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Chapter 52: First day of being a great god
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[The transfer has been completed.]
After losing consciousness for a moment, Gu Yan heard the system’s prompt.
However, he did not have any time to rest at this moment. His eyes caught a flash of movement and Gu Yan’s instinctive reaction made him move sideways to avoid it.
After completing the transfer, Gu Yan still had some lingering discomfort, and furthermore, the attack came too suddenly. His reaction speed was not as fast as normal.
His attack had failed. Looking at the young magician in front of him that seemed extremely worn out, the young man holding the dagger smiled smugly: “It looks like it is time to replace the number one expert. Senior’s reaction speed obviously can’t be compared to before. Isn’t it better to simply admit defeat?”
Hearing this sentence, Gu Yan basically knows which world he is in now. This is a holographic online game novel which he wrote. He was currently playing the game, and his real body should be lying in a game capsule.
He was holding a hardcover magic book in his hand with dark gold lines outlining the secret pattern on the edge of the cover and in the center was a pentagram.
The character he had transmigrated into was of the magician profession. With the words “number one expert” that the young man who attacked him said, Gu Yan didn’t take very long to understand his situation.
Um… he was really just another cannon fodder character.
He was not a cannon fodder for the villain or the protagonist. The powerful magician who occupied the title of the ‘number one expert’ for six years was a cannon fodder that fell at the hands of the young man in front of him. The other side was a rookie who had recently made a name for himself on the Star team and will become a strong opponent of this world’s protagonist in the future.
Although this part of the story was only briefly written, Gu Yan took a look at his surroundings and knew that he was now in the arena. The big map looks as though there were only the two of them, but in fact, there were hundreds of thousands… perhaps, even millions of eyes spectating their 1v1 duel.
The magician’s reaction earlier was indeed very slow, and in the first place, shouldn’t have let the enemy close in. Sure enough, as one age, their reaction time can no longer keep up.
This was the thought that the spectators who were watching the duel from above all had. Although most of the people here came with the attitude of wanting to watch a show of an expert disgrace himself, towards an opponent who failed to land a successful attack after closing and still mocked the magician that had avoided his attack, they did not have any good impressions of him.
Too arrogant.
However, the strength of this rookie was indeed there for them all to see, they could only say that the other party was simply disrespectful of his seniors.
“How ah, senior?” the young man asked with a smile while he toyed with his dagger: “There are a lot of people watching us. If you want me to act, senior will be very embarrassed and will lose face.”
Compared to the previous two worlds, it must be said that the cannon fodder of this world was simply too weak, not to the extent of threatening life.
“Ah.” Gu Yan nodded, his tone neither light nor heavy, as if he were just casually replying.
When his voice fell, the face of his opponent became even more smug. Gu Yan’s did not even blink as he immediately sent an anti-gravity spell to the position of his opponent in front of him, forcing the latter to put some distance between them.
Seeing his opponent’s face suddenly turn ugly, Gu Yan did not feel any guilt from launching a sneak attack when his opponent’s guard was down. Touching the patterns on his magic book, Gu Yan set up a magic barrier for himself.
Ye Yan, his opponent’s name was Yan Ye and his profession was a thief. They specialized in defense and setting the pace of the battle, guiding their opponent’s next action and influencing their opponent to act according to their will.
It is indeed a terrible kind of skill. Usually, their opponent will completely lose their dominant power and after having their momentum broken, they can only follow their opponent’s pace accordingly. This way, even the next set of skills to be used can be easily predicted.
Although he has already gone through two worlds and Gu Yan does not care about things like reputation, but retaining this reputation can still make his life easier, such as finding someone or something…
There was only a 50% chance of winning this battle based on his understanding of his opponent’s weakness.
“What’s the point of casting a shield that is easily broken after a single attack?” After being assaulted by an anti-gravity spell by the youth in front of the eyes, Ye Yan with his extremely quick reaction speed recovered after 0.5 seconds and broke free of his weakened state.
What were the bigget advantages of thieves? Even if he was not the author of this holographic online game novel, as a person who has played online games, the first answer would be speed and stealth.
“Half his mana is gone, that’s not very wise ah.” There were many professional players watching the battle. Seeing the magician in the field use up a large portion of his mana to turn the whole stage into a snowy landscape, Song Qiyu who is also a magician in the same profession told his partner from his club.
Anyone who has played the magician’s profession will know that control over their usage of mana was extremely important. In addition to the fixed skills of their profession, a magician’s control of the elements allows them to do many incredible things beyond their imagination… theoretically it is like that.
The reality is that both professional skills and control elements skills also cost mana. If you do not calculate it properly, you will soon find yourself in a situation with an empty mana bar.
A mage with an empty mana bar, it was embarrassing beyond embarrassing. For the enemy, there was no difference between them and a piece of wood with no ability to retaliate.
The weather suddenly changed and the temperature dropped drastically. This cause the originally agile thief to be subjected to his environmental restrictions. However, the magician who was several meters away currently sat sideways on his broom, suspended in the air without being affected by the cold snow. The protective barrier on his body shielded him from the cold.
Originally, even if he was flying, it was impossible to escape the thief’s attacks. Now, the thief’s speed had been drastically reduced. The magician in his black robe calmly flew around, his speed steady. If the thief did not rush in now, it was impossible to close in.
Since walking in the snow will leave footprints, his stealth skills in this empty environment was equivalent to being scrapped by half.
“This is also possible-?” The person who had said that it was not wise earlier on suddenly widened his eyes. Controlling the elements to create an environment that is conducive for oneself, he had never thought of that before.
When a magician uses their skill in a match, they all wished they could increase their mental arithmetic ability by ten times, so that they can calculate the best way to use their remaining mana. Where will he find somebody like the youth? Squandering half his mana in one go…
and it seems that the results are still very good.
The magic shield that the magician cast was not used to resist an attack, but to shield himself from the cold environment so that he would not be affected.
[00, issue a reminder every 12 seconds and 30 seconds.] This was the cooldown time of his opponent’s two main skills. Gu Yan sat sideways on his broom and let the thief chase after him. From time to time, he would even throw a magical star bomb to his opponent.
Even if his speed was reduced, the thief’s speed can still be compared to a flying magician. Using the sprinting, shadowing and leaping skill can also allow him to successfully catch up to the magician.
But the problem is, the magician Ye Yan was currently facing was… too shameless. Whenever he was about to catch up, the other side would use a variety of strange methods to block him.
Throwing a taunting puppet on the ground to force him to redirect his attacks, using a dummy to waste his attack, as if he had already predicted it beforehand…
And the most insidious one was to summon a light element in front of his eyes. Putting aside the fact that thieves were used to hiding in the shadows, even normal people’s eyes would be affected by this glare, it was a terrible feeling.
The distance between them was unable to decrease and the thief who was struggling to chase after the magician sitting on the broom had his health continuously depleted. It seems as though he was about to enter a critical stage.
“Somehow, I feel that … he looks a little miserable.” This was especially clear to those watching the battle. It was obvious that the thief who was good at controlling the field was now being controlled and still unaware. Song Qiyu lowered his voice and silently recorded the tricks the magician used when his opponent was unguarded such as summoning light elements to achieve an instant blinding effect.
However, according to his calculations, the mana of the magician in the battle should almost be empty, the final results seem to be extremely precarious.
Of course, Gu Yan also knows this, so he was ready to make a gamble. His last bit of mana was just enough to summon a magic beast with a contract. The main reason is because he needed to use another method to attack his opponent. No matter what combination of skills he uses, he will not be able to defeat his opponent before his mana bar becomes empty.
This skill was recognized as the least practical skill of the magician. The fact that the mana consumption of this skill is twice as high as other magic skills can be endured, but the randomness of the summoned creature cannot be endured.
Out of ten times, six or seven times are all Goblin… Ah, Goblin is the kind of weak monster one can find in the novice village while the remaining three or four summons is birds, stone giants or such.
The strongest creature that has been summoned so far is the Frost Lord. Afterward, it seemed like the magician who made the summon went to buy a lottery ticket after going offline.
[00, do you think that being favored by the ‘Rules’ can help me summon a dragon or a lich?] Even if he lost now, the embarrassment would not be his. After bringing the thief behind him on a wild goose chase for nearly 10 minutes, Gu Yan was very calm at this time.
037 hesitated, a bit uncertain: [You are now in a holographic virtual game, the ‘Rules’ biasness can only improve your learning and reaction skills in all aspects, theoretically speaking, it cannot affect the probability of your summoning.]
Gu Yan did not use a questioning tone, System 037’s was actually within his expectation. This whole game world was being controlled by a supercomputer called the light brain and speaking of the supercomputer Gu Yan can’t help but think of the unfinished ending he wrote for this world.
He originally wanted to write how the protagonist evolved from a newcomer to a great god, formed a team with the companions he met, faced with many challenges, he led his team and finally won the championship in the World Championships…
Yes, originally.
Later on, when he irresponsibly wrote the blackened ending, he stated that the light brain had blackened and trapped everyone in the game world. The supercomputer had absolute control over all electromechanical devices in the real world and in the end, the real world fell to ruins.
Afterward, Gu Yan received a lot of negative ratings the day he posted the ending that had become a f*cking mess.
Although he had managed to fix the rotten endings of the previous two worlds he was in, in this world, Gu Yu really had a headache because this world’s rotten ending seemed to be beyond saving.
Putting this matter aside first, Gu Yan opened his magic book to a page engraved with a pentagram. In any case, he still had to solve the problem at hand first.
The process of summoning was simply to press one hand against the pentagram, then, recite the summoning chant.
Summoning was a form of metaphysics. This sort of gamble where one can call anything, Gu Yan did not even think about it and murmured: “Qiuqiu…”
The moment his voice fell, a clear tearing sound echoed in the ears of every spectator. They watched as the space behind the youth got torn open. The crack formed became bigger and bigger until it finally seemed to distort into an entrance to another space.
A black figure appeared from the distorted crack. Wherever the black figure existed, all light seemed to be unable to reach, as though avoiding him.
Dark eyes, dark hair, dark… sickle.
“Death- Death God[1] -?!” All the spectators were stunned, this magician… This magician had summoned a who knows what level terrifying existence.
[00, didn’t you say that the ‘rules’ can’t affect the probability of summoning…?] Gu Yan looked at the gray skin person wearing dark robes in front of him. Upon closer inspection, it was an extremely handsome and beautiful man, he was stunned.
The gaze of the man holding the sickle lingered for a few seconds when they landed on the youth. The pair of dark and dull eyes that could not reflect any light gradually reflected the face of the young man in front of him.
Until the youth’s figure was the only thing that could be seen from his eyes, the gray-skinned man in black robes then turned to face the thief who was holding his dagger.
Silently and expressionlessly, the God of death gradually raised his sickle.
End of Chapter 52

 [1] Death god: There are many versions to what you can call him. God of death, grim reaper, death god. For now, I’ll probably use death god unless I decide to change it


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