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Chapter 16.1: Welcome

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations

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The Heidis Empire’s territory was extremely vast. Even without mentioning the big and small neighboring galaxies, there was still a great number of galaxies outside their own that were within their jurisdiction.

The Imperial Army had a total of nine regiments. Each regiment was responsible for their own area and at this time, the one going to Pandora was the seventh Regiment.

Although this planet was relatively remote and quite a distance away from the imperial capital, it was famed for 10 consecutive years as the most suitable holiday destination for couples to travel.

However, this planet which was famed for its romance had recently been shrouded in panic.

It was not due to how violent the nature of the attacks had been, but for so many years in such a peaceful environment, the ordinary citizens of the Empire had long since heard the alarm of the planet’s defense system.

“According to a reconnaissance report sent back by the reconnaissance ship, the number of enemy forces currently besieging Pandora is small, with a little more than 10 warships while the others are light fire ships and do not pose any threat to our destroyers.” Evan reported the information he had just received from the investigation report. His expression was relatively relaxed, after all, this seemed to be easy to solve.

If it had been a planet close to the imperial capital, it would probably have been able to fend off this level of aggression by relying on its own self-defence forces and there would be no need to send out a rescue signal.

After the arrival of reinforcement composed of regular troops, the situation had undoubtedly one-sidedly reversed.

The black metallic giant mothership hovered silently above. Normally, one will not be able to tell that this giant ship was heavily armed. It was only during times of war when the heavy battleship woiuld switch to its assault mode,carrying a 24-door particle turret. This level of firepower was simply a nightmare for any defenseless warships.

The enemy ships were sunk by their ship at a speed visible to the naked eye and in the eyes of the youth, Eli could see the projectile fire as the enemy ships were destroyed.

He did not give the enemy any opportunity to surrender, immediate extermination … should he not have let the youth witness such scene?

If it was in the past, this cold and ruthless young commander would certainly not have considered this kind of things, but things were now different.

“…… Hmm?” Having his vision suddenly go dark, Gu Yan let out a sound of surprise. However, the culprit seemed to have no intention of removing his hands from his eyes.

Gu Yan tried to pry away the large hands, but did not succeed.

Using his hands to cover the youth’s eyes, the cold and expressionless Heidis’s thoughts suddenly wandered.

With his vision blocked, the youth suddenly seem to become much more vulnerable. Even his body had becomes slightly more sensitive and his reactions even more pronounced. However, they were currently in the battleship control room and his subordinates were still around.

Although his subordinates were pretending to turn a blind eye to them, the cold Heidis’s eyebrows were furrowed as he held the youth in his embrace possessively, resting his chin on his shoulders.
Quickly, he tilted his head towards the youth’s neck and kissed him lightly, doing nothing else. However, he still did not let go of the arms around the youth’s waist.
“…” Gu Yan was speechless. He found that ever since the the day they had done unspeakable things, his acceptance towards the Heidis’s shameless actions had actually increased.
Perhaps his psychological reaction towards this sort of things had already become broken, Gu Yan was starting to become numb.

However, Gu Yan’s decision of silently holding in his resistance towards the Heidis’s affections, in the eyes of a certain Heidis seemed to spell out a tacit consent towards such actions.

Smelling the aroma of the youth’s scent, this Heidis was tempted to tighten his hold on his human while still ensuring careful control of his own strength.

As the main subordinate pretending to be blind, Evan tried not to let his eyes wander and focused on the situation in front of them.

The support mission really did not pose any difficulty at all and the destroyers they sent out was their most common drill to defeat bastardly star thieves.
After the troops had cleared away all the enemy ships in the area, Eli slowly lowered the hand that was on the youth’s eyes.

“We have established contact with the Supreme chief executive of Pandora. Preparing to land in five minutes.”
The young commander standing at the top position of the Heidis empire looked extremely cold… If you ignored the youth in his arms.

Pandora… thinking of what the planet was famed for in the Empire, this adult Heidis’s pupils cannot help but narrow further.

Originally, he just want to be hugged and the result was that he was held for a good period of time until he could not even move. Gu Yan finally gave up on escaping his hold, the problem was that the Heidis behind the hold was too strong.

“…… Qiuqiu be good.” In view of the immorality of this sentence, Gu Yan deliberately lowered his voice.

The tight grip on his waist gradually relaxed but just as Gu Yan regained his freedom, for a split second, he got the a feeling as if he was being watched.

Although he had already lowered his voice, the Heidis race’s hearing ability far surpassed that of Gu Yan’s imagination. All the Heidis, even those in the command room had heard.

…… Ball Ball … be Good?

What was he saying to their commanding officer?

The sergeants shifted their eyes a little, their gazes almost a look of wonder as if staring at a bizarre creature. However, they could not watch for long as a pair of icy cold gaze swept over them.

Evan now understood the reason for his commander’s strange behaviour that day. However, it seems like ‘Qiuqiu’ this name…
As the young soldier pushed his glasses upwards, he thought about it carefully and reluctantly found a reason to convince himself.

Maybe this was a way of amusing themselves… Between lovers.

After all these years of being an adjutant, Evan had never thought that a day where his commanding officer would be called something like this would ever come.

As the onlookers quickly withdrew their prying gazes, Gu Yan brushed it of as an illusion. The ship had successfully landed on their target planet. As a person with self-awareness, Gu Yan chose to quietly stay in the silver hair officer’s line of sight.

After the arrival of the reinforcements, the annihilation of the enemies battleship dispersed the majority of the fear in the tense atmosphere. Afterall, the Heidis military had always enjoyed great prestige and were highly welcomed.
“Based on the evidence from the destroyed ships, the star thieves that launched the attack on Pandora most likely belonged to several different groups,”. They were in the Home Office and Evan who was standing behind his commander read the report of the situation sent back by the reconnaissance ship.
This point was particularly highlighted because interstellar pirates would usually only grab passing trading ships and even the most wanted and rampant groups would not have the guts to attack a whole planet. Moreover, they were a scattered network, wanting them to work together was simply unthinkable and had never happened in history.
The final verdict was that the army would continue to stay on this planet for some time to wait and see, confirming that it was completely safe before redrawing. Within this time period, the military would continue to upgrade their planet’s defense system.
The tense atmosphere full of panic was finally dissipated and that very night, pink bubbles slowly begun to fly all over the place.

As for why there was pink bubbles, it was because when Gu Yan opened the room’s window to  look at the distant street, he couldn’t help feeling that everywhere was full of hugging, kissing and intimate lovers.

Thinking of his single life of 24 years, Gu Yan let out a low cough as he silently shut the window.

Adopting a ‘Why fall in love when you can raise a cat ‘ kind of mentality, the recent years that Gu Yan had passed could be described as relatively peaceful and solitary apart from the time where he and a certain Heidis helped each other solved their–
“Cough!” It’s better not to remember such things, the perpetrator was not far away.
Hearing the harsh cough of the youth, the originally cold adult Heidis finally moved. He came closer and reached out to touched the youth. Then, he did something he had never done before — lightly patting on the youth’s back.

There were many things that he had never done before and after meeting the youth, Eli was slowly learning them one by one.

Compared to the Heidis race, humans are easily afraid of the cold and heat. Moreover, they would even occasionally get sick a few times a year … It was really not an easy thing to keep such a small and weak human being, the Heidis thought as he patted the youth on the back.

It seems to be have mistakenly jumped to the conclusion that he was sick. Gu Yan realised this when he had been brought to a spacious sofa and found himself lying down, looking into the big eyes of the Heidis. The room lights were out and in the dark, Gu Yan could only feel his back being gently patted.

Since he was sick, he needed to rest. Gu Yan thinks the other person should be holding onto this misconception.

It looks like this Heidis was going to continue to squeeze in with him tonight. Thinking of his bad habit of talking in his sleep, what he was doing was basically suicide.

His habits of so many years cannot simply be changed just because he wanted to. Gu Yan can only hope that he does not sleep while holding the Heidis and saying nonsense like ‘ I like Qiuqiu ‘.

in the middle of the night, Gu Yan woke up because the man who had been squeezing in the couch with him got up and he had not been sleeping too deeply yet.

“What happened …?” Struggling to open his eyes, the half awake Gu Yan had difficulty thinking.

“Nothing to worry about.”

The cold voice sounded in the dark, but the sound was somewhat soothing. Although Gu Yan was awake, he had been in a vague state of semi- consciousness and he quickly fell asleep again obediently.
When Gu Yan woke up once again, he found himself in a completely unfamiliar environment, like the inside of a ship.

In the next second, Gu Yan was face to face with a pair of light coloured vertical pupil. However, the owner of these eyes was not the one he was familiar with.

“Welcome.” Sitting in his seat, a handsome young man was resting his chin on his right hand. He bent over slightly to look at the newly awakened black-haired youth, his expression full of humor.
End of Chapter 16

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