Chapter 54
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Although playing in the game capsule was equivalent to resting, playing for long will still cause fatigue. The game capsule was equipped with nutrients in advance so that players can maintain a normal physical state even after a long time.
However, Gu Yan had no interest in trying this nutrient at all. After reaching his destination, he quit the game in search of food in the refrigerator to cook a dinner for himself.
[00, give me all the information you have found regarding the original owner of this body.] After filling his stomach, Gu Yan sat on the sofa in the living room and pressed the remote control to turn on the TV.
With the light brain and holographic games, the technology of this world was much more advanced than his modern world but still a far cry from the futuristic interstellar world.
[The data transmission is completed.]
Gu Yan looked at the information in his consciousness, his main purpose was to check his body’s interpersonal relationships.
As expected, there were no relatives and few friends who still kept in touch. The ‘Rules’ applied his original situation into this world.
He was currently living alone, his only source of income was from selling extra equipment and materials he found in the game.
There were many who were willing to pay high prices for high-end equipment and rare materials, so, Gu Yan did not have to worry about not being able to support himself.
When it comes to equipment and materials, Gu Yan remembered that when he teamed up for the Kota tomb dungeon, he even managed to obtain a Water Crystal{Ming Shui Jing} from the fallen boss. Their drop rate was so high that he began to doubt his memory.
Gu Yan, with his superb memory that surpassed others by many times, clearly remembered a scene he wrote in this novel…
One of the protagonist’s companion was a magician. This magician coincidentally used the same weapon as him, a magic book called ‘Destiny Choice’.
Naturally, the other person who wanted to upgrade his weapon also needed the same material that he had swept Kota tomb Dungeon for.
The amount of Water Crystals{Ming Shui Jing} needed is ten. In order to sweep out the ten crystals, the other person had repeatedly cleared the Kota tomb dungeon more than a hundred times. When the ten crystals were finally assembled, the other party almost cried out in happiness.
Gu Yan was hesitant to think at this time. There are four bosses in the Kota tomb. He had found a crystal from each boss. After only three runs, he had already finished gathering the required materials for his weapon upgrade.
[00, the ‘Rules’ preference really does not affect the various probabilities in the game, right?] Gu Yan could not help but ask this question again. It was not that he did not believe in the judgment of his own system, but the reality was too strange.
After collecting relevant information about the world, 037 answered very positively: [Yes, the various probabilities in the virtual world are determined by the light brain, and there is a fixed value.]
Hearing the word ‘light brain’, Gu Yan had a headache. When he finds his family’s Qiuqiu, even if the two of them no longer played this holographic game, it will still be difficult to avoid the messy ending.
It is not just players that will be trapped in the game world, even the real world will collapse.
The headache was still a headache. Sitting on the sofa and eating the last pudding, Gu Yan responded in a very relaxed tone: [Well, it seems that the Light Brain has fallen for your Host.]
037: […]
That probability is indeed not zero, 037 just seriously calculated the possibility of this happening.
After a normal rest for one night, Gu Yan entered the game after eating breakfast the next day and just as he went online, he received a private message.
Silver Raven: “Hi~ Great God, I am here to recruit your talent[1].”
Nowadays, people are so straightforward?
Gu Yan was silent when he read this private message but he quickly replied to the other party’s message.
Sen Luo: “What happened.”
Within a few seconds, the private chat tone ‘ding’ sounded again. Gu Yan looked at the virtual panel that was only visible to himself.
Silver Raven: “It’s about the Fallen Abyss dungeon. The president kicked me over to pull you in and let me ask if you have any interest in this dungeon.”
Silver Raven: “Because the magician plays a very important role in this Dungeon, our leader wants you to temporarily join our main group, equipment distribution can be discussed.”
In the main city, after sending the two pieces of messages, the Paladin told the male elf sitting next to him: ” Leader, I already tried my best. You also know that Sen Luo has always been a lone wolf. You cannot blame me… eh?”
Letting out a cry of surprise, the Paladin looked at the magician’s reply in their private chat. A single word ‘okay’ let him be unable to recover.
He had swept dungeons together with him several times before, that was why he had been sent to pull him in.
He remembered that this magician never liked to participate in team quests. The silver crow had no hope for this attempt, but the result was unexpected.
Silver Raven: “Great, great, great. Then, great god, let’s meet at the Knell Town. You can discuss the matter of item distribution with the guild leader first. Although the guild leader has a bad temper, his character is good, will definitely not shortchange you.”
Gu Yan quickly returned an ‘okay’ on the side, ready to use the teleportation device in town.
The person who came to pull him into the team was the main tank of the seventh heaven Guild. The reason why Gu Yan agreed to the other party’s invitation is only because there were quite a number of important plot characters in this Seventh Heaven guild.
“Must find my family’s cute Qiuqiu.” With a sigh of sigh, Gu Yan remembered how in the last world, he had said “I will try to find you soon” and was now working hard to confirm these plot characters one by one.
If it were him, Gu Yan would definitely recognize him as long as the other person still had the same little habits when facing him.
His demeanor, action, anything was fine.
“Zzz——” In the virtual space where countless screens were unfolding, these screens that were originally clear were now experiencing dramatic fluctuations.
In the first place, almost half of the screens were already showing the scenes of the youth. Now, none of the screens in the entire virtual space had lagged behind, all of them were changed to the same scene.
There were scenes from every single angle, the highest existence that dominated the whole virtual world was currently watching the every move of this youth.
This was even more severe than a virus outbreak. When the young man’s lips opened and said those words, the highest existence that dominated the ‘world’ easily lost control when he heard the soft voice
My family’s, cute, Qiuqiu
All the screens had stabilized, but now, this was a subtle change in the closed virtual space.
He was willing to give the entire world to this person. Whether it was the virtual ‘world’ here or the world in reality.
After a moment of losing control, this was still the only thought of the highest existence.
Arriving at the Knell town, Gu Yan arrived at the agreed meeting point and waited for a black-haired knight in heavy armor.
“Cough… The guild leader met with a small accident on his way. He should reach in five minutes.” The black-haired knight who spoke was the Silver crow who had previously talked to Gu Yan and there were more than twenty people behind him. They were all members of the main group of the Seventh Heaven Guild.
The black-haired knight touched his nose.
Originally, because their main city was close to the knell Town, they did not use the transmission array but rode on their respective flying mounts instead.
As a result, nobody knew what happened along the way. The guild leader suddenly disconnected and crashed to the ground…
He was probably sent back to the rebirth point.
In order to avoid an awkward atmosphere, the Silver Raven told the young magician about this incident.
Ah, he definitely did not mean to embarrass his own guild leader.
“Disconnected…?” Gu Yan couldn’t help but wonder. In the settings he wrote, the holographic online game should not have any connection problems.
The flying mounts predicted the time accurately and after five minutes, they saw the male elf.
“If you succeed in the dungeon, every time we clear a boss, you can first choose an item dropped. The equipment distribution is limited to your occupation but there is no limit to the materials.” The elf archer carried a huge bow and looked quite handsome. In the game, the Elf race had a 10% increase in appearance bonus. Players who chose this race were generally more pleasing to the eyes.
The other party’s offer was very reasonable and can even be considered generous. Gu Yan nodded and had nothing against his offer.
Not his family’s Qiuqiu. After observing these people, Gu Yan quickly made a judgment.
He had also confirmed that several other plot characters in the team were not. Although there will inevitably be a bit of disappointment, Gu Yan knows that this matter cannot be rushed.
The thing that he had agreed to do had to be done. When it comes to the Fallen Abyss dungeon, Gu Yan recalled some of the settings that he had written for this dungeon. He estimated that their group will probably fall inside.
The Fallen Abyss is a new regiment that had only recently been discovered by players and as to why it was only recently discovered is because the entrance to this new regiment is in a high-risk map.
Players that die in the wild had a certain probability of dropping an equipped item. Normal players will not have the leisure to go to where there were elite monsters but no good returns to be abused.
The first boss was alright. In terms of the team coordination he observed, after grinding a few times, they should be able to clear it, but the last boss …
Abyss Demon King, Salos, the difficulty of clearing and probability of death is at a level that was simply inhumane.
“This dark element is really powerful ah, she casually hit me twice and I’m going to be hit to death by her.”The first four bosses were still relatively easy to clear but now, the fifth boss was a phantom, brandishing a whip condensed with pure dark elements that made the Paladin in the heavy armor shiver with fright.
A whip took two-thirds of his blood. Even he did not shake, the cleric in the group also wanted cry. Not to mention that this succubus would cast a charm skill every 30s to two random players in the team, the tank will not be chosen and as long as one of the people chosen was the cleric, this team was basically bound to fall.
Every 25 seconds, a Flame Flower skill will be cast and three players will randomly be chosen. These three people would be injured by the ring of flames around them and the players around them will also receive equal damage.
During this period, the succubus would also summon various mobs. In short, the situation was extremely chaotic.
They were only in the first stage and God knows what strange setting might appear after the boss’s blood hits 70%.
“Let me try?” In fact, the most important role of the magician in this group was to reflect this boss and as the creator of various pothole settings, Gu Yan took the initiative to suggest this.
“The magician is too weak, one hit from the boss and you’ll drop dead…” The silver crow looked at the magician’s 20,000 blood on the team panel and then at his 40,000 blood as he silently said this sentence.
“Then, as long as I don’t get hit, it’ll be fine.” The pure looking magician calmly said this and made the people present recall the competitive duel that took place not long ago. They remembered that the magician who supposedly did not have fast reflexes had actually strung the thief along like a kite for ten minutes.
“Control your own damage output.” Gu Yan said as he sat on the side of the magician’s broom. In his opinion, kiting the boss was simpler than a player. After all, a player can play tricks, but the bosses were very honest.
The magician class did not have skills that can aggro the boss, unlike the tank. If the magician were to control the boss, the others must be careful of their damage output. If they cannot go on, it was better to stop attacking. In short, they can’t let their hatred value be higher than the magician.
This was not an arena where he can only drink a bottle of blue medicine every minute so the magician can fight for a long time. Thus, in the next forty minutes, this boss battle essentially became the personal show of the magician on the broom. The rest of the people chased after and continued to output damage. Those that were supposed to scatter scattered, those supposed to hide went into hiding. Other than that, everything progressed smoothly.
“His movements aren’t bad.” Seeing that the magician did not use his skills several times but simply relied on some existing obstacles to completely evade the boss, the knight who had taken on the role of the tank in the team praised.
It took more than forty minutes to kill the boss. This was already considered fast but it was also partially because the boss’s HP was relatively low.
“The distribution of materials can wait until we’re done with the final boss.” Thinking about how it was almost noon and some members had to go offline for lunch, in order to save time, Ansu said this to the magician who had just put his broom away.
Gu Yan nodded at the elf archer who just spoke. He can’t say that the Fallen Abyss Demon King was like the Death God, an extremely difficult boss to kill. After they try it once, they will probably choose to give up.
In the deepest part of the Fallen Abyss Palace, on the icy throne, the Fallen Abyss Demon king, Salos, was sitting there. Unlike the greyish skin of the Death God, the demon king’s skin was pale. He had a beautiful face and the pale lips were slightly pursed into a flat line.
With the iconic horns of the Demon race on his head, this morbidly beautiful face seemed to hold a mysterious attraction.
Towards those who had broken into his palace, the Demon King did not show any expressions. The only exception was when he looked at the young man dressed in the magician’s robes, his deep purple eyes reflected the figure of this youth.
Dungeoning ma, without an understanding of the boss’s skill settings, one can only rush in and get destroyed.
Standing in the back, Gu Yan was not surprised to see that the black-haired knight wearing a long armor rushed up to the boss but was cut down by the sword of the Demon King of the Fallen abyss. The main tank dropped like a chopped vegetable and the secondary tank also could not escape this tragic ending…
The two tanks fell. The pale and handsome Abyss Demon King raised his left hand and in an instant, the ground underneath their feet became a bloody pentagram.
In the next second, everyone in the palace hall lost consciousness.
He had violated the rules
But it doesn’t matter, because he is the rule in this world.
Before the young man in the magician robes fell to the ground, the black figure who had been near the throne suddenly teleported to his side and carefully hugged the youth who was about to fall.
As though holding his most precious treasure, the demon king narrowed deep purple eyes.
Like sweeping away garbage, he threw out all the people lying on the ground. Holding his precious treasure, the demon king went back and sat on the throne. He began to carefully observe the precious treasure he was holding in his arms.
End of chapter 54

[1]拉皮条: ugh i struggled to find an appropriate translation for this word but it essentially means to pimp. Like recruiting talents, talent scouts, poaching etc.
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