Chapter 17: Moved

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In a completely unfamiliar environment, observing the person in front of him and his manner of speech, Gu Yan could almost conclude based on his rich experience as a writer that he perhaps, most likely… had been kidnapped.
Sitting up straight, the pain from the back of his neck roughly gave him his answer.
[The enemy had moved too fast. Before 037 could remind host, the host had already lost consciousness,] System said.
Hearing the mechanical voice, Gu Yan quickly replied, “It’s okay, even if you had reminded me, the results would still be the same.”
Gu Yan always had great self-awareness.
Gu Yan first raised his hand to rub the back of his neck. After being chopped by the strength of a Heidis, the fact that his neck had not broken off … was already considered very lucky.
“I did tell my subordinates to control their strength but it seems like they were still too rough.” Observing the youth with raised brows, he gently spoke. The light expression on his face made it seem as though the person who had orchestrated this whole situation had not been him.
Although his voice was gentle and light, Gu Yan could clearly feel that when the pair of eyes that resembled a certain silver-haired Heidis stared at him with a face of interest, it carried a vague sense of malice.
“It feels a little novel to finally snatch something from that brother of mine for the first time.” The young man smiled at the youth while stroking his chin with his right hand.
What a wicked person. The person in front of him, Gu Yan cannot say to completely not know him. With his good memory, Gu Yan remembered the day when this Heidis had come to pay a visit to the silver-haired Heidis. They had seen each other.
According to his memory on this man’s role in the story, Gu Yan’s author brain had already finished constructing a whole conspiracy for the throne theory. However, is external appearance showed not the slightest bit of change as recalled the proper honorific, “Third highness.”
If he remembered his name correctly, the other Heidis’s full name should be Ivy Osrian.
Currently, on a different ship.
The two ships were currently engaged in a one-way video communication system and in the command room of the gigantic mothership, a young silver-haired commander gazed coldly at the holographic images. His vertical pupils contracted into narrow slits and the original light-coloured pupils had darkened to a gloomy shade of deep blue.
“...Commander.” Evan pushed his glasses up as he waited for a while before making a sound. He had never seen his own commander’s emotions so blatantly exposed before. There was no need to speculate, those cold eyes could almost pierce a person.
From the image of the youth rubbing the nape of the neck, the aloof silver-haired officer tightly pursed his lips without saying a word, especially when he heard the words, "still too rough", his face became even colder.
Too dangerous. Judging by the look on his face, Evan reached this conclusion.
However, the person on the other side of the hologram seemed to not have any intention of stopping there. From the image, the young man stood up from his seat and started walking towards the youth. As he approached, he reached for the suppressor that the youth wore on his wrist.
“Treason. This time you will not be spared.” The deep voice devoid of emotion sounded out. Extremely clear of his own commander’s personality, he knew that when Eli had said this, he naturally did not mention the human that he had placed the utmost importance on.
His finger had just depressed the release button on the suppressor when he heard this sentence from the communicator in his left ear. In front of the dark hair youth, Ivy replied: “It’s not too late to wait until you have settled your own problem, senior brother.”
With this remark, the room sounded with a click sound. After taking the suppressor off the youth wrist, the holographic image of the other side abruptly paused, the signal had clearly been cut off.
Gu Yan could only hear what the Heidis in front of him was saying and after thorough analysis, he could only conclude that the other side was Eli under attack by multiple enemies.
“I couldn’t resist…” Putting the ring-style suppressor aside after cutting off the communication, Ivy raised a finger to cover his lip. He now knew why the young man was wearing a suppressor.
The scent of a prey … But also not entirely food, a kind of temptation to devour yet unwilling to. Not willing to because the smell was too enticing. Of course, he could also smell the scent left behind by another Heidis on the youth, one full of warning.
Although the contents of the trial were subjected to the arrangement of the elders, treason of this magnitude was out of their expectations and therefore punishable. As for holding the youth hostage … It was purely out of malice towards his older brother.
He had always wanted to snatch something away from the other person’s hands and it was best if it was something his older brother valued greatly.
Even if he did not destroy it, it would still be nice to keep it for himself. Looking down, he glanced at the panicked expression of the youth with arched brows.
Panicking did not have much use and there was no denying that he had now taken on the special identity of a hostage. Gu Yan whose suppressor bracelet had been taken away could only seat still quietly but his brain had already rapidly considered of how to use his system to cheat his way out.
“00, do you think you can hack into the ship’s control system?”
Never had it been asked by a host to do something like this. 037 response lagged for a while. A second later, it finally calculated a positive answer, [The system does not exist in this dimension. While the invasion can be carried out, its success will be limited.]
Hearing the affirmative answer, Gu Yan suddenly relaxed. Saving oneself was better than waiting for somebody else to save him. Of course, this was as long as he could control the locks on the door at his will. Gu Yan feels that he finally had a little chance of breaking free.
From his surroundings, he could see that it was a large ship. According to the ship’s setting in his novel, the lower deck should be in the ship’s belly hangar, which was decorated with all kinds of small warships.
As for the control of the large battleship, based on what he observed, it should be similar to the Battle Ship VR simulator… Well almost.
“Well, you can try first.” Resigning to his fate of being stared at by the Heidis from head to toe with a strange gaze, he tried his best to stay still. He did not forget that humans were the Heidis race’s delicacy.
Therefore, before his system can hack into the control system of the ship, he had to first make sure he hadn’t been skinned to become this Heidis’s dinner.
At this time Gu Yan couldn’t help but think of another Heidis that he was familiar with. Usually, the Heidis that resembled a large feline was always sticking to him. Now he wonders if his lack of expression had caused the people around him to become strange…?
It turns out that it was only hard for a normal person to be uncomfortable when a person indifferent to everyone else was only clingy and submissive to you.
Gu Yan could almost honestly admit that his heart was a little moved.
End of chapter 17


  1. By the 'hanger' thing, I think it meant an area at the bottom of the ship which can be partially open to drop/release smaller ships.