Sickness Chapter 18

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1.18  With the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning

The company’s senior executives had long been informed and had already rushed to the conference room. Apart from the empty spot at the head of the table, the seats on either side were nearly full, including Yan Yongan’s.

Hao Ritian’s move had completely disrupted his plan. He had planned to discuss the issue of the shares with his son today. As a result, his son didn’t return home for the night and went directly to the company today, even convening a meeting as the chairman of the board. He was wholeheartedly unhappy and it reflected in his complexion.

In the previous year or so’s time, Yuan Wenyu also obtained a position in the company as an average manager. Borrowing her identity as the president’s wife, she was in the meeting as well, sitting by Yan Yongan’s side. With her mediocre position in the company, it was actually inappropriate for her to be allowed in the meeting, but how could Yuan Wenyu pass up this chance to advertise her status?! 

Many in the company secretly considered her an eyesore, which Yuan Wenyu regarded as envy towards her. But at the moment, she was somewhat restless. What was Yan Qi planning to do by coming to the company right after gaining the shares?

The more she ruminated, the more flustered she became. Yuan Wenyu clenched her teeth so hard, she almost shattered them. If she knew this would happen, she would have arranged an accident for Yan Qi a long time ago. The result couldn’t be any worse than it was now; serving him like an ancestor for so long to no effect.

The director of the Human Resources department was a quintessence woman in her thirties. She had extraordinary abilities, and was able to sit in her position through her own efforts. She had never looked well upon Yuan Wenyu who relied on nepotism. In particular, what further discontented her was that Yuan Wenyu exploited her status to give a lot of positions to her maternal family. But since there was the president’s pressure from above, she could do nothing about it.

She was happy to see Yuan Wenyu’s current unpleasant complexion. A smile couldn’t help forming on her face, and she even sneered with ridicule. Although the sound wasn’t loud, Yuan Wenyu still heard it and it made her heart burn fiercer.

The other senior executives were also speaking in hushed tones and looking at the time. It was almost nine o’clock—the time the chairman had decided. Just then, the door to the conference room opened, and Hao Ritian, along with his assistant steadily strolled in.

His tall figure, calm temperament and the reserved look in his eyes caused many of those who were meeting the chairman for the first time to be stunned. They had believed him to be just a young boy still wet behind the ears; but didn’t expect him to be completely different from what they had imagined. Although his face still seemed quite young, his charisma was enough to make up for it.

There were also quite a few people eyeing Hao Ritian’s assistant with perplexity. The assistant of the chairman looked rather familiar. It was Ge Hong, the head of the marketing department, while wearing a look of astonishment, exposed his identity with a shout, “Heavenly King Tang?”

This was clearly Tang Qi, the Heavenly Singing King, who’d still been active in the singing circle a year ago before suddenly disappearing without a trace. How did he become their chairman’s assistant?  

His daughter was King Tang’s die-hard fan. Everyday at home, she would clamour about how handsome, how gentle King Tang was, and even had a lot of posters of him stuck on the walls of her room. Under his daughter’s influence, he had a pretty deep impression of King Tang and definitely wouldn’t mistake him.

Ge Hong was too surprised, so he didn’t lower his voice. And since the conference room had become particularly quiet due to Hao Ritian’s appearance, Ge Hong’s three words were heard loud and clear by everyone. Oh great, those who were just thinking that the chairman’s assistant looked familiar suddenly saw the light. No wonder. Just a year ago, he’d been frequently conducting concerts. Even if they weren’t familiar with him, there would still be some impression. If not for his sudden disappearance, they wouldn’t have failed to recognize him at first sight.

“It really is that Heavenly Singer Tang!”

The atmosphere among the senior executives became strange due to this incident. Not only because of Tang Qi’s identity, but more from the fact that Tang Qi became their chairman’s assistant. Didn’t this mean the chairman had made preparations long before inheriting his shares?

Otherwise, it would be impossible for a boy who had just received most of the company’s shares to convene a meeting on the second day, and even bring his own personal assistant. No matter how you looked at it, didn’t it seem like he made an all-out effort?!

Hao Ritian didn’t mind the measuring gazes and strode to the head seat. Tang Qi pulled his chair out for him, and didn’t react or change just because he was recognised. Hao Ritian sat down without a word and rapped the back of his index finger on the table.

This simple repetitive sound seemed to knock everyone’s hearts. The few who were still talking in whispers subconsciously stopped, their eyes all focusing on the chairman sitting at the head of the table.

Hao Ritian placed his arms lightly on the table and swept his eyes over all the people present, pausing a moment longer on Yan Yongan and Yuan Wenyu. Immediately after, he whispered, “I’ll cut to the chase. I am Yan Qi, the Yan company’s new chairman. Some may face job transfers in the company within the next few days. I hope everyone can do their jobs well.”

Many exchanged glances at this direct and powerful announcement, and many more became nervous inside. They felt that the chairman’s intensity was alarming. 

Some panicked, others rebelled.

But the instant the first to resist spoke up, he was interrupted by Hao Ritian’s raised hand. He didn’t say anything after interrupting. He laid back in his chair and closed his eyes, lifting a finger to signal Tang Qi. Tang Qi, who received his go-ahead, immediately opened one of the documents he had on hand and started reading out.

“Yuan Cheng, deputy of the logistics department…” His voice was gentle but the content he read out caused Yuan Cheng’s countenance to stiffen up. The others were as silent as cicadas in late autumn. The content spoken were all evidence of Yuan Cheng taking advantage of his position for personal gain.

Once Tang Qi finished reading, the whole conference room had gone silent. All eyes fell on Hao Ritian who had his eyes closed. They were forced to admit that this initial show of strength made them realize that this chairman wasn’t simple.

In this silence, Hao Ritian opened his eyes and casually glanced at Yuan Cheng, saying as if by the way, “You won’t need to come back to work starting from tomorrow. You’re dismissed.”  

Instantly, Yuan Cheng collapsed on his seat. His eyes subconsciously looked toward Yuan Wenyu for help. Not just Yuan Cheng, quite a few were looking at Yuan Wenyu too. Everyone knew that this deputy of the logistics department was Yuan Wenyu’s older cousin, her relative. If not for Yuan Wenyu, it would be a pipe dream for Yuan Cheng to sit on the deputy’s position.

Though the Yan company was only considered a third-rate family compared to big influential families, its company had become listed in the stock markets a long time ago and opened several branch companies. It wasn’t an overestimation to call it a big business at all. The company’s market value was worth hundreds of millions. Working as the deputy of the company’s logistics department was more respectable than being the president of an average company.

Yuan Wenyu could feel the mockery and contempt contained in eyes looking at her. Her whole face stiffened. She wanted to plead leniency for her cousin but couldn’t open her mouth. She thought it was disgraceful to plead to her stepson, and at the same time, was worried that she would be the next to be dismissed once she spoke up.

She was panic-stricken now. She felt like Yan Qi was completely out of her control, and that his friendliness towards her before was all an act. She felt cold-sweat run down her back as this thought crossed her mind.

Her mouth opened, then closed. She shut her eyes and decided not to care about her cousin.

Yuan Cheng couldn’t get his cousin to plead for leniency. He instantly sank down.  

In the following period, Tang Qi’s gentle voice was like the deliverer of death. Everyone feared the next name to be read would be theirs. Only after the meeting ended did they realize that those directly sacked were cancers of the company. People who weren’t honest but occupied high positions. Dismissing them not only wouldn’t affect the company badly, it might even be good for it.

The chairman’s methods, which were as powerful as thunder and as quick as lightning, left a deep impression in their hearts. No one dared to underestimate him again due to his young age, and instead speculated and worried that they had caught the chairman’s eye.

He obviously had a lot of understanding about the company’s state of affairs to have made this kind of decision on the first day of taking office itself. Such capability was more than sufficient for his young age.

After the meeting, many secretly complimented Yan Yongan for having such a good son. The company would surely thrive under his leadership. Yan Yongan had no choice but to raise his spirits and respond, smiling so much that his face turned stiff. 

Hao Ritian, as the chairman, was already sitting in his office. This was the biggest office in the building and had good daylight and interiors. Hao Ritian thought it was acceptable and didn’t make any changes.

Tang Qi was overwhelmed with emotions. Hao Ritian’s great momentum in the meeting just now had thoroughly convinced him, and made him feel pretty cool too. But still, he was a little worried, “Chairman Yan, today is your first day taking over the company. Wouldn’t performing too strongly offend the senior executives?”

Hao Ritian twirled the pen in his hand, his expression careless. He laughed when he heard him, and sarcastically replied, “Offend? You’re thinking too much. Those senior executives value their self-interest more. The people who were dismissed were nothing much. Following this, people who deserve it will be promoted or demoted, and those who should be transferred will be transferred. I am the biggest decision-maker in this company, that is the biggest drive.”

He would not treat the ones with true ability badly, but instead maximise their benefits. As for the incompetent, he wouldn’t feel reluctant even if he let them all go.

Tang Qi wasn’t worried anymore after that. A year ago, he would have never expected to be so convinced by Hao Ritian, someone who was much younger than him and the teenager he thought to be second master Wei’s little lover to actually turn out to be the biggest shareholder of the Yan company. But after getting to know him, he was completely won over. 

Hao Ritian’s eyes stopped at Tang Qi and he recalled how they came to understand each other. The first time they met was at the Eminent Gentlemen. Back then, Tang Qi professed himself to be Wei Zhichen’s fan. Later on, meeting again was by accident, this time related to the rotten side of the entertainment circle. To cut it short, Tang Qi wished to have a successful career and after some assessment, Hao Ritian wisened up to the fact that Tang Qi was actually a pretty capable person. He realised that Tang Qi being a singer was actually neglecting his talents, so he came up with the idea of assigning him a high position and training him.

They arranged a meet and both sides reached an agreement. Tang Qi retired from show business and became his assistant. Hao Ritian didn’t mistreat him and gave him opportunities to develop his abilities. He wouldn’t obstruct him even if he came across better opportunities in the future.

The office door swung open without a knock, and Yan Yongan came in with a pissed look on his face. Though he curbed it somewhat when he saw Tang Qi’s presence, you could still tell that he was very upset. Hao Ritian smiled. Sure enough, he came. 

He waved to Tang Qi, “Go first. Familiarize yourself with the work at hand as soon as possible. If there’s something you don’t understand, consult with the secretary department and the assistant department. If you can’t solve it, come find me.”

Tang Qi looked at Yan Yongan’s face. He wasn’t worried about Hao Ritian’s inability to handle this, and was actually sympathetic towards Yan Yongan. In any case, don’t let the chairman twist your knickers. He nodded, then withdrew from the office and closed the door.

Once the door shut with a click, only the father and son were left in the office and the air became fraught with hostility.



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