Chapter 18: Okay, here we go.

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Gu Yan did not make any other movements, including sitting up straight even when the other person’s hands had reached to touch his neck. The Heidis had taken a long time to capture him, he could not bear to strangle him now … Uh?
A force, neither strong nor light pressed down on the back of his neck. Moreover, the culprit was smiling at him, Gu Yan couldn’t help but be stunned.
This situation did not follow common sense, Gu Yan had already gone into a state of facial paralysis from the stress of the situation.
“00, how long will it take for you to fully invade the ship’s control system?”
[Around half an hour or so.] After a rough calculation, 037 gave a conservative estimate.
From Ivy’s point of view, the sedentary black-haired youth was simply unresponsive to him.
“Being by my brother’s side, don’t you find it boring.” Ivy had always been more adept at words than force. Moreover, this was his professional habit as a politician.
“...It’s fine.” It was not reasonable to maintain silence for the whole duration of time, Gu Yan thus responded with a vague sentence.
To a cat fanatic, there was simply nothing more interesting than stroking one all day long. Although the fact was that it was not him that chose to stay with the adult Heidis, but that the Heidis had stuck with him every single day...
At the thought of it, Gu Yan’s eyes flickered downwards. The Heidis seemed to have grasped his weakness and every time he showed even a slight refusal, he would become a well-domesticated cat and rub against him, letting out low grunting sounds from his throat and sticking to him until he agreed–
However, it seems like Gu Yan can’t help but fall for this trick every single time. He had already given up.
Fine? The young man, who had not seen the other side of the silver-haired officer, naturally translated the answer to "bad" in his mind.
If it were a boss and subordinate relationship, there was still no problem. However, as a lover, Ivy felt that his brother was certainly lacking.
Putting aside his cold and expressionless face all day, he didn’t even have an ounce of gentleness and care. Any romantic sentiment was even more improbable. The main point was, he completely did not know how to take care of a person–
If you were a lover, you can hardly bear to see such a thing. This youth belonged to a small and weak race. If he let his elder brother raise him, there might be a day where he will be raised to death.
Though, letting him raise was a completely different story…
What was stolen will always more meaningful, especially if the snatched subject was from a rival he hated.
The young man revealed a rare smile, one that was not of cold humour. The light-coloured pupils similar to a certain Heidis slightly raised his brows with an expression of a child that had just stolen his favourite candy.
The part of his neck that was in contact with the Heidis’s touch was lightly kneaded.
“Just stay here with me.” His fingers did not need to exert any more force as Ivy gently touched the back of the youth’s neck. Although it was uncomfortable, looking at the Heidis’s expression, Gu Yan had to resist the urge to evade his touch.
The young man who said these words was dressed in a white suit, which, as opposed to the stiff black military uniform, did not feel cold; this was the standard dressing of those in the imperial administrative department. The handsome-looking politician who had always been known as a shrewd and cunning statesperson had a kind of mysterious grin.
Gu Yan: “…”
How did he manage to attract this villain? Gu Yan wondered bitterly.
From the other Heidis’s words, this person probably had a strange interest in stealing his older brother’s things and he was one of these things now.
“00 … Try to speed up your progress. ”
System could perceive that the emotional fluctuations of the host were slightly larger than usual and did not utter a word but sped up the hacking of the ship’s control system process as per his wishes.
Less than half an hour later, having successfully taken control of the system, 037 responded.
[Ding, it is done. ]
Receiving this message, Gu Yan whole body seemed to have regained his spirit. If the system had a body, Gu Yan would now want to first pull 037 into a hug and then kiss it.
Speaking of his system, was it a male or female … Or do systems even have genders?
[The system has no gender.] 037 responded emotionlessly as if it had no feelings, that was if you ignored the intermittent pause before it answered him.
“Cough, My family’s 00 is so powerful.” Hearing the crankiness of the system’s response, Gu Yan decisively changed the topic, using a shameless tone to praise the system.
In the past, the novels he read had said that the protagonist had to complete the task given by the system. However, in here, their roles seemed to be reversed.
037: […]
When system heard the four words "my family’s 00" after a moment of interference, it paused. No one in the past had ever called it with such an affectionate tone, nor has it ever been praised as such.
He was ready to save himself. Gu Yan first leaned back onto the leather seat, looking into the direction of the young man that had captured him. The latter not only looked back at him but also gave a smile back.
To get to the bottom of the ship’s belly hangar, he had to first walk out of the command room. However, to get out of the command room, he had to first let the other person in the room leave.
“00, can you control the ship’s alarm system?”
The alarm system was a part of the entire control system and since the invasion of the control system was successful, it was theoretically possible to manipulate the alarm system.
Of course, the system’s answer was in line with Gu Yan’s expectation: [It can be done. ]
He needed to get to the lower deck, thinking of this point, he decided in less than a second. Gu Yan told the system, “In the upper deck of the warship, anyhow sound an alarm. The alarm usually has different levels, use a more urgent one.”
“Executing host’s instructions.”
A moment later, Gu Yan could see that the curve at the young man’s lips stiffened. It was not undignified but rather, an interesting expression.
An Intruder alarm, someone had actually gone unnoticed long enough to invade the upper deck of the ship?
How amusing … The young man once again furrowed his brows as he rose from his seat.
“I’ll be back later.” Ivy did not want to leave the young man in the empty command room alone. It was not out of consideration for the youth but rather he was unwilling to let others accompany him.
Gu Yan did not even think before nodding. Go, go quickly.
Unsurprisingly, the other Heidis had set the door to lock after leaving. Gu Yan stood in front of the tightly shut door. Beside the door was a box-shaped identification device.
“Come on, I’m counting on you, 00.”
There was no one outside the command room. After the invasion of the control system, 037 could almost give Gu Yan an accurate report on all the positions of the ship’s personnel. Since the CCTV device in the ship was almost ubiquitous, 037 could now tune in to observe the real-time situation anywhere.
The upper deck was now in a relatively chaotic state as this ship’s control system had never been invaded. The Heidis were busy catching the intruders who didn’t really exist.
“Make them send more men to the top.” He was taking the path while with no garrisons. Gu Yan actually had the feeling of playing a game of hide-and-seek. It was extremely exciting but if he was caught, then it would not be fun at all.
[Okay.] According to the real-time scene of the situation, 037 gave a positive answer.
The lower-level staffs were sent to the upper level resulting in an increase in congestion and they had to take alternative routes to get around.
“00 you can begin to seal their paths.” With the information provided by the system, Gu Yan had managed to successfully avoid all the patrol guards. Although he had taken a detour, it still took him slightly less than 20 minutes to reach the bottom of the ship’s belly hangar.
Hearing the instructions, 037 did not immediately execute it this time as it was unable to understand the intentions of the host.
[Requires the host to give more detailed instructions.]
If the system was likened to an auxiliary tool, it still had to rely on the person holding it and their ability to wield it.
“Seal off all exits on the upper deck.” Gu Yan now found that the system was pretty inflexible. Thinking of this, Gu Yan decisively added, “When you shut it, make sure it's tight.”
In the giant mothership’s belly hangar, Gu Yan was surrounded by hundreds of small warships. Taking a closer look, his eyes landed on one corner: “00, is this the scout ship?”
It took a second to scan the ship’s body structure before 037 gave a positive answer again.
Just hearing its name, the Scout ship or it's alias, the reconnaissance ship, was enough to let anyone know it was a high-speed warship with a hidden ability. Now that he was running away instead of having to confront the enemy and having obtained a positive answer, Gu Yan took the seat at the pilot’s position prepared to operate the ship.
Look down at the familiar console, Gu Yan positioned his hands on it and pressed the Start button.
Okay, here we go.
End of Chapter 18