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Chapter 33: Third day of being an untouchable flower

There was a tiny ball on his boots, in fact, this small ball was not fat. It was merely because of its small size, coupled with its current half fetus position, it looked extremely round …
No, that was not the point.
From the moment Gu Yan pushed the door open and saw the tiny ball in between the gap, he became completely stunned. Afterward, the small ball had pressed itself against his shoes and tilted its head up to look at him while making a soft meow. He was at a loss.
Where was the awakened Taotie beast bloodline?
Although its bloodline was less than a third, this small ball at his feet had no reason to look like a small kitten.
The sound the small ball had made was also similar to that of a cat. Earlier when the small ball had meowed lowly, Gu Yan was caught unprepared.
At that time when he had been writing this novel, Gu Yan did not specifically describe the villain boss’s original form. To see it now personally …
Meeting the gaze of the pair of light color vertical pupils, Gu Yan froze.
In the pair of vertical pupils, an image of a young cultivator dressed completely in white was reflected. The youth stretched out a hand towards him.
The young cultivator in front of him had a very familiar smell. When he had been in the darkroom earlier, this was the smell that made him eager to get closer.
Seeing the beautiful long and slender fingers moving closer towards him, the small ball instinctively leaned forward and gently licked it. After licking it, it moved its whole body onto the youth’s outstretched hand, meowing softly.
It really was a newly awakened beast, its mind had truly regressed to one of a child’s …
The silly expression of the furball that had put itself on his hand made Gu Yan almost lose control of his own facial expression. He unconsciously wanted to relax the creased eyebrows.
Very similar …
Whether it was in terms of appearance or the way it looked up at him while licking his fingers, it was all extremely similar.
Holding up the cub which seemed to have at least a little fat to keep it warm, Gu Yan used his sleeves to cover the small ball’s back, trying not to let the cold wind through.
It was a rather chilly winter and moreover, it was night time. With his cultivation, he was certainly not afraid of this low temperature. However, the small cub in his hands…
Just as he put his sleeves over the small ball’s back, Gu Yan heard a low purring from his arms.
Rubbing against the youth’s warm body, this cub instinctively showed a slight trembling appearance.
Although his mind had become that of a child’s and does not remember his own memories from when he had been in his human form, his instincts tells him that doing so will allow the youth to care more for him.
Reality proved that it was indeed the case. Realising that the little ball in his arms seemed to be shivering from the cold, Gu Yan really could not maintain his expressionless facade anymore. Reaching out a hand to stroke the little ball’s back, he used a gentle voice to coax him: “Be good…”
Anyway, since the other person was currently unable to remember anything, even if his personality was completely out of character, it doesn’t matter as long as he pretended to be normal in front of others.
His cultivation powers are a good thing. Sadly, Gu Yan did not have the time to explore the use of these abilities, if not he would use it to drive the cold away from this little cub.
Gu Yan did not want to think any further. He first brought the little ball into the house.
This house looked extremely shabby from the outside and it was the same on the inside. The space inside was small, but this was the best place to put on some clothes.
After rummaging through the wardrobe, Gu Yan managed to find something that looked at least slightly warm. This villain was too miserable when he was a child, awakening his demon beast blood before even building his foundation. His physique was still of an ordinary person and of course would feel cold and hungry.
Moreover, he was still in his infancy period, if he was unable to stay warm and eat his fill…
“Be good, don’t move.” Gu Yan had just put the small ball in his arms on the bed when this ancient beast which should not be looking so much like a kitten stood up unsteadily, wanting to move closer to his body again.
In its infancy period, the pair of pale pupils looked especially round. Now that it was doing its best to stare at Gu Yan as it mewed softly, the pair of eyes looked as if it had suffered a huge grievance.
Hearing the words “Don’t move”, the small ball stared at Gu Yan with a pair of vertical pupils. Staring for a while, as if making sure that the youth will not leave, this small ball finally quietly lay down.
God knows he was only trying to wrap the small ball up in a thick and warm coat but that uneasy expression seemed as though he was afraid of being abandoned.
Patiently calming the little ball down, Gu Yan carefully wrapped the cotton-padded coat on the small ball that was quietly lying on the bed. Keeping only the small head exposed, Gu Yan picked up the small bundle close to his chest and left the shabby house.
The cold wind blew head-on. Gu Yan was indifferent to this frigid weather but the hand holding on to the small ball tightened and at the same time, he hastened his speed.
He wondered if the small ball was hungry, it was impossible to find anything edible in that small room…
“Meow.” The cub in his arms was still trembling slightly.
Remembering the original plot when this ball was still in its ignorant newborn state and had been locked in the dark and cold room, he wondered if he had curled up alone at that time, shivering. Gu Yan felt more guilty.
Why did he have to write such a wicked story–
If he had not arranged such a miserable path for the other, this villain would not have blackened to such an extent. This time, he was truly at fault.
“Be good, we’re reaching soon.” With a gentle voice, Gu Yan lowered his head slightly to look at the pair of pupils that had been staring at him. Very quickly, he heard a low purring sound from the small ball.
Before blackening, this little ball was actually very obedient. Gu Yan gingerly stretched his hand to scratch the little cub’s jaw and saw the pair of big eyes slightly squinted, even the purring had become louder.
Holding the small dumpling in his arms, Gu Yan returned back to the peak master’s chambers and lit a candle. He was extremely perplexed on how to get food for this small ball to eat.
Even if he was not hungry now, he would still have to eat sooner or later.
However, as a late-stage cultivator, he no longer required any food[1] and so on normal days, no one will bring food to his peak. Since this was the case, he would have to personally find food for this cub…
“Hmm?” The little bundle in his bosom that had originally been laying quietly suddenly moved and made a low sound. Gu Yan lowered his head to look at the little dumpling completely wrapped in cotton-padded clothes, wanting to know what this cub was trying to tell him.
Follow the pair of wide and round eyes, Gu Yan saw an intricately carved wooden box[2] placed at the top of a bookshelf.
“This?” Without the memories of the original body, Gu Yan did not know what this wooden box was. But hearing the small ball in his arms answer him with a low mew, Gu Yan took the wooden box down and put it on the table.
Putting the small ball down on to the table, Gu Yan looked at the small kitten which was actually not that fat crawl out from the cotton-padded jacket it had been wrapped in and headed towards the wooden box. Its torso merely looked a little round.
Lifting a paw to lightly tap on the wooden box, the small ball made a low sound.
There was something in the box that was attracting this cub to it. Gu Yan stretched out his hand to rub the head of the small ball, saying “be good” while his other hand opened the wooden box.
Earlier on when the wooden box had been closed, Gu Yan could not feel anything. Now that the wooden box was opened, he could see a jade resting inside. He could clearly feel the abundance of spirit energy radiating from the spirit stone.
This wooden box had the ability to seal of the spiritual energy and thus the jade in here should be a spirit stone?
To Gu Yan, this spirit stone was merely a concept as he had never seen one before. He only knows that in the cultivation world, this thing could be used as a general currency and had an enormous use for both cultivators and spirit weapons.
“Meow.” The pair of vertical pupils looked at the jade and then at the young cultivator as the little ball mewed softly.
It seemed to want it very much. However, if the youth does not agree then he wouldn’t want it anymore.
Relaxing his brows, Gu Yan took out the jade from the wooden box and put it somewhere the small ball’s paws could reach.
Hearing the low purr coming from the small ball’s throat, Gu Yan looked at the front paws reaching out to take the stone and then lowered its head …
Loud and clear, Gu Yan saw the small ball take a bite of the spirit stone, a size equivalent to a quarter of it.
Gu Yan: “……”
Momentarily stunned, Gu Yan was unable to come back to his senses for a while. This small ball had some strong teeth…
Oh no no. He finally regained his wits and hurriedly picked up the little round thing to check if it was okay.
This sort of thing cannot be anyhow eaten alright!
End of chapter 33

[1]过了辟榖期: Was actually really confused about this term but basically GY as a cultivator no longer needs to eat/feed on grains.
[2]雕花木盒 is actually an intricately carved wooden box(Fancy) with patterns usually flower but can be other designs an example is like the one below.
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