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Chapter 34: Fourth day of being an untouchable flower

[Crunch. Crunch.]
Crisp successive sounds could be heard as a small body that looked like a little ball laid on the youth’s legs with its small head rubbing against the open palm, taking one bite after another from the ‘food’ offered to him.
After the piece of stone in his hand was eaten, Gu Yan took out yet another piece of spirit stone from the collection in the wooden box and laid it out for the small ball on his lap to eat.
Last night, when he first saw the little ball take a bite of the piece of stone and swallow it into his belly, Gu Yan really got a fright and even picked it up to examine it anxiously.
As a result, the little kitten he picked up gave him a low mew and licked his finger, its condition looked like it couldn’t be any better.
At that time, after thinking about this, he realized that the little cub he was holding in his hand was not a real kitten…
This appearance was really too deceptive since the existence of the Taotie beast was on a completely different level from a normal spirit beast. They did not have such things such as demon aura that could be detected by cultivators.
Having finished two pieces, by the time the small ball was on to its third piece, it no longer reached towards the youth’s outstretched palm but instead, started to mew softly.
“Don’t want anymore?” Asking this, Gu Yan wanted to reach his hand over to rub the belly of this small ball. The latter reacted very quickly, the moment it felt the touch, it started purring loudly and rolled onto its back.
Touching the soft, exposed belly, Gu Yan could feel a bulge. Hesitating, he decided that this little ball must have really eaten its fill already.
However, in the first place, the little ball was already round so he wasn’t too sure.
Feeling his belly being rubbed, the small ball slightly narrowed his eyes, still focusing on the youth’s face.
He had to keep looking at this person. If he did not watch carefully, he might disappear.
The cub on his leg was only so small, yet the food he ate was a little special …
Gu Yan’s heart was not aching because of those few spirit stones. He was only worried that the small ball would be hungry.
What spirit stones? To him, they were merely a more special breed of cat food now. He was now one of the sect’s five peak masters, he did not lack things like spirit stones.
If anybody could see this scene right now, they would probably be in great physical pain.
After all, the spirit stones in the carved wooden box that seemed to look extremely ordinary were, in fact, a heavenly grade spirit stone, much better than a top grade spirit stone. There was no need to mention how precious and rare it was…
Only those people with positions higher than a chief disciple can receive a certain portion each month. Everybody else would have difficulty in even seeing one.
A piece of a heavenly grade spirit stone that can be exchanged for nearly 500 top-grade spirit stones was now actually being fed to a cat-like beast. [Crunch. Crunch.] and then swallowed. How can their hearts not hurt?
Gu Yan was not sure how expensive the cat food he was using to feed the cub was. He even thought that the cub was eating too little, feeling full after only two pieces.
But even he if knows, Gu Yan will still not hold back.
When it comes to raising cats, Gu Yan never had any limits, not to mention that this little kitten was still an infant.
Basically, whatever his cat wants, he will give.
Putting the little dumpling that had just crawled out from under the thick coat back in, Gu Yan just turned to the side when the young cub tugged on his sleeve.
“It’s cold outside.” The cub continued to hold on tightly, refusing to let go. Gu Yan just wanted to reach his hand over when he saw the small ball putting half of its body on his hands. It seemed to be not willing to let go.
It was still a cub after all, so being sticky was understandable. Towards this, Gu Yan did not find it strange. What made him feel strange was that this cub seemed to like staring at him very much, to the point that it would stare at him and refuse to even look away…
The little ball continued to mew softly, its gaze firmly stuck onto the youth. He cannot let the youth leave. Even if his mind had regressed to a younger state, he was still extremely clear on this.
The tail wanted to hook around the wrist of the young man, but was still too short and had no way of doing so. Realizing what the little ball was trying to do, Gu Yan’s expression could not help but soften.
This kind of little gesture was extremely familiar. The Heidis also liked to rub his tail against his hand before hooking on to his wrist.
But in the end, he was not … After coming to a different world, he will never be able to see the Heidis again.
“Meow.” Seeing the youth slightly drooping eyes, the small ball that had stuck itself onto the youth’s hands made a low sound.
It suddenly had the desire to grow up quickly. WIth its innate instincts, the little Taotie beast cub knows that this was the only way to become stronger. After it grows up, it will be able to destroy everything that was causing this person in front of him to make such an expression. Only in this way, that person can be happy.
Being so sticky, Gu Yan eventually yielded. He hopes that when the chief disciples see him with a cat in his hands later on, their expressions would not be too shocked.
Today was his turn to give the sect’s chief disciples some guidance in their cultivation. Due to his near-immortal cultivation, missing a night of sleep was insignificant to him. Yesterday, Gu Yan had spent the whole night cramming and groping about his own abilities. His results were significant.
Basically, he learned everything quickly on the first try. Moreover, with his strong foundation, Gu Yan was able to quickly master most of his abilities.
Martial arts, on the other hand, was not as easy to learn, but he was not in a hurry either and decided to temporarily postpone this matter. Before pushing the door open, Gu Yan added a layer of defensive mechanism to keep the little ball in his arms warm.
Although he had forgotten the name of this ability, it should be an advanced ability, enough to keep out the cold wind and keep the little ball warm.
“It should be warm enough?”
Gu Yan lowered his head to take a look at the small ball and confirmed that it was no longer shivering. It was purring, seeming extremely comfortable.
Stroking the back of the small furball, Gu Yan stepped into the transmission device not far away from the little house. With the sect’s common teleportation device, he switched their destination to the summit of the Guan Lan peak.
Only the chief disciples of their sect would be able to obtain the guidance of the peak master and normally, inner sect disciples were usually chosen from the group of chief disciples.
Not to mention the fact that chief disciples got a larger share of spirit stones each month, the opportunity to be chosen to become a direct disciple was enough to let the sect’s disciples fight for a chance to become a chief disciple.
It can be imagined just how competitive the disciples in the sect were.
There is, however, a special exception to this situation. Gu Yan used his sleeves to cover the small ball’s back. This child in his arms had been directly stuffed into his sect as his direct disciple by the Palm sect.
In the beginning, the person who had sent Jiang Tan to the Guan Lan sect did it out of gratitude in order to repay him and it was thus, the one and only backdoor incident.
When the original body was asked for this favor, he did not refuse out of courtesy but towards this disciple, he never had a favorable impression. Moreover, Jian Tan did not have the qualification of a proper cultivator and so, the impression of the original host dropped further and further until, in the end, he completely ignored this disciple.
“Peak master.”
Seeing that the indifferent and aloof cultivator was gradually approaching, all the disciples on the Wen Yun platform that had been doing self-practice immediately adopted a greeting position, doing their best to show the peak master only their best side.
All the other peak masters have already received three to four direct disciple. Until now, he was the only one to have accepted only one. To put things bluntly, that one was even a waste.
The peak master in front of them was a heavenly being. Among the five peak masters, he was the youngest. However, compared to the other four peak masters, his cultivation was only average.
Such a good opportunity was in front of them, of course, these chief disciples would want to show off their own talents.
Sensing these gazes, the small ball in the young man arms suddenly stopped its soft mewing. Instead, the sound it emitted suddenly became extremely hostile and full of warning.
Unfortunately, the cub was still too young. Even if he wanted to express his threat, its mew was still too low.
He had to grow up quickly, only then can he let these people who were using those coveting gazes to look at this person not dare to take a single glance ever again.
The soft mew coming from his bosom instantly attracted Gu Yan’s attention as he instinctively tilted his head down to look at the cub, not paying attention to the shocked expressions of all the disciples in front.
The small ball in his hand was usually very quiet and obedient. So upon hearing the low mew, Gu Yan immediately turned his attention to see what the small ball was trying to do.
But this time, it was only trying to call him?
Having successfully attracted the attention of the youth, this Taotie cub immediately narrowed up its eyes, a low purr coming from its throat.
Sweeping his gaze one by one over the disciples that had dared covet the young man earlier, the little ball used its soft mew to declare his sovereignty.
End of Chapter 34

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