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Chapter 32: Second day of being an untouchable flower


What kind of bastard would bully a child…
If it was not because he was afraid people would notice the difference in his personality and take him away, Gu Yan would already have wanted to drop the act and coax the small child.
But the reality was that he kept his back faced towards the child and continued in a cold voice: “Go back.”
After waiting for a good while, Gu Yan heard the child behind softly replied ‘Understood.’, followed by the sound of footsteps leaving the room. Finally, the door that was open lightly closed.
The moment he left, Gu Yan was the only person left in the room. He relaxed a little then suddenly heard the system’s voice in his brain.
[After the host forcefully changed the ‘Rules’, the system discovered a rejection from the body in which the host resided in, and at that point, determined that the host’s body is already ‘ dead ‘ and must be immediately transferred away.] If the system was capable of different tones, 037 would probably be sounding apologetic as he explained the situation.
Listening to the mechanical voice but having been together through a whole world already, Gu Yan could, of course, understand what the system was trying to tell him.
The abrupt shift in dimension, realistically speaking, Gu Yan had not yet recovered from the last world and was still thinking about how the Heidis would react after he discovered that he was gone…
[Regarding this matter, the host does not need to worry.]
Perceiving the inner thoughts of the youth, 037 quickly gave an optimistic answer.
After a while, Gu Yan lightly nodded his head and gave a small sound of acknowledgment. The big cat that loved to stick to him so much, when he wakes up and realizes that he was no longer there… he would probably not be able to calm down.
However, this time he will not be able to coax him anymore.
Taking a look at the white robe he was wearing, Gu Yan furrowed his eyebrows as he adjusted his thoughts. He still had to think about how to get through the world he was now in.
The current world was in a Xianxia novel. Compared to the last world, Gu Yan felt that the level of danger in this world was much higher.
Demons and beasts roamed this world. As a cultivator, he would inevitably encounter these things and in the future, will even face battles between cultivators.
Fortunately, even though he had possessed the body of a cannon fodder who was doomed to die miserably, the lucky thing was that this cannon fodder was at least a powerful being and not some weak minor side character.
Speaking of identities, he was now one of the five peak masters of the Guan Lan Sect which could be considered a well-known sect in the whole cultivation realm, flourishing for over a century.
Although it had declined over the years, it can still be ranked highly in the cultivation world.
The peak master’s position was second only to the Master. With such a high position, Gu Yan did not have to worry about things like food, sleep or common necessities.
Moreover, he had possessed the body of a cannon fodder who was famous for his talent. His cultivating speed and ascension made people hate him so much that their teeth itched. Apart from his tragic end, there was really nothing to be picky about.
Looking at how the original body managed to suffer from such a miserable end despite living in such excellent conditions, Gu Yan cannot help but become silent because the reason he found was that …This person truly did not know how to raise a child.
He was never lenient when it came to disciplining his disciples, from the event in the darkroom, anybody could see this.
Moreover, don’t mention how this child was wrongfully accused. Even if he really did steal, shutting him in that dark room for a whole month was too heavy of a punishment for an 11 to 12-year-old child.
More experienced disciples with strong foundation may even lose their mind under such harsh punishment.
Just because he disliked the child, he treated him coldly and in such an obvious manner too. This directly resulted in other disciple bullying this child.
In the eyes of those disciples, Jiang Tan’s aptitude was clearly not cut out for cultivation. At the entrance exam, he was found to possess the five elements spirit root which can also be called the ‘ pseudo-root ‘. This talent was only slightly more than ordinary people who are unable to cultivate.
However, this kind of talent who should not even have been able to become an outer sect disciple unexpectedly became a direct disciple of one of the five peak masters. How would this let the other disciples who had taken the entrance exam honestly feel?
Of course, those who bullied the young villain, their ends…
Compared to his original fate, it seems like there was not much difference. In the end, everybody’s ending was just as tragic.
Thinking of this, Gu Yan’s eyes twitched slightly. Now that he was the one raising him, he would definitely not let this young disciple go down the wrong path.
According to the rotten ending he wrote, the child would grow up to become a vengeful person that took revenge on society and the whole cultivation realm would then be completely slaughtered by the Demons and beasts.
No, definitely not. Gu Yan would not let him go down the wrong path, it was not too late to change the plot.
Following the script, this disciple was about to awaken the demon beast blood in him.
According to the original plot, the awakening happened when the child was in the darkroom and thus was not be found by the other sect disciples. By the time he came out from the dark room, the child had already restored his original human form.
This disciple was of the legendary Taotie[1] beast bloodline. Although his bloodline was less than a third, this one-third was still the blood of an ancient beast and not just any ordinary spirit beast.
Only in its infant stage, it can be bullied. When it grows up, it will become a kind of tyrannical existence that merely needed a light wave of its hand to kill a whole group of men within seconds.
A newly awakened demon beast’s mentality will regress into one of a young cub and become more ignorant…
Thinking of this point, Gu Yan felt that there was no better opportunity than this to brush up and foster good feelings with this villain. In the evening, he had to make good use of this chance.
Waiting for night time to arrive, Gu Yan first summoned the inner sect’s deacon and ordered him to investigate the recent theft that almost everyone in the sect knows of.
The deacon did not dare to speculate on the thoughts of the person in front of him. Although his heart hesitated, on the surface, he still quickly accepted this order.
The man before him in his moon white robes had an expressionless face, as though this matter had completely nothing to do with him.
He clearly remembered that this peak master had never cared about this apprentice before, but today…
Of course, it was impossible to ask the youth who was merely standing there yet had already let him feel an immense pressure. This was the difference between their two realms.
Waiting for the youth to lightly nod his head, the deacon quickly left. He had to finish the task given to him as soon as possible…
If he was too slow and made the other person unhappy, his Deacon’s seat could be lost.
Silently waiting in his room for the time to pass, the sky outside had already darkened before Gu Yan stepped out.
As a peak master, the current mountain peak he was residing on was called the Heavens[2] Peak and currently the only people living there was himself and his direct disciples. He did not have to worry about someone seeing something they should not be seeing tonight.
Although they had a teacher and disciple relationship, the distance between his and Jiang Tan’s rooms was not a normal kind of far.
At the moment, he still did not know how to use his own powers. Gu Yan had to make his way on foot while relying on his system to give him directions.
Walking towards a very shabby cabin, Gu Yan hesitated for a moment. It should be about time …?
It was late enough.
If time allowed, Gu Yan would want to try the mysterious power of his ‘psychic exploration’. However, there was no time for him to do so now.
There was only two steps away from the door. He just had to take one more step before he could push the door open. At the moment Gu Yan walked forward and prepared to push the door open…
The wooden door was slightly pushed open and in the small gap, was a very tiny creature.
The thing that looked like a seemingly small and round…Plush ball stood in the doorway and stared directly at him.
Throwing his small body on to the youth’s shoes, the tiny cub looked up and refused to turn away, staring very intently at the young man’s face.
To him, the need to open his eyes and look at this man was much deeper than his own natural instincts.
End of Chapter 32
[1]Taotie(饕餮): a mythological ancient beast. This was the nicest photo I could find.
[2]天悬峰: Tianxuan peak. I changed it to Heavens peak to avoid too many Chinese terms that may cause confusion
[3] SFX- the sound of the door opening

  • Translator notes for arc 2 are longer than any of those in arc 1 (as you can see in the previous chapter) because this is a cultivation world and the terms are like 1000x blowing my mind


  1. To him, the need to open his eyes and look at this man was much deeper than his own natural instincts.
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