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Chapter 20: I am back

Although the enemy ship had been able to quickly set up their defences, they were still bombarded with assaults that could not be fully blocked by their shields.
The ship which was sunk in just a few seconds, could not even understand at the last moment why they were sinking. They had only heard successive warnings of damage before losing control of their heavily damaged ship.
The sergeants watching the whole process were in a state of shock. Was this person a master-level warship manipulator of the Warship Division-??
The other side was clearly driving the enemy ship, yet, it had saved them. For a while, he did not know if he should launch an attack or not. Even the hands of the sergeant positioned on the control interface was frozen.
As a result, the two ships on the periphery of the ring faced each other. There were no movements between them as they had a standoff for several seconds.
“00, can you connect me to this ship?”
The enemy’s warships were unlikely to be on the same communication channel. In this case, Gu Yan had to rely greatly on his system’s black technology[1].
The intense battle was still ongoing. To avoid being mistakenly besieged by the Heidis’s warships, it was important to first secure a communication channel.
[A connection is being established–]
Not long after, the emotionless voice sounded in Gu Yan’s mind again.
[The communication line has been successfully established.]
This was much easier now, but Gu Yan suddenly thought of another problem. What should he say? Was he supposed to tell them that he had been kidnapped to become a hostage and in the end, escaped by himself...?
The victim of the system’s unparalleled hacking skills was stunned as he watched the long string of code easily tap into their communication line without much hindrance. Especially after listening to the other party’s speech, he became even more stunned and froze for several seconds.
The expert in the enemy’s warship opposite him was actually the puny dark-hair youth? The one who looked like he could be pinched to death anytime...?
Thinking of how the ship had managed to blast away the enemy ships earlier, cold sweat ran down the sergeant’s back.
This was obviously the skills of a master level battleship Controller. If he were to be placed in the military, there would no doubt be a fight for such a talent.
What did you mean pinched to death?
If he let the other person sit in front of the ship’s control, the one being pinched to death would be them.
Don’t judge a person by their race. When it came to this so-called human race, their weak appearance was merely a facade to lower their enemies’ guard.
Gu Yan was not aware of the thoughts running through the mind of the Heidis opposite him. After receiving a response, he directly steered the ship into the heart of the battle, the most chaotic place.
The reconnaissance ship was not used for head-on combat, unlike warships. Their firepower and defence configuration compared to ordinary warships was actually much weaker.
So why go towards the chaotic warzone? Of course, it’s to steal the spotlight …
Ah, no, it’s for the sake of a convenient sneak attack.
Within the Heidis’s mothership, on the radar interface of the control room, a red dot had suddenly appeared, signalling a new enemy ship had broken through. Evan had just finished communicating with another sergeant.
“Send order to all the ships, any attack on that reconnaissance ship is prohibited.”
The young soldier scrunched his eyebrows. The battle was so fierce yet the youth that his commanding officer placed great importance on had actually run into the most chaotic part of the war...
It was complete suicide.
Disregarding how the youth had somehow managed to escape by luck, the first thing Evan wanted to do now was to drag the black-haired youth back to the mothership. If anything happened to him, how will he report back to his commanding officer?
However, looking at the current situation, it was impossible to have the spare manpower to ensure the safety of the youth. Evan’s brows furrowed further.
There was only a single reconnaissance ship in the entire battlefield, thus, it was simply too easy to identify him. After receiving the command to not attack the enemy’s reconnaissance ship, all the troops under Evan withheld their attacks but could not help paying special attention to it.
In the midst of the chaotic battle, wherever the reconnaissance ship swept across, a sea of flames would appear. The scene which greeted them was the enemy’s sinking ships.
If the black machine at the centre of the ring was like the cold scythe of the death god, the Scout ship was akin to the grim reaper, each time giving the perfect final blow with extreme precision.
The flames fell continuously. From afar, it seemed as though it was raining fire.
In the Mothership’s control room, Evan stared at the red dot in the area where the radar was scanning. However, the longer he stared at it, the more colourful his expression became.
He watched the red dot’s every move. Wherever it swept past, another red dot in that area would disappear. Very quickly, the chaotic battlefield was only left with a single red dot that he had been staring at on the radar.
What was going on–?
Originally, there was already a very strong war machine and now another expert had appeared, forcing the Sarian Army into retreat.
However, they had no way to escape because it was unknown when the cold black war machine had already sealed off their route. The Heidis driving this battle machine had already entered the state of combat, his vertical pupils were narrowed into thin slits.
The silver-haired officer’s face was handsome but extremely cold, without a single hint of emotion in those dark eyes.
He just had to get rid of these moving and living obstacles obstructing his way. Then, he can finally go and pick up his lover...
Thinking of this point, the adult Heidis’s gaze grew colder. Following this, more enemy ships sunk.
Despite its huge and oppressive body, this black machine was moving at an alarming speed. Moreover, the threat posed by each attack was of a frightening degree. From the very beginning, the machine armour had already been cleaning up the enemy ships non-stop.
Even if the number of Sarian ships exceeded their side by far, they could not withstand such fierce attacks. Now that their advantage was gone, the cold black armour’s assault became increasingly fierce.
Over time, the retreating Sarian army was completely overwhelmed.
There was no celebration or cheers upon obtaining victory. Their adjutant in the huge mothership looked at the motionless black machine armour in the middle of the battlefield. He did not relax the slightest bit even though they had won.
Their commander was in full combat mode, and even though there were no more enemies, he could not simply come out of this state.
In this case, even as a comrade, it was best not to appear in front of this Heidis–
If not, they might just be unintentionally injured. Similar incidents had happened in the military in the past.
However, at this moment, Evan saw a reconnaissance ship approaching the direction of the black machine armour. Moreover, it was already extremely close.
“00, help me connect.” After learning from the system that Eli was in fact inside the black machine armour, he wanted to let him know he was safe. This Heidis was usually very clingy to him. If he was not wrong, the Heidis was probably in a bad mood right now.
Gu Yan who had this line of thought was obviously thinking too little. The feelings of the Heidis in the black machine simply could not be described as merely in a "bad mood".
[Successfully connected.]
“Eli …?”
After not getting any response for the first time, Gu Yan uttered his name once again with some doubt in his voice.
This voice–
On the handsome face of the adult Heidis, there was a slight twitch in his eyebrows. The narrow pupils had regained a bit of warmth. However, his lips were still pressed into a thin line even though in reality, he did not want to stay silent.
He was only momentarily stuck in this state and could not speak. However, if this voice were to say a few more words to him, perhaps….
It was impossible for the system to make a mistake. The person in the black machine was definitely the one they’re looking for.
After not receiving a response for a second time, Gu Yan finally realised there must be something wrong. The black machine armour stood there silently.
“Qiuqiu, be good. I’m back.”
The voice of the youth arrived through the communicator. The cold expression of the Heidis finally cracked as he lowered his eyebrows, as if having been pulled back from a trance
“En.” He could finally hear his own response.
End of Chapter 20
[1]Hacking skills or next level tech, either one. 
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