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Chapter 19: Fierce

Visual representation of GY except my baby got some skills.
It feels exactly like the holographic game that he had played before. 
Successfully sneaking into the belly hangar of the ship and sitting at the pilot seat, Gu Yan drove the reconnaissance ship to the exit as he thought of this point.
Although it seemed as easy as the game, Gu Yan was still completely serious.
Zero error and zero excess mistakes were needed in order to achieve the desired result with minimal operation.
If anybody with knowledge in this field were to see this, they would marvel at the precision and accuracy of his operation that was comparable to the textbook standard.
[If the hatch to the outer space is released, the control room on the upper deck of the ship will be notified and the system cannot intercept it.]
“Okay.” Gu Yan responded very quickly.
When he gets out, he will let the system seal off all of the ship’s exits. By then, the people who will be chasing him will only be nearby reinforcements.
However, compared to pursuing an escaped hostage, getting themselves out of their predicament took priority. Gu Yan did not think the other side would actually send more troops just to capture him.
The cold metal doors gradually slid open to the size of the width of a ship. Gu Yan had also finished increasing the propulsion of the scout ship to maximize the thrust of the engine as per the instruction manual. The reconnaissance ship, known for its speed and concealment, created a path and left with a speed that was difficult to see with the naked eye.
At this time, the control room of the huge mothership was in a mess. They had already found out the door of the upper entrance was blocked and the people in the control room were aware of the fact the ship’s control system had been invaded.
However, in the face of their current situation, they could only watch as the reconnaissance ship flew away right under their noses.
“Sir, we are temporarily unable to regain control of the ship’s system.”
The sergeant who came to report was anxious. Those with common sense could see that their boss was not in a good mood. The young man’s brows were already furrowed until it couldn’t go any lower and his lips were flattened into a thin line, “Inform all nearby troops to send reinforcement and give chase.”  
Ivy was really starting to get interested in the dark-haired youth who had actually managed to escape from his side. It was no longer simply because he was someone stolen from his brother but rather, because of how intriguing he was.
But first, he had to get him back.
Never did he consider the possibility of Gu Yan actually having any skills to fly the warship and thus, Ivy had great confidence in his troops’ ability to capture the puny human. However, the reality was–
[Enemy ships are approaching from a radius of 1 kilometre.]
Steering the battleship at the maximum speed limit, Gu Yan heard the system’s warning. Although there were no emotions whatsoever, in this exciting and dangerous escape ‘game', it was still particularly reassuring. Moreover, his system’s information gathering skills far surpassed this world’s most sophisticated reconnaissance ship.
With the information given by the system, Gu Yan was not distracted as he did not need to pay attention to the radar interface.
[If host continues to sail at current speed, you will reach the meteorite radius within five minutes. The system suggests that the host take a detour.]
Gu Yan shook his head: “No, we’ll go this way.”
Base on the position of a certain silver-haired Heidis locked on by the system, Gu Yan’s ship headed towards that direction.
Looking at it from afar, Gu Yan concluded from his calculations based on their two points that this path was the shortest and can be said to be a direct path through. “Furthermore, this route makes it easier to lose our pursuers.”
Although he had no absolute certainty, Gu Yan still had a certain degree of confidence in his own abilities. It was merely a meteorite swarm, nothing too hard.
Gu Yan did not want to say that in fact, when he played the holographic game before, in the later stages he had to avoid all kinds of artillery attacks. Now he did not need to avoid deliberate attempts of assault, the difficulty had almost gone straight down!
Thinking of this point, Gu Yan cannot help but think of the day when he was about to break the record of the game before he was abruptly interrupted by someone that had pressed the Wake-Up button, forcing him offline.
However, the criminal who was messing around and created this mess was actually a big adorable cat that was lying on him, wagging its tail. In this case, how could he still be angry?
Anyway, Gu Yan was unable to be angry as he hugged the big feline that day and even kissed it a bit, in the end, er… What happened later was better left untold.
Itchy hands. He really wanted to stroke the cat. Gu Yan, who was running away from the reconnaissance ships, thought with great sadness.
Knowing the other side was heading towards a meteorite swarm, the reinforcement troops dispatched to hunt him were almost relieved.
Even with their continuous teleportations and after having almost depleted half their energy crystals, they were still unable to catch up with the recon ship...
What the hell!
Although no one explicitly said it, this thought was in the minds of almost all the troops.
The Mothership’s belly hangar was filled with smaller warships that did not have the ability to teleport. Only those with a medium or higher capacity were able to. After a few successive teleportations, the ship was forced to pause for a second each time. In the end, they could only watch as the reconnaissance ship they were chasing became a small dot and disappear into the distance.
After a while, they could not even catch a glimpse of its shadow.
At this time, the minds of those people giving chase were in a state of shock.
Driving a battleship at such extreme speed. It is not known how terrible the foresight of the other person was. Normally, a battleship manipulator would only enter instructions to maximize the propeller’s thrust when it needed to make a sudden close in.
However, at this moment, Gu Yan merely thought that the ship was not fast enough. He could probably go faster if the ship’s configuration was good enough.
“Has this person gone crazy–?!”
Once again, he continued to move towards the meteorite swarm area. All the pursuing ships had already slowed down their speed to a safe zone as they used a complicated gaze to look at the rapidly flying ship. It had once again disappeared into the distance, leaving them in the dust.
In the end, someone could not help but shout into the communication channel.
What was the difference between high speed cruising into a densely populated area of meteorites and suicide?
Gu Yan was unaware of these people’s thoughts as he was now in the mentality of playing a game.
That’s right, play. To him, in terms of difficulty level, this was merely the hard mode. In fact, there was even a nightmare mode in the game and just like what he had said earlier, he had to avoid the attacks while getting to the other side.
Sometimes he even had to take advantage of the ship’s position to use the meteorites as a temporary shelter to circumvent the attacks.
“00, how long before we get there?”
After escaping unscathed from the vast meteorite-swarm and successfully throwing off the large crowd of people who had been chasing them, Gu Yan idly inquired about their situation.
[17 minutes. ]
“Okay.” Gu Yan replied. Thinking of what the young man had said earlier, he felt that the likelihood of seeing a battle when he gets there seemed very high.
Reality lived up to his expectations as the outer regions of Pandora was illuminated by the light of various particle energy beams and flames as the warships were being sunk.
In the centre of the fierce battle, there was a dark battle machine armour. The huge and icy steel body emitted a frightening sense of oppression to anyone who saw it.
Every movement was like the sickle of the grim reaper. The black machine reaped the enemy’s life emotionlessly, it was not out of control, but rather…
It had completely entered a state of combat.
Evan pushed up his glasses. He had never seen his own commanding officer enter in this state before and never thought there would be a day he would see it. Since their commander lacked any feelings–
It could be described as a state of extreme calmness to the extent of border lining on emotionless. Heidises, once in full combat state, would take some time to calm down even when the battle was over.
In more serious cases, when the war was over, they would even attack the person indiscriminately without reservations, regardless of friend or foe if someone tried to approach.
Steering the reconnaissance ship towards the battlefield, the scene that greeted him was one of strife and chaos. He had just entered the perimeters of the battle and saw the warship of the Empire’s Seventh legion under the pursuit of enemy ships and the situation looked extremely dire.
More than 50% of the ship’s body had been damaged, and the ship was making a last-ditch struggle.
Seeing another enemy ship approaching their side, though it is merely a reconnaissance ship, the sergeant driving the ship clenched his teeth one again.
But in the next second, he froze.
Instead of attacking them together with its associates, the reconnaissance ship sank the ship that had chased them with three rounds of cannon.
The sergeant who had originally been clenching his teeth took a moment to loosen, not because of the blessing of the situation, but due to the immediate shock from the scene in front of him.
Three rounds of artillery from a reconnaissance ship actually sank a whole medium vessel that had been chasing them–??
Don’t tease him! Even a warship was not so fierce, okay?
End of Chapter 19
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