was a magician who looked extremely pure, holding a magic book in his left hand while chanting a spell.
This strange phenomenon did not stop and more than half the screens had been switched to the scene of the youth before this abnormal phenomenon finally stopped.
“Damn damn damn…all of you better not fight with the Great God to touch the loot, or I’ll be furious!”
The team that was hastily formed repeatedly ran the Kota tomb dungeon four times and gradually realized that the hands of the magician in their team were extremely red[4]. Open one and it’s a high-grade material, open another one and it’s an accessory for their class. This was really something everyone was convinced of.
In particular, the other person was still the number one expert in the competitive leaderboards. Running a dungeon with him was simply too relaxing. All kinds of controls and interruptions skills were executed perfectly. Occasionally, he would even help to make up for their mistakes. This completely did not give the cleric any chance to help them recover blood.
The run was so relaxing that when the magician said that’s all for today, the rest of the team could not bear it.
Where were they going to find such a red teammate?
Leaving the forest of Sylphs, Gu Yan arrived at the nearest town. Logging off in a safe area was certainly better than in the wild.
“Where could Qiuqiu be?” Touching the pentagram pattern on the cover of his magic book, Gu Yan murmured as he clicked the button on the virtual panel.
After the voice of the magician fell, the world channel in the game exploded not long after.
“Fuck, disconnected?!”
‘Disconnected’, nobody knows when was the last time this term had been used. Not mentioning other online games, in this holographic game, it was really their first time experiencing this.
So now, a bunch of people began to mourn for the bosses that they were about to slay on ‘The World’ Forum and the treasure chests they were about to obtain.
At this time, Gu Yan who had just gotten up from the game capsule and raised his hand to rub his eyes knew nothing about the above incidents.
End of chapter 53

T/n: I had to reread the last part more than 5 times before I understood that everybody was disconnected from the game.
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Also, I’m looking forward to translating this arc because I really love gaming and have read a few gaming novels before. If there are any terms that you don’t understand, let me know so I can put in footnotes for everybody!
As promised:
[1] Meat shield class: Tank. In game, the tank is supposed to protect their teammates by taking most of the damage since they have the highest hp
[2]penultimate: second last place
[3] sec-killed: Instant death, one hit KO
[4]Like golden touch, he is extremely lucky


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