Target Chapter 16

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Target Chapter 16


As the most advanced combat system in the Federation, System 009 joined the battlefield to defeat the protagonist and write the code. Once it joined, Lu Ze was like a tiger with wings, becoming even more powerful. Not only did he solve the problem within a short time, he also found the source of the virus.
Half an hour later, the police rushed to Lushi Group. Lu Hai, the executive vice president of Lushi, was required to go to the police station for further investigation.
At the same time, Qian Xiaofeng took out a monitoring device and gave it to the police as evidence.
Everyone in the technical department was stunned. Sun Shuya was pale with disbelief. Looking at Lu Ze, his voice trembled, "You've been ... suspecting me?"
"You exposed yourself too easily," Lu Ze looked away calmly.
"No, it's not like this, it shouldn't be like this..." Sun Shuya shook his head non-stop and stared at Lu Ze. He couldn't accept this, "You obviously should have liked me, why has everything changed..."
The crowd immediately looked at each other and then at Lu Ze.
Lu Ze looked slightly displeased, "I don't understand what you are talking about."
Saying this, he subconsciously touched Xiang Han’s hand and looked at him with a hint of nervousness. When Sun Shuya saw this scene, unwillingness and despair flashed through his eyes.
Xiang Han was also stunned and asked the system: [Little- little nine. The situation seems to be a bit different from what you said.]
[But he was really plotting against the target’s company. This is also a kind of ‘love’. Humankind's feelings are really complicated] The system also could not figure it out.
Once Sun Shuya was taken away, people from the technical department dispersed.
The crowd could not help but sigh in relief. Qian Xiaofeng looked at Xiang Han up and down and whispered: "Assistant, you really hid deeply. Do you have any interest in  joining our technical department?"
Lu Ze immediately stood between them. When he saw that Xiang Han was silent, he suddenly panicked. He hurriedly pulled him into the next room and carefully explained, “Don’t listen to Sun Shuya’s nonsense. Apart from work, I rarely interacted with him..."

"En, I know," Xiang Han nodded.
Lu Ze breathed a sigh of relief, but when he thought about it carefully, he also felt as if  something was wrong. He slowly asked, "Aren't you angry?"
"Not angry," Xiang Han shook his head.
Lu Ze was strangely disappointed. He suddenly reached out to push Xiang Han against the wall. His tone was unhappy and held a hint of dissatisfaction: "Why don't you seem to care at all? If I said that I like him, will you still not get angry?"
Xiang Han froze for a moment before saying, "But you did not say that..."
"But what if I did?" Lu Ze asked.
Xiang Han thought for a moment, his heart suddenly felt a little stuffy. He simply lowered his head without a word.
“When I ask you this, how do you feel?” Seeing Xiang Han maintaining his silence, Lu Ze changed his question.
Looking up at him, Xiang Han’s voice was a bit soft. "It feels a bit uncomfortable."
Immediately, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He bent down to kiss Xiang Han, then, stopped beside his ear and warmly whispered, “I knew it, you like me.”
Xiang Han’s heart seemed to skip a beat and he quickly pushed Lu Ze away in a panic. His face was completely flushed.
Lu Ze smiled and brought him out of the room. Xiang Han was lost in thought. He was currently thinking about his life: Had he fallen for a virtual character?
When passing-by employees saw them, their faces suddenly exposed an expression of worship: his left hand was fast enough to leave after images and his expression still remained indifferent, amazing!
The incident was quickly reported, but it did not cause much of an impact because the police quickly announced their verdict: Tianchen had been slandered.
The 'Husky' also spoke up for them on Weibo and ultimately, most of the impact was mitigated.
After the company's crisis came to an end, Xiang Han began to care more about Lu Ze's family. For no reason, after the Tianhai debacle was exposed, the grudge between the pair of mother and son, and Lu Ze gradually surfaced.
Looking at the gossip on the Internet, Xiang Han could not help but ask Lu Ze, "Your mother's car accident... was it really planned?"
"Just guessing, there is no evidence," Lu Ze’s expression was not good. But after a while, he smiled bitterly, "At that time I was going through college entrance examinations. No matter what happened, my mother would not tell me."
"Sorry," Xiang Han wanted to comfort him, but suddenly fell into Lu Ze’s arms. He stumbled a little then stretched out his uninjured left hand to gently hug the other person. He was a bit lost and felt rather useless.
In fact, Lu Ze was only sad for a while. After all, he had resolved the company's hidden dangers and his mood was quite good.
When he returned home, he cooked up a feast. After Xiang Han ate and drank his fill, Lu Ze abducted him to his room with ill-intentions. Through his coaxing and deception, they did it once.
Towards this kind of thing, Xiang Han had already become familiar with it the second time. Apart from his initial hesitation, Xiang Han quickly accepted his reality.

The next day, Xiang Han used the excuse of backache to not go to work with Lu Ze. But after Lu Ze left, Xiang Han quietly left and secretly followed Zhao Yunzhi[1].
After a few days, he finally found a chance to use his spiritual force to pressurize Zhao Yunzhi and learned that the target’s mother was murdered. Afterwards, he got a clue and went to the driver's home. Using his spiritual force, and after some twists and turns, he successfully got the recording where Zhao Yunzhi was blackmailing the driver.
While listening to the audio, Xiang Han did not know when Lu Ze suddenly appeared at the doorway. After hearing these recordings, his face went dark.
"Where did you get this from?" Facing Xiang Han, he calmed his voice as much as possible.
"I got somebody to extract this from Zhao Yunzhi's computer," Xiang Han said carefully. Afterwards, he felt his words did not seem trustworthy and added, "It's my master. He has great skills."
Lu Ze looked at him for a moment and suddenly hugged him, whispering, "Thank you."
Xiang Han let out a sigh of relief, then exclaimed: "My arm, my arm..."
Lu Ze quickly let go. After seeing that he was all right, he gave a sigh of relief. Then he asked, "Who is your master? Did you learn your technique from him?"
"Yes, yes, but I don't exactly know who he is," Xiang Han admitted.
Lu Ze suddenly fell into a thoughtful contemplation and said after a moment: "It would seem that the person who informed me last time to save you was also him. No wonder I felt your technique was somewhat familiar."
"Is- Is it? Hehe..." He felt even more guilty now.
Lu Ze took action immediately after he got the recording.  
The driver named Kong Dechang was a gambler and an alcoholic. On the day of hitting the target’s mother, he had drunk too much and the incident was deemed as a case of drunk driving. At that time, drunk driving did not carry a heavy sentence. Adding on to his ethics as a driver and the fact that he admitted his crime, he was only sentenced to 10 years. After he was imprisoned, his sentence was reduced by four years on account of  good behavior. If nothing went wrong, he would be released next year.

Lu Ze had long been clear of these circumstances, but because of his lack of status and evidence he could only be patient. But now, Kong Dechang did not need to dream of getting out of prison. He'll let the other person sit tightly in prison!
Not long after, the case was reopened and a retrial was carried out. The moment Lu Hai walked out of the detention center, he learned that his mother had been arrested and immediately flew into a rage.

End of Chapter 16

[1] Lu Ze’s father’s mistress

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