Sickness Chapter 7

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1.7   Second master Wei’s fan

Before he followed Wei Zhichen into the box, Hao Ritian had the attendant at the hallway return to his post in the lobby, and let the waiter who served him before return and do his own thing, also giving away the opened bottle of red wine to him.

After issuing his commands, he followed behind Wei Zhichen into the box.

The moment the door of the box was pushed open, a voice wailing like a ghost and howling like a wolf pierced his eardrums, giving Hao Ritian a headache and making him click his tongue in response. He gave a rough sweep of his eyes and saw a convivial man holding a microphone and howling. On the sofas on either side of him sat a number of impeccably attired ‘successful men’. There were around seven to eight people, consisting mostly of mature men in their thirties. They looked prestigious and had companions by their sides.

There were also a few older gents who appeared to be in their forties or fifties. They too were quite good-looking and gave off a scholarly businessman aura. Beside them, similarly sat people waiting on them, but who were at the very least, not too seedy. Food such as wine and fruits were spread out in front of them. Occasionally, they would be fed by the person next to them but more often, they were toasting to each other.

Hao Ritian locked his sight on Yan Yongan straight away. Although Yan Yongan was very much a scum in his eyes, he wasn't hard on the eyes. Even though he was middle aged, he still maintained himself and knew how to dress well. If that weren’t the case, he wouldn’t have caught mother Yan’s fancy at the beginning.

A young woman sat next to him. The woman looked gentle and soft, the same type as Yuan Wenyu, but much younger and fresher. Hao Ritian sneered—it looked like Yan Yongan was really into this type. Even when playing, he would choose these kinds.

Wei Zhichen opened the door and entered. The people in the box naturally looked over at him. The man singing also stopped. But just as he was about to speak, he saw Hao Ritian come out from behind Wei Zhichen. He was astonished and teased, “Yo, president Wei, where did this little beauty come from?”

He didn’t move the microphone in his hand away when he spoke. His voice was loud enough for everyone in the box to hear him crystal clear.

Like a shot, everyone’s eyes honed in on Hao Ritian.
This was the first time second master Wei had ever personally brought someone with him. Most of the people in the box were a part of the elite social circle of the imperial capital. They were very clear about his extreme fastidiousness. To be able to get him to bring him over himself, this feat alone was enough to garner sidelong glances at him.

Among them, Yan Yongan’s eyeballs were about to pop out from staring. His hands shook and he spilled some red wine. Luckily for him, no one was paying attention to him at that moment.

However, his eyes were dead set on the youth standing next to second master Wei. It was that damned son of his who bolted after making a scene at home the previous day. He paid a large price to come here today. Even though most of the people here were a lot younger than him, and he had to act like a grandson in front of them, he was nevertheless happy that he could be here; this was a great opportunity to expand his connections. So long as he appeared before these big figures, would he still be troubled about whether he could do business?

So he had been walking on eggshells all night, afraid that he would provoke someone, yet enduring this hardship gladly.
But never in his wildest dreams would he imagine seeing his eldest son in a place like this—and for his son to be with second master Wei, no less. It was second master Wei, one of the most important figures in the empire. Those in the box were also definitely proud sons of the heavens, how did his damn useless son manage to obtain a connection with the other party?

Wei Zhichen had already led Hao Ritian to a seat by then. Hao Ritian was not repulsed from being referred to as a little beauty. No matter how frivolous that address seemed, he completely took it as the other person complimenting him. Master Hao only listened to what he wanted to hear and understood what he wanted to understand.

Right now, he was playing a teenager who hasn’t seen much of the world and is somewhat overly cautious and docile. He liked this challenge.

As for Yan Yongan, he simply disregarded him like shit which he would even abhor for dirtying his shoes when stepped on.

Too bad he wanted to ignore somebody, but a certain somebody wouldn't necessarily ignore him. Yan Yongan saw that second master Wei held a pretty good attitude towards Yan Q, and inwardly thought that this was a great chance for the Yan family he seized to scale to new heights.
After steadying his thoughts, he shot Hao Ritian an affectionate but helpless look, “Qiqi, how come you aren’t saying hello to dad? Are you still mad at dad?”

The moment his words left his mouth, the people in the box were in an immediate uproar.

The man who just sang had put the microphone down and was sitting opposite to Wei Zhichen. Hearing his words, he raised his eyebrows and looked at Yan Yongan, “This little beauty is president Yan’s son?”

Like Wei Zhichen, he called them both by president, but the weight they carried were tremendously different. You could tell just by listening to the man’s casual tone, the difference in how he treated Wei Zhichen and Yan Yongan.

This was the first time this president Xiao had spoken to him since entering this box. The club here was owned by this president Xiao. The Xiao family was likewise one of the super families in the imperial capital, and the capital only had five super families in total. One could imagine the weight they all possessed.

Once he heard president Xiao addressing him, Yan Yongan mustered all his strength to restrain himself from being too hasty. He knew these young masters of illustrious families didn't look well on those who rushed over with ulterior motives, as they felt that their status would be lowered. Don't merely look at the fact that Yan Yongan was a scumbag. He was quite thoroughgoing when it came to business and interpersonal relations.
He put down his wine glass to express respect, but also sent a helpless look towards Hao Ritian who had his head bowed and wasn't looking at him. He sighed, “Is he not? Just yesterday, he quarreled with me and ran away, and didn’t come home that night. I was so worried that I was livid. I didn’t expect him to be with president Wei. My mind has been put to ease now.”

Hao Ritian gave no indication on how disgusted he was by this louse and bowed his head, lest he couldn’t resist revealing his dislike. He could not be more clear about how Yan Yongan treated Yan Qi. Yesterday, he was still raging and scolding him, and if he hadn’t acted fast enough, he would have been slapped. Now, that single ‘Qiqi’ he uttered nearly gave him goosebumps. He had always called him by his full name. For him to play the helpless and loving father as he faced his naughty son even now, the thickness of that mug of his was really incomparable.

If not for fearing that he would sabotage his later plans, he would have splashed the red wine on the table on Yan Yongan's face.

Before president Xiao could reply, Wei Zhichen put a hand on Hao Ritian’s shoulder and scoffed at president Xiao, “Don’t talk nonsense. Yan Qi helped Wei Lin out yesterday. Wei Lin likes him a lot and I’m very grateful to him.”
Everyone turned silent for a moment when they heard him say grateful. To get second master Wei's gratitude, regardless if it was true or not, they had to be more polite on the surface.

Hao Ritian secretly rolled his eyes. He must be very grateful, so grateful that he served him all night yesterday.

Yan Yongan sucked in a cold breath, a little restless in his excitement. This meant second master Wei was satisfied with Yan Qi. Then, as long as he developed a good relationship with second master Wei’s side later on, would there still be a need to butter up to others?

The expression in his eyes when he looked at Yan Qi instantly heated up. This son has finally done something good for once. It hadn’t been in vain for him to raise him with brocade garments and jade meals for so long.

With Wei Zhichen speaking up, the following scene became a bit more lively. President Xiao showed great enthusiasm and wanted to have a cup with Hao Ritian but was unfortunately blocked by Wei Zhichen.

The reason: Can’t drink with strangers. Pass the fruit tray to him for him to eat fruits.

The stranger, president Xiao, “…”
Xiao Yu cluck his tongue in wonder with what he saw. Originally, with his identity, he totally wouldn't place Hao Ritian with the way he was, in his radar. However he gave Wei Zhichen a lot of face; since Wei Zhichen said he was grateful to him, he will treat it like he was truly grateful.

Hao Ritian really seemed like a simple youth. He sat by Wei Zhichen’s side, sipping juice and eating some fruits. When someone came up to talk to him, he would smile shyly. He seemed very obedient.

Wei Zhichen occasionally looked at him somewhat meaningfully, but didn't tear through his disguise.

Yan Yongan who had been treated like part of the backdrop the whole time also borrowed Yan Qi’s fortune, and someone would come have a cup and chat with him once in a while. It made Yan Yongan overwhelmed with favor and proud at the same time, but on the surface, he was very humble. The whole box room was filled with a harmonious and happy atmosphere.

Until the door of the box was knocked.

The people disturbed were displeased, but Xiao Yu’s face brightened and he took the initiative to open the door and let the knocker in. It was Tang Qi who had been singing on stage at the hall earlier.
Unwittingly, Tang Qi’s one hour performance had ended.

Tang Qi’s reputation in the entertainment circle was indeed awfully resounding. In addition to Hao Ritian, an outsider, half of the people in the box recognized his face. Not to mention, amongst them, three had entertainment companies under their banner. A first-line popular singer like Tang Qi was a pillar-like existence in his company.

They were still quite respectful when seeing Tang Qi and greeted him. Xiao Yu, however, smiled a little mysteriously and pushed Tang Qi to Zhichen. He squinted his eyes, “President Wei, little Tang is your fan. I had to bask in your light a whole lot to invite him to my club and celebrate today.”

Everyone merely listened to his words. They were all well aware that, with Xiao Yu’s social standing, let alone a first-line singer, he may not necessarily place a superstar in his eyes.

But Tang Qi naturally and gracefully faced Wei Zhichen, pursing his lips up in a smile, “It should be me who is honoured to meet President Wei. I came from the same university as president Wei’s. Only, when I entered, president Wei had graduated already. But I’ve seen president Wei’s photo in the school’s wall of honour and oftentimes see president Wei in financial magazines too. Teachers frequently used president Wei as an example to us and many students in our grade worshiped president Wei very much. If they knew I met president Wei in person, they would surely envy me to death.”
He looked at Wei Zhichen with idolization in his eyes, like he was really a fan who saw his idol.

The box was very quiet at that moment.

Everyone’s sight landed on Tang Qi and Hao Ritian with no intention of covering it up. They looked back and forth with indescribable implication.

However, Hao Ritian, as if he hadn’t noticed, ate what he should eat and drank what he should drink. He popped a strawberry into his mouth, chewed it without any hurry and swallowed it down. Afterwards, he took a sip of mango juice. Happy as can be. It made Yan Yongan who was watching wish he could charge at him and give him a slap. He was so lucky to follow president Wei’s side, so he should play up to him and catch him. Now, there was somebody who wanted to snatch his position and still, he wasn’t concerned. He didn’t have the strength to watch on.

Maybe because Yan Yongan’s eyes were too hot, or maybe the silence in the box was too distinct, Hao Ritian finally looked up. His expression was a little confused, as if he didn’t know why everybody stopped talking all of a sudden. He turned his head to look at Wei Zhichen, his eyes asking for help.

The corner of Wei Zhichen’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch, he sure knows how to act!

End of Chapter 7



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