Sickness Chapter 9

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1.9   Compromise

After giving Yan Yongan the cold-shoulder, Hao Ritian’s days became comfortable. He still didn't return to the Yan House. Everyday, he did nothing but play. Today he went swimming, the next day he exercised, the day after he played ball. Everyday, he found entertainment for himself.

Meanwhile, Yan Yongan suffered a bit of liver pain after returning in anger. However, before he could figure out how to deal with his son, the company received a good project, and all his energy was focused on it.

The Yan family itself was quite extensive in respect of dipping into the real estate field. The project received this time was the development of a commercial district, which could be on par with the Wei corporate. Yan Yongan felt that receiving the project could have something to do with second master Wei. Once he thought so, he felt that the project absolutely had to be done well for second master Wei to sit up and take notice of him.

Since the finalization of the project began, Yan Yongan had been working back and forth for a week before he could take a breather. Just as he was done heaving that breath, Yan Qi’s class teacher called to ask why Yan Qi still hadn't gone to school and why her calls weren't able to get through. The class teacher had always liked Yan Qi, an honour student who was excellent in conduct and learning. He was already in his senior year. With him missing school for so long, she was worried that something had happened to him.

Yan Yongan was still somewhat dazed after picking up the phone. He quickly reacted and assured the class teacher that Yan Qi would be returning to school soon, and then hung up.

The anger which had been suppressed due to busyness once again blew up. He had to take in a good number of deep breaths to hold it in. “That vile spawn. First, he doesn’t go home, now he doesn’t go to school either — He’s absolutely lawless!”

Yuan Wenyu’s face changed, and she immediately came up to pat Yan Yongan’s back to mollify him, “What’s wrong? What made you so angry?”

Yuan Wenyu’s appeasement instead gave Yan Yongan a channel to vent and his anger deepened rather than lessen, “Who else could it be? Who else could it be other than that vile spawn, Yan Qi? His class teacher called and said he hasn’t been going to school. I actually didn’t know about it at all. Now I find that this vile spawn is inherently defiant to his bones, the obedience in the past must have been faked. Last week, I personally went to find him and was actually chased away by him. He doesn’t even put me, his father, in his eyes anymore. A small temple like the Yan House has no room for a big Buddha like him.”

Listening to Yan Yongan’s obviously sarcastic tone, Yuan Wenyu’s expression instantly became gentler, “Yongan, Qiqi is still a child, what are you doing bickering with him? You are his father, wait until he suffers hardship outside, he’ll know sooner or later that everything you do is for his own good.”

Yan Yang had not gone to school for this period of time because of his foot injury. After hearing his dad’s angry voice downstairs, he came out of his room and laid down on the second floor to listen in on his parents’ conversation below, immediately showing a malicious look when he heard them talking about Yan Qi.

He still wanted to know what was going on, so he kept silent and listened.

Soothed by Yuan Wenyu’s soft voice, Yan Yongan’s emotions calmed down a lot. More importantly, he remembered the importance second master Wei had attached to Yan Qi. Although he was not sure how long this favor would hold, at least for the moment, Yan Qi still held some weight in second master Wei’s heart. He wanted to endeavor his seemingly possessed son to return home as soon as possible.

—— How could a docile son who suddenly seemed to not put anything in his eyes not seem possessed in Yan Yongan’s eyes?

Despite the consolation, Yan Yongan was still feeling rather uneasy and sneered, “Suffers hardship? What hardship can he possibly suffer from? He isn’t lacking money one bit. It had all been given to him by his grandfather and mother. He was staying at a five-star hotel when I went to find him, living a far more comfortable life than anyone else.”

He won’t mention it anymore. If he said any more, he would blow a fuse again. He was clearly only a young teenager but he had so much money on him, money which he couldn’t manage for him at that. This made him indignant and he found it unbearable.

Yuan Wenyu’s face turned fierce. She never knew about this. In her eyes, the Yan family already belonged to her son. The more Yan Qi had, the less her son would get. Anyhow, she would not go along with this.

Yuan Wenyu reckoned that an amount that could make Yan Yongan say was a lot must be a large sum of money. She had been kept by Yan Yongan for so many years, and she had indeed not been lacking in the food and clothing department, but the amount in total spent on her had never gone past a million.

“This won’t do. I have to go back to the hotel. This time, I will bring Yan Qi home no matter what.” Feeling agitated was feeling agitated, but Yan Yongan still had to do what he had to do.

Yuan Wenyu quickly held him down and persuaded him, “If you want Qiqi to come home, can’t you just make a phone call? There’s no need to go in person. You are his father, where else would there be fathers who have to repeatedly ask their sons to come home?”

Those words spoke to the apex of Yan Yongan’s heart, however, “My calls simply can’t get through to that stinky boy. If his phone isn’t off, then he must’ve blacklisted me. If I don’t go in person, I’m sure I won’t be able to find him.”

Yuan Wenyu immediately showed surprise. She understood Yan Qi’s character very well. One could say she specifically studied it. He was just an ordinary teenager who, other than having a good family background and good grades, was nothing special. His personality was also very bright. Even if he was sad because of his mother’s death, he would not have become disregardful of his father whom he had always admired all of a sudden, right?

So, he should be kicking up a fuss because of her, isn’t he?!

The gears in her head turned rapidly. Yuan Wenyu quickly regained her gentle appearance and asked in a seemingly unintentional manner, “Why are you suddenly so anxious to get him back? Since he's living and eating well outside, let him relax and maybe he’ll come back by himself after he’s readjusted?”


Yan Yongan’s expression froze. His eyes stopped on Yuan Wenyu’s face for a moment, then from out of nowhere, he gave a long sigh.

Before she could ask, he told Yuan Wenyu the matter of seeing Yan Qi and second master Wei together the other day. Afterwards, he hesitated for a while and finally said, “There’s one more important matter that I think I should tell you.”

This woman had been with him for nearly twenty years, and now, he had even taken her home. He should consult with her on such a huge matter.

Yuan Wenyu sensed that his tone was grave and her expression also turned solemn.

She, of course, knew who second master Wei was. She had specially studied the elite circle of the imperial capital and even looked for opportunities to break into the social circles of upper-class women. That way, not only could she elevate her status, this could also help Yan Yongan to trust her more, killing two birds with one stone. Unfortunately, she had no social connections and those noblewomen simply couldn’t stand the sight of her.

In her eyes, a character such as second master Wei could hold up the heavens. She was not qualified to even meet him. How in the world did Yan Qi obtain such a connection? Why was it not her son who got this stroke of luck? She was gnashing her teeth in hatred in her heart but she couldn’t reveal it on the surface.

Yan Yongan did not know about the twists and turns in Yuan Wenyu’s heart. He waved away the servants and the steward in the living room then held her hand in his, saying slowly and in humiliation, “You also know about that I married into the family at the beginning. I’m afraid that old man had never trusted me very much. Though I held a position in the company, I didn’t have any shares. They were always under Wenyan’s name and after Wenyan passed away, she transferred the shares to Yan Qi. As long as Yan Qi reaches the age of 20, the shares will all belong to him. Yan Qi doesn’t know about this yet at present.”

Yuan Wenyu almost couldn’t control her expression after listening to him. Fortunately, she pressed it down by the virtue of her willpower but her heart was turned upside down. If this had gone on, wouldn’t the three of them, mother and children, have been kept in the dark about everything?

On the second floor, the look on Yan Yang’s face also became distorted. The things he thought for certain he had in the bag, turned out to not belong to him at all. This fact made his mentality change dramatically in an instant and he almost couldn't contain his temper and shout out, but he knew this wasn't the right moment.

After his gaze fell on his mom, he calmed down even quicker. He knew his mom surely wouldn’t let things lie.

Reality proved him right. Yuan Wenyu’s brain turned faster than ever before. After a short silence, she flashed Yan Yongan a bitter smile, “You also know that following you had never been about the money for me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have followed you for nearly twenty years without a title and raise a pair of son and daughter for you. I know I shouldn’t say that, but for your sake, I should give you a reminder.”

Yan Yongan felt touched and a little proud too. This woman wouldn't have done this if she didn't love him to the bones. Thus, he also treated Yuan Wenyu very sincerely. At her words, he tightened the hand in his hold a little more, “If you have anything to say, just say it straight. What distance should us, husband and wife, still have between us?”

Yuan Wenyu took in a deep breath and showed a ‘throwing caution to the wind’ attitude, “According to what you said, Qiqi being on friendly terms with second master Wei should be a good thing. But the misunderstandings Qiqi has towards you is too deep at the moment. If it continues on this way, and Qiqi borrows second master Wei’s power to take all the company’s shares after he grows up, what will you do? Qiqi is young after all, I think the company can only grow in your hands. Do you think I am being too narrow-minded?”

Yan Yongan looked stunned. As if the fog in front of him had been lifted, his mind was clearer than it had ever been.

Previously, he only thought of the benefits to be gained with Yan Qi having a good friendship with second master Wei. How could he have forgotten to consider the issue involving the shares? If it were not for Yuan Wenyu’s sudden reminder, he feared he wouldn’t have thought so much. After thinking it through, he quivered, his whole body almost covered in cold sweat.

So, that was to say, keeping Yan Qi away from second master Wei was the right decision. The most important thing was holding the company in his grasp!

Peeking up at him, Yuan Wenyu looked at him with some hesitation, as if afraid he was angry at her. Yan Yongan replied with a rare gentle tone, “No, you’re just thinking of me. I will take this all to heart.”

Only then did Yuan Wenyu smile, her heart also feeling relieved.

Luckily, she had made the right bet and had enough understanding of Yan Yongan. Now, he would definitely take some action and she was certain that he would consult in these matters with her in the future. She must think of a way to help Yan Yongan take back the shares from Yan Qi.

The two husband and wife were perfect together.

Hao Ritian had no clue that he was being thought of. While he was enjoying himself, he did not forget about Wei Lin. After all, he had promised the little fellow that he would find him when he was free, and he could not go back on his word, even if it was just a little child.

So on Friday, he specially went to Wei Lin’s kindergarten to pick him up after school and after notifying Wei Zhichen, took Wei Lin with him to play.

He did not put on any airs and played very freely. Wei Lin was so happy being together with him that he was practically about to ascend to the heavens. So, when Yan Qi wanted to send him back to the mansion, he stuck onto Hao Ritian, clinging to him like dog skin plaster.

“Brother Yan, I don’t want to go back. Can I be with you?” Wei Lin pleaded pitifully for himself.

Hao Ritian pinched his little buttocks, “No can do.”

Wei Lin stared at him with watery eyes, giving him the puppy eyes.

Hao Ritian found himself unable to resist, and noticing him giving in, Wei Lin blinked and pursed his lips, selling meng, “Brother Yan, go home with me, okay? It’s not only me who misses you, second uncle misses you too.”

Because second uncle would occasionally mention brother Yan to him—something that had never happened before—he decided that second uncle also missed brother Yan. This was absolutely not a lie.

Hao Ritian’s face froze. Thinking about it, he had been thirsty for quite a while. He really missed that face and figure of Wei Zhichen’s that suited his appetite. Of course, what he missed the most was still his dog waist, which was particularly energetic when doing the you-know-what.

Thinking that he should reward himself, Hao Ritian no longer refused and headed to the mansion with Wei Lin. It made Wei Lin so happy that he held onto his neck and wouldn’t let go.

As for Wei Zhichen, he had no intention of rejecting Hao Ritian’s arrival. He similarly missed Hao Ritian’s boldness in bed, and during the nights of the two days he stayed in the mansion, he fed him till he was full while he ate his fill too.

Apart from communicating in bed, they occasionally talked about topics of interest to both of them out of bed. They were neither overly friendly nor overly indifferent. They were satisfied with the status quo.

After letting loose for two days and returning to the hotel again, Hao Ritian felt like a salted fish. He felt that Wei Zhichen’s strength was way too good, and his technique seemed to be improving rapidly too. It almost made him wasted.

It was at this moment that Yan Yongan came to his door again.

Hao Ritian, who accidentally let the person in, was depressed because he felt that his brain circuit wasn’t the same as Yan Yongan’s. They could not communicate normally. He didn't want to come into contact with this moron other than for his plans.

Not to mention that he needed time to recover his vigor and didn’t have the energy to deal with the moron.

Who would have expected Yan Yongan to have become a whole other person when he came this time. Not to mention smiling amiably, he also didn’t shout at him and spoke to him in a gentle voice.

For example, now.

“Qiqi, your class teacher called me, asking when were you going to school. Are you not planning to continue your studies? Are you still mad at dad? Your mom has already passed away and your dad is old, isn’t it good for auntie Yuan to take care of me together with you by being with dad? Even if your auntie Yuan marries in, dad is still your dad and you are still my son. This will never change. Dad was at fault before, and will apologize to you. Won’t you forgive dad and come home with me?”

Hao Ritian felt like he was seeing a ghost in broad daylight. Yan Yongan, with that arrogant personality of his, would set aside his airs to apologize to him?

But it was impossible for what was happening before his eyes to be a hallucination.

His eyes narrowed and he covered up the emotions in his eyes. He soon had a plan.

“As long as that woman is still at home, I will never go back.” Because his head was stuffed under the pillow, his voice was somewhat muffled. Although his tone was still very strong, it carried over a sense of grievance in it.

That slice of grievance was captured by Yan Yongan and he sighed in relief immediately. Thinking, sure enough, this son still cared about him. The disobedience before was only to grab his attention, a boy at his age will still do as he is told. What Wenyu said is absolutely right.

He took away the pillow covering Hao Ritian’s head and said with some embarrassment, “Qiqi, your auntie Yuan has already married me and is now dad’s legal wife, how can she not live with dad?”

He was not as angry as before towards Hao Ritian addressing Yuan Wenyu as ‘that woman’ and instead tried to reason with him.

Hao Ritian stubbornly glowered, the corners of his eyes red while he stared unwaveringly at Yan Yongan, silently expressing his insistence.

System, “Host, you’ve finally remembered to do the task. Congratulations, your performance isn’t half bad.”

Hao Ritian only had one word, “Behave!”

Of course he won’t forget to do the task. Moreover, returning to the Yan house was inevitable, how else would he seamlessly leak his sexual orientation for Yuan Wenyu to set a trap for him?

This period of tossing about was, one, for the sake of his enjoyment, and second, in order to show his attitude. He wasn't going to compromise while being wronged like Yan Qi. As long as Yan Yongan wanted the Yan family’s equity shares, he would have to calm him down. For a case in point, hadn’t Yan Yongan personally come to request him back?

He was sure that Yuan Wenyu had definitely partaken in this idea.

He was really looking forward to going back and crossing swords with this family.

Yan Yongan looked at Hao Ritian’s stubborn look and pinched his brows. He pondered for a long time, and reached out to touch Hao Ritian's hair which was a mess from lying on the bed. Finally, he breathed a long sigh, “You see, your auntie Yuan is dad’s wife, it certainly isn’t possible for her to live outside but dad will not wrong you. Dad will make her do her utmost to not appear in your presence. Out of sight, out of mind. Dad has compromised for you, can you think for dad, too?”
Facing his sincere eyes, Hao Ritian’s expression unknowingly relaxed a lot, but still, he asked as though to verify, “When eating, she also can’t be with me, is that right?”

It was as if only this way could he safeguard his rights and interests.

Yan Yongan paused before answering, “Yes.”

This was only temporary anyway. He would have to wrong Yuan Wenyu for a while first. He assumed that with Wenyu’s gentleness, she would be able to quickly remove his son’s ill-feelings. At that time, his son would get closer with Wenyu on his own accord and everything would be solved. Yan Yongan thought of it as a matter of course. Taking his son home first was the right thing to do, Wenyu will surely understand him.

With Yan Yongan’s guarantee, Hao Ritian finally left the presidential suite and followed him home.

Before the father and son entered the house, Yan Yongan suddenly gave Yuan Wenyu a call, telling her to stay in her room for a while and to not come out. Only after that did he bring Hao Ritian into the house.


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