Sickness Chapter 8

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1.8   Refusal of entry


However, second master Wei’s public image hads always been enigmatic so nobody could judge his emotions from his subtle expression.

“It’s nothing, continue eating.” He looked at Hao Ritian with doting eyes, making those who saw it be at a loss for words inside.

Hao Ritian’s eyes were somewhat muddled. After Wei Zhichen’s words fell, he really continued to eat fruits, as though he was oblivious towards the scrutiny he was receiving from the surroundings and of Tang Qi looking over at him.

After appeasing Hao Ritian, Wei Zhichen’s vision fell on Tang Qi. While Tang Qi was secretly getting nervous, he spoke without giving a straight answer, “Oh? You went to Imperial University too? You aren't from a performing arts college?”

Tang Qi’s expression became slightly awkward, “No, I studied finance in college. All in all, president Wei is still my senior.”
It came as no surprise to Tang Qi that Wei Zhichen was not the least bit clear on his inside details. He also knew that there was no way a great personage like him would pay attention to him. If it hadn’t been for something happening at home, he might have entered his family’s company and become a manager after graduation. Although his hobby and interest was music, his family did not support him all that much. Contrarily, after the collapse of his family business, he set foot on the path he liked. He really didn’t know whether to be glad or feel ironic.

Wei Zhichen’s expression remained unchanged. He did not waver in the slightest, nor did he speak anymore. Seeing Hao Ritian take a bite out of a watermelon and leave behind a watermelon seed at a corner of his mouth, he personally helped him pick it away. His tone was helpless but affectionate, “Look at you, you’re so big but you’re still like a child.”

Hao Ritian looked up and saw a watermelon seed stuck to his fingertips. Quick as a flash, his face turned red and his eyes were a little moist. Quite obviously, feeling embarrassed.
Wei Zhichen’s eyes darkened. Recalling the craziness from last night, his adam’s apple rolled and he felt a bit thirsty. He raised the red wine for a sip but felt even thirstier.

The intimacy between them as if there was no one else there made the few people present laugh knowingly. Yan Yongan gave a great sigh of relief, not at all thinking there was anything wrong with his son being treated so intimately by a man.

The woman nestled beside him kissed him on the chin and fed him another strawberry. She whispered softly, “President Yan, young master Yan is really worthy of being your son, it looks like president Wei is very fond of him.”

Her eyes were full of worship and admiration as she said that, like Yan Yongan was her sky.

Yan Yongan liked women who gazed at him like this the most. He immediately dropped a kiss on the woman’s lips and rubbed her waist, looking satisfactorily at her, “Your honey mouth knows just what to say.”
Most were focused on Wei Zhichen and basically no one was concerned about Yan Yongan’s side, so on one saw this scene. Even if they did see it, they would be disapproving and instead feel contempt for Yan Yongan.

It hadn’t been long since his wife died. Not only did he bring a mistress into the house, but he was also playing with women outside. This type of person has a problem in his character. Those who had good family backgrounds and upbringing often looked down upon these type of people. They were frequently making efforts to gain a good reputation, even if they really ran into a situation like Yan Yongan’s, they would not act like him, looking for criticisms.

But Yan Yongan did not do the same. In any case, his father-in-law and wife were dead, no one could control him, and the Yan family was his; he could do whatever he wanted. After holding back for so long, once liberated, he forgot himself and his very bones excluded the quality of a nouveau riche.

Standing in front of Wei Zhichen, Tang Qi’s situation was a little embarrassing, but none of that could be discerned from his face. Xiao Yu also wouldn’t just disregard him, he said to Tang Qi, “Go sing a couple songs for everyone. My singing just now was so terrible it tortured everyone’s ears, help me cleanse their ears for me.”
A heavenly singer was merely a casual instigated object here. This was the class gap and no one thought it was out of place.

Tang Qi suppressed the shame in his heart. He gave a slight smile and went to choose a song. Soon, the box rang with Tang Qi’s gentle voice.

Xiao Yu listened to it and joked with Hao Ritian who was sitting next to Wei Zhichen, “Lookie here, our second master Wei knows how to care about people too. You’re really blessed.”

Hao Ritian grinned and said nothing, but Wei Zhichen smiled faintly and rubbed Hao Ritian’s head, looking indulgent as he watched him fiddle with his phone and amuse himself.

Wei Zhichen had, in fact, not been lying when he said he came here to talk about business back in the bathroom. Only, it was a big project this time and before focusing on the project, Wei Zhichen was specially invited to connect feelings. This was a common practice in the business field.

So, very quickly, Wei Zhichen was surrounded by various bosses.
During this period, the obedient image Hao Ritian put on was online the whole time. He looked through several pictures on his phone and was quite satisfied. These photos were shot by him when the woman nestled in Yan Yongan’s arms was cozying up to him. The angles were well selected and the clarity of the photos was very good. This was also an unexpected surprise for him. When the opportunity arose, he would send them to Yuan Wenyu. Even if they couldn’t produce any substantial harm, disgusting her wasn’t bad either.

According to his understanding of Yuan Wenyu, she was a tolerant woman. Otherwise, she wouldn't have remained undiscovered, and even raise two children, before mother Yan’s death. Since she was a mistress, she should know what kind of trash Yan Yongan whom she bounded herself to was. So while Yan Yongan played with women outside, it was unlikely she would do anything other than bare with it and not make a scene. But increasing the suffocation for her was very enjoyable for Hao Ritian too.

When it was about to hit 12, Wei Zhichen expressed that Hao Ritian was young and needed to rest early, so they should break up. He was teased with a couple of ambiguous lines again, but no stopped him.
The group of people left the box together. As they passed the lobby, Hao Ritian took the initiative to settle his bill. His actions were too swift for Xiao Yu to exempt it.

Hao Ritian of course did this on purpose. He had no relationship with Xiao Yu and didn’t want to owe him. He could still afford to pay this much money.

Once they left the club, Yan Yongan promptly grabbed Hao Ritian and said in a kindly manner, “Come back with dad. You should be done sulking, right?”

The minute he was about to drag him away, Hao Ritian flung him off. Yan Yongan was a little choked. He was naturally disgruntled with being treated by his son, who had always adored and respected him, like this, but he couldn’t let others clue in on it.

Just as Yan Yongan wanted to secretly warn him, he saw second master Wei turn around, and place a hand at the back of his son’s head, rubbing it in a close manner. He asked warmly, “Want to go to my house tonight? Wei Lin will be happy if you do.”

The hand placed at the back of his head glided down, the pads of his fingers kneading behind his neck ambiguously. The implication was quite obvious. Hao Ritian thought, this guy is a bit coquettish and very seductive, however—

“No, it’s already very late. I’ll come bother you when I’m free.” The eyes facing Wei Zhichen’s were as clear as water, without the slightest miscellaneous thought.

Last night was a bit wild. He might feel like his spirit was willing today, but his flesh was weak. Hao Ritian still had the rationale to know that this body of his was still rather young and he couldn’t be too unrestrained.

Facing his limpid gaze, Wei Zhichen once again felt like the youth in front of him was a little fox. If he hadn’t tossed and turned with him the previous night, he would have thought the young man was really a boy who knew nothing about the world. But, it was only interesting like this.

Taking back his hand, Wei Zhichen smiled indulgently, “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

He thought it beneath his dignity to use force. Even in those matters, he would much prefer for there to be mutual consent. Besides, he was certain the youth in front of him would look for him again.

Yan Yongan was initially still pent up with anger, but wasn't as angry anymore upon hearing Hao Ritian refuse Wei Zhichen. It looked like even though his son was rebellious, he still thought of him in his heart. After he got home with him, he would teach him a good lesson and make him maintain a good relationship with president Wei. When that happens, would he need to worry about having no chance to cooperate with the Wei corporation?

As a result, as soon as he thought of that, he was given a slap in the face the very next moment.
Hao Ritian saw an empty taxi coming and stuck his hand out to signal the other party to stop. He didn’t even inform Yan Yongan and just said goodbye to Wei Zhichen before getting in it and leaving.

The very next instant, Yan Yongan’s face burned fiercely. The strange gazes from the people around him made him wish a hole would appear in front of him to drill into. He hated Hao Ritian to death and hated he couldn’t slap him awake. But he carried an embarrassed smile on his face and tried to keep his cool, saying helplessly, “Really, this boy. He’s still unreasonably sulking with me. Where are there overnight feuds between father and sons?”

He himself was unsure how much of his words the others believed. After all, Hao Ritian’s behavior was far too disrespectful. Which family’s son would treat their father this way?!

However, no one was too concerned about Yan Yongan. Soon, people left in twos and threes, leaving Xiao Yu and Tang Qi to return to the club again.

“Yan Qi…unexpectedly knows so many big shots?” A boy who had just witnessed the scene murmured.

The classmates by his side had not left yet, and like him, saw Yan Qi standing together with many big shots. Their feelings were somewhat indescribable and complicated.
They were precisely Yan Qi’s classmates. After Tang Qi’s singing performance ended, they went to a private box to sing KTV for nearly two hours and just came out. Chen Chen was calling a taxi for them so they were waiting by the roadside and had waited for quite a while now. They didn’t expect to see Yan Qi.

As for how they could determine the people standing next to Yan Qi were big shots?

The biggest distinguishing factor was the atmosphere. What’s more, they could even see Tang Qi, the King of Music, standing with those people, serving as a foil. While on the contrary, Yan Qi seemed to be ‘the bright moon surrounded by a myriad of stars ’. How could this not make them think too much?

Several girls’ eyes shone with extraordinary splendor. Meng Rou was slightly shocked too, but Chen Chen’s face under-went a few changes before settling on disbelief and resentment.

Hao Ritian didn't know that his classmates he ran into were thinking so much. He quietly stayed in the hotel and was visited by Yan Yongan in person the next day. The second he opened the door to Yan Yongan’s face, he really wanted to slam the door on that mug of his. However, Yan Yongan’s arrival was actually within his expectations as well. What was unexpected was that his efficiency would be so high.
With Yan Yongan’s ‘clambering over the dragon and following the phoenix personality’, how could he not scheme something after discovering that his son could get a connection with president Wei.

Sometimes Hao Ritian wondered, with Yan Yongan the way he was, how could the original host’s maternal grandfather and his mother have valued him? Or was it to say, Yan Yongan’s skills in disguise were too high?

However, when it all came down to it, the original host’s grandfather was the head of a family. There should be no way he couldn’t see through this Phoenix man's nature[1]. After ruminating over it, he could only sum it up as being the fault of the world. Who let these people be the all-important characters of his mission? Presumably, the unreasonable parts would automatically be filled. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t be able to get his head around it.

After pushing the door open and entering the suite, Yan Yongan’s first words were to rebuke him, “Why can’t I get through when I call you? Why aren’t you answering your phone?”

Hao Ritian secretly rolled his eyes. Of course that’s because I blacklisted you.
Seeing Hao Ritian indolently ignoring his question, Yan Yongan took a breath and warned himself not to lose his temper. He skipped over this topic and ordered him, “Staying in a hotel when you have a home to live in, how would others see this? Pack up and come back with me.”

Hao Ritian was still wearing his pajamas and hadn’t gone to sleep yet. His temper was a bit flared from being interrupted by Yan Yongan. He climbed onto the bed and laid down again, not even raising his eyes, he replied, “I’m not going back.”

Yan Yongan blew up, “How are you talking to me? Your elder is standing yet you’re lying down, where have all the etiquette you’ve learnt gone? Stand up properly for me and speak!”

Ho Ritian turned a deaf ear to him.

Yan Yongan had never been a good-tempered person, especially in front of this son. Seeing him ignore his instructions, he stretched his hand out, intending to drag him up. Hao Ritian instantly opened his eyes and dodged his reaching hand. Immediately, he stood up on the bed and looked down on Yan Yongan from above, his expression cold and detached, “That is not my home anymore. It hasn’t been my home since you brought that mistress and those bastards into the doors. I won’t be returning again. Leave.”
Yan Yongan’s self-esteem had been trampled on by his son repeatedly criticizing him for bringing home a mistress and his illegitimate children. Embarrassment immediately turned into anger, “Your mother has passed away, who I’m with should be of no concern to you. What mistress and bastards? They are your auntie and siblings, you…”
Hao Ritian was already too lazy to argue with him. Seeing that, not only was he not leaving but also indignantly and righteously planning a long speech, he directly jumped off the bed and pushed him out the door, shutting the door afterwards with a ‘bang’ and locking it.


Standing outside the door, Yan Yongan was about to go crazy from rage. He felt that coming to find him on his own accord was already a gift as large as the heavens. The result was, his son— without listening or speaking—pushed him out and refused him entry. His dignity provoked, Yan Yongan lifted his hand to bang on the door, scolding as he did it, “Hurry and come out for me. When did you become so lawless? If I had known you would be so disregardful of your elders, I would’ve strangled you to death a long time ago...”
No matter how vigorously he cursed, it fell on deaf ears for Hao Ritian in the room.

Instead, not long after making a ruckus, he was politely persuaded to leave by a service staff who expressed that it wouldn't look good for him to continue his actions. Yan Yongan loved his face most and being told so by a service staff, along with a few people in the corridor and other suites looking his way, made him feel even more disgraced. He forced himself to press down his fury and left in a huff.

For the first time, he was deeply aware that this son of his really did not take him seriously. It could not go on like this. He must ruthlessly sort him out, otherwise, don’t mention helping him, it would be pretty good of him to not hinder him.

End of Chapter 8


[1]: Phoenix man: Refers to a rural boy who marries a city girl. It is used in a derogatory sense. The source comes from "Golden Phoenix flying out from a valley". It is generally used to denounce such families in life. As contradicting views will arise in their interactions due to the different life concepts between the urban and rural, or it refers to the bridegroom’s side of the family when the mother-in-law and their daughter-in-law have contradictions.