Target Chapter 15

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Target Chapter 15

Muxi was a famous cultural town. Apart from its hot springs, there were monuments such as the Stele Forest[1] and Taoist Temple. It was a place for leisure, healing, and tourism.

The two of them arrived in the afternoon. Completed with lunch and drinks, Lu Ze asked: “Are you tired, how about soaking in the hot springs...”

"I'm not tired. I want to see more monuments," Xiang Han Immediately shook his head. For people like him who were from an interstellar dimension, things like history held a great deal of mystery.

Lu Ze’s mouth slightly twitched, and after footing the bill, he said, "Okay, then we’ll visit those places first." He did not believe Xiang Han would not be tired after visiting these places.

Approaching the Stele Forest, Xiang Han could not help but wonder: “Is that pattern a word? Looks really pretty.” Then he asked the system: [Little Nine, did the people in the past not have paper and pencil?]

The system who was conscientiously scanning and collecting information, replied back absent-mindedly: [This is a cultural treasure, it has nothing to do with paper and pen.]

Lu Ze was amused and casually said: “If you like it, you can learn to trace it (on paper).”

"Not carve?"

"Where will we find so many stones for you to practise carving?"

After visiting the marvels, Xiang Han was truly exhausted, and when they arrived at the hot springs, he no longer held himself back. Finding an empty pool, Xiang Han jumped in and gave a comfortable groan.

Lu Ze wore a bathrobe and walked towards him. Bending down, he flicked some water on Xiang Han’s face and laughed, "Do you know what kind of pool this is?"

Xiang Han wiped his face and glared at him: "What type is it?"

Lu Ze smirked: "It’s the Motherwort herb hot springs, designed specifically for women with menstruation and other healing properties ... ..."

"..." Xiang Han’s face suddenly turned green.

Lu Ze touched his head and said happily: "Nourish yourself and aim to give birth by next year..."

Xiang Han pushed his hand away and crawled out of the pool glumly. Carrying the plate of fruits, he went towards another pool.

Lu Ze laughed lightly for a while before following him in. Xiang Han’s fingers that were pinching the fruits paused as he stared at Lu Ze with vigilance: "What are you doing?"

"Soaking in the hot springs.” Lu Ze said as if it was the most natural thing to do, and then deliberately added: "This is an open-air pool, and there are many people in the distance. It can’t be that you want me to do something?"

Xiang Han face instantly turned red, shame flashing through his eyes as he carried the fruit plate further away.

Lu Ze did not say anything and closed his eyes to rest. Xiang Han glanced at him for a while before relaxing gradually. Once he ate a few pieces of fruits, a wave of drowsiness hit him and he could not help but close his eyes.

Nobody knew when Lu Ze approached him. Making sure that nobody was watching, he landed a kiss on Xiang Han’s lips. Afterwards, seeing that the cast on his arm was nearly stained with water, he lifted his arm up.

Coincidentally, Xiang Han opened his eyes to see Lu Ze in front of him. He was shocked, and lost his voice: "How are you here?"

Lu Ze lifted up his arm covered with plaster and said: “It’s almost touching the water already.”

“Oh.” Xiang Han raised his arms. Seeing that Lu Ze had no intentions of leaving, he simply got up and said: “I'm tired, going back first. You can take your time.”

Lu Ze laughed silently. Waiting for him to leave, he pinched a piece of fruit from the plate and also stood up to leave after eating.

When Xiang Han came out of the shower, he was surprised to see Lu Ze in his bed and nearly forgot how to speak.

Lu Ze saw him appear and tossed his cell phone aside. He said in an extremely natural tone, "Why are you standing there? Weren’t you tired?"

Xiang Han stammered: "You, why are you..."

Lu Ze smiled and said, "Our finances are tight, I only booked one room tonight."

After saying this, he reached out and pulled Xiang Han onto the bed. Xiang Han was momentarily unable to react and fell into his embrace. At the same time, his pyjamas came loose, and he almost crushed his right hand.

Lu Ze’s eyes gradually grew darker and his breathing became heavier. Xiang Han looked up and coincidentally met his gaze. He suddenly had a bad feeling and struggled to remind him, "I'm not completely healed yet."

Lu Ze turned his body and pushed him down, approaching slowly as he hoarsely said: "Be good, I’ll be gentle."

Xiang Han’s mind blanked as he tried to find an excuse: "No, I, I haven’t done any mental preparation."

Lu Ze said nothing, and gently captured his lips.

By the end of the kiss, their breathing was heavy, and Xiang Han’s face had already turned red, all the way up to his ears. Lu Ze chuckled and sucked on his ear lobe. His voice was low: "Don't be scared."

Xiang Han was already dizzy. Thinking about what small B said, he also felt that this was just a game, it was no big deal. He just had to pretend that he had a spring dream.

After completing sufficient mental preparation, he steeled his heart and clenched his teeth, as if he saw death as merely returning home[2]: "Alright!”

Then he tried to turn around and push Lu Ze down. Lu Ze looked at him for a moment and then smirked, "Baby, I think you made a mistake."

Right when he finished speaking, he pressed Xiang Han back down, not allowing him to resist. His voice was low, "You are hurt, such a strenuous task, let me do it."

"No, I'm not scared of being tired."

"But I will feel bad..."

Xiang Han struggled to flip him, but when he got up, Lu Ze would rub his head and push him back down.

The next day, Lu Ze got up early feeling refreshed. Xiang Han was rolling on the bed, chanting: "It’s a dream, it’s a dream ..."

[Mr. Xiang, how do you feel?] He did not know when the system came online.

[Cough, cough] Xiang Han choked on his saliva and guilty asked: [You censored everything last night?]

The system hesitated: [Mr. Dean…]

[Cough.] Big A suddenly interrupted them and said seriously: [Of course it was censored. Mr. Xiang, please don't question our professional ethics.]

[Really?] Thinking of the system's previous response, Xiang Han had his doubts.

[Okay,] Big A admitted: [I switched it off after a little delay, only heard two sentences...]

Xiang Han gritted his teeth: [What did you hear?]

[The part where you were discussing whether it will be tiring or not...]

Xiang Han was slightly annoyed: [Stop right there! If there is another time, I’m breaking my contract.]

Big A swore that this was definitely an accident, there would never be a next time, and then nosily asked: [Mr. Xiang, what do you think of Lu Ze?]

[What do you mean?] Xiang Han’s face was hot. He was asking even though he already knew the answer.

[Yes, such as, if there is such a person in reality...]

[Isn’t this virtual?] Xiang Han was stunned.

[Of course, it is.]

[Oh, you scared me] Xiang Han was relieved.

Big A: [...]

After breakfast, Lu Ze wanted to bring Xiang Han to the farm. Xiang Han glanced at him and said, "My back aches. Go by yourself."

Lu Ze heard this and his heart instantly soared. Backaches, did it not seem like Xiang Han was praising his prowess?

"It’s fine if we do not go," Lu Ze went over to massage him and said, "Let's take an afternoon nap, and then we'll go back."

"So early?"

"Do you want to stay for a few more nights here, then?" Lu Ze looked at him with a hidden meaning.

"I guess it’s fine." Xiang Han was still a little fearful.

However, at noon, Qian Xiaofeng suddenly called, his tone was a little flustered. After taking the call, there was no change in Lu Ze’s expression. He only apologized to Xiang Han. “I'm sorry, how about taking a nap in the car instead?”

Xiang Han immediately asked: "There’s been an accident at the company?"

"Yeah." Lu Ze nodded, and his mouth hooked up into a sneer: "They're moving."

On the way back, Xiang Han could not help but ask his system: [Little Nine, do you know what’s the situation?]

System: [Not long ago, some players made a police report, stating that after they downloaded the ‘Ten Thousand Worlds’ client[3], their computer suddenly had a virus and their data was completely destroyed. Now, the police are investigating Tianchen.]

[Is it really because of the game client?] Xiang Han was somewhat worried.

System: [The game client is fine, but Lu Ze's computer does have the source of the virus.]

[How could this happen?] Xiang Han’s heart tightened and he asked: [Has it been detected? Do you have a solution?]

[Not yet, but soon. Moreover, the target is clearly baiting the culprits of this matter[4]. We don't know what he plans to do, so I'm afraid it will not be good to intervene.] the System said.

[Oh.] Learning that Lu Ze had been prepared for a long time, Xiang Han was finally relieved.

However, there was no such situation in the original story. The only change was Sun Shuya. But why did he do it? Even if he liked Zhao Handong, there was no need to target Lu Ze. Once the crime of spreading the virus fell on his head, Lu Ze would be locked up.

Lu Ze could tell that he was worried and subconsciously patted Xiang Han’s hands and comforted him, "Don’t worry, I am prepared for this."

When they arrived at the company, the atmosphere was extremely tensed and the police were asking questions.

Seeing Lu Ze arrive, Qian Xiaofeng quickly pulled him aside when he saw that no one was paying attention and told him what happened. Sun Shuya stood next to him, his eyes were lowered, concealing his expression.

Lu Ze looked at him and did not speak until the police found the source of the virus. He suddenly said: "That computer is not connected to the Internet. I have been away recently and did not use it."

The police were stunned. Without an internet connection, how did the virus spread? Sun Shuya was also stunned. He was so anxious that he completely forgot about this.

Lu Ze then said: "Who were the ones affected by the virus? I will help them first, so as to not destroy the reputation of the game."

"Okay," The police agreed after considering for a moment.

Lu Ze quickly turned on the computer, keeping his eyes fixed on the screen and tapped rapidly on the keyboard.

Xiang Han could not understand anything, but he really wanted to help.

System: [I'll help.]

[Ah, then hurry up.] Xiang Han urged.

System: [Let me control your hand.]

Xiang Han: [Ah?]

One minute later, Xiang Han stared at his hand in shock. His left hand flew across the keyboard, leaving an after image, and even took a mouse halfway through. His speed had completely defeated Lu Ze.

He could not help but exclaim: "So amazing, so fast!"

Qian Xiaofeng and everyone from the Ministry of Technology: This man is not very humble, extremely shameless.

But it was really too amazing, they could only watch silently.

End of Chapter 15

[1] Stele Forest: Beilin museum in China with a 900 year historhy
[2] Saw death as merely returning home: an idiom to suggest XH was prepared to accept anything that will happen
[3] game client: if you are not familiar with games, it’s like a module but basically a file that contains the game
[4] there’s a saying that the person who tied the knot must be the one to untie it. Basically, the one who caused the problem has to solve it.

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Lu Ze: "Nourish yourself and aim to give birth by next year..."
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Xiang Han rolled on the bed, chanting: "It’s a dream, it’s a dream ..."

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