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Chapter 73

Without warning, he collided with a pair of pale golden irises that seemed to carry light and shadow within. Under such a fatal blow, Gu Yan was taken aback and froze.

When he finally recovered his senses, the soft feeling that came from his lips made him stunned all over again. His entire person was completely shocked beyond words. He tried to step back in reflex, but found that he was unable to retreat. The silver-haired elf before him had firmly grasped his waist within his arms.


How could he not panic? He had been kissed by another person in front of his own lover, was there anything that sought death more than this-?

“Mmph....” However, in the face of absolute strength, he was completely powerless to resist and was kissed to the point of being unable to speak. Gu Yan could only tighten his grip on the kitten in his arms.

Although the silver-haired elf was extremely beautiful, Gu Yan only expressed simple admiration. He was already a man with a lover, there was no way he would harbour such intentions towards another person.

However, this sense of panic did not last for long because Gu Yan distinctly felt a wet and ticklish sensation from his fingers. The kitten in his arms was licking him. Moreover...

Noticing the youth’s reaction, the elf lowered his beautiful sunlight eyes. Kissing the pale lips, he continued up towards the tip of his ear, letting out a soft, “meow~”

Gu Yan: ...

Hearing the cold voice whispering this familiar noise in his ear, Gu Yan immediately relaxed.

He could see his own reflection in the pair of golden irises. Gu Yan shifted his gaze with much difficulty because the silver-haired elf in front of him was simply too mesmerising.

What sleeping beauty? In the end, it just turned out to be his family’s sleeping Qiuqiu.

His eyes twitched imperceptibly. At the moment, Gu Yan was stupefied.

Was there something wrong with this plot development-?

The normal route to completing a quest would require a player to run a certain high-level dungeon to obtain a certain quest item before rousing the Elf King. Afterwards, the player would receive the reward and celebrate.

Even if it followed the plot of fairy tales, it should also require the other person to bestow the kiss first.

A soft sensation teased against his lips. Being kissed continuously like that, Gu Yan was seriously giving up on thinking of the plot.

The silver-haired elf in front of him sported a cold and aloof expression. At the same time, he was immersed in kissing Gu Yan’s lips and suspiciously felt like he even wanted to lick a little.

“Your Majesty--?!” Receiving such a huge blow, the two High Elves were extremely agitated and at a loss.

Not to mention the Priest who had witnessed the entire situation a few steps away. He had received the greatest blow.

The silver-haired elf’s eyes, shimmering gold like an untouchable treasure, could leave anyone who looked into them breathless. This beautiful creature had, upon waking up, pulled the youth before him in and kissed him without hesitation.

This scene was too beautiful, no one could bear to disrupt it. Standing dazedly at the side, even the Priest had nearly forgotten the youth who was being kissed by the Elf King was his rival.

The two High Elves that had been standing a distance away hurriedly came towards the Tree of Life, not noticing their own flustered footsteps. However, the youth that was being kissed heard them and began to break free once more…
The silver-haired elf narrowed his eyes but let him go in the end, after a final kiss. He slowly released the youth that had been imprisoned in his arms.

“Your majesty, you…” The two High Elves disregarded all courtesy and hurriedly approached the Tree of Life. The silver-haired elf was indeed awake and the foliage that protected him slowly receded, but did not completely fall away. This made the two high elves confused.

While they were overjoyed that their King had awakened, they were also concerned that it was temporary and the other person would once again return to his deep sleep.

“The high priests are rushing back now, they will arrive very soon.” Among the two elves, the female Earl was relatively calmer and her reaction was quick. She had immediately used a magic communication device to notify the seniors in the Temple.

The high priests in the Temple were naturally expert medical practitioners. The title of ‘expert’ did not extend merely to the Elf race, but rather, the entire East Continent. The magic of life they utilised was an advanced wood element spell. Compared to the holy magic of normal priests and paladins, the elves’ magic was much more powerful.

The silver-haired elf was closely linked to the Tree of Life and did not have much of a reaction to the female Earl, his beautiful and expressionless features carrying a sense of aloofness. But even if he did not respond, his pair of breathtaking eyes were silently fixed on the magician among them.

Please be aware of your image! Gu Yan tried to signal with his eyes. The silver-haired elf saw, and even understood his meaning. But even then, he refused to tear his gaze away.

Earlier on, they had kissed for so long. Now he was only looking for a bit, why must he look away?

Sure enough, the light brain that did not have any sense of shame had no way of understanding the feelings of a human.

One pair of eyes, two pair of eyes.... The gaze of everybody at the scene had landed solidly on his body. Facing such a situation that he had somewhat expected and being unable to do anything to the stubborn Elf King, Gu Yan roughly stroked the kitten in his arms.

However, this sort of rough treatment was simply regarded as a form of intimacy in the eyes of the other party. Therefore, the black-caped kitten narrowed its eyes and licked his fingers once more. At the same time, the silver-haired elf,  who normally appeared cold and proud from every angle, slowly revealed a grin towards all the people who were staring at him.

The curve of his lips was not obvious, but it was indeed there. Although it was only for an instant, in that moment, it was as if the ice had melted to reveal a scene beautiful enough to dazzle others.

It’s...a fatal blow....

Realising that his heart had sped up, Gu Yan expressed that he no longer felt like talking.

Constantly monitoring the physiological changes of the youth body, the abrupt increase in heartbeat earlier naturally did not escape the notice of the highest existence. As a result, it was extremely pleased.

It has used its deep knowledge of human beauty to construct the most gorgeous and flawless figure. The results were even better than what it had previously expected.

Humans had low resistance towards beautiful things. Once this ‘beauty’ reached a certain threshold, it would be capable of stealing a person’s heart effortlessly.

However, other people did not matter. Asa only cared about one person’s reaction.

This human had easily roused their King and their King had even... kissed him. The two high elves that had somehow managed to regain their calm throughout the entire process of watching their King awaken could not help staring at the youth.

The Priest, who had been ignored all this while, was unable to even feel any dissatisfaction. In reality, he was still dumbstruck by the abnormal development of everything. His heart was full of “???”. Who can tell him what was going on...

Logically speaking, this was not fair!

[Ding---] The sound of his reputation rising resounded on the magician’s side.

His reputation rose rapidly, from ‘friendly’ to ‘respect’. Gu Yan could not help but blink his eyes to carefully look over the panel. In the reputation column, behind the yellow bar that stated the words High elf, there was indeed the words ‘Respect’. Moreover, it was Respect(19999/20000). It was lacking one point before hitting the level of ‘Worship’

Compared to other players who had worked tirelessly in order to increase their reputation, his rise had been far too easy.

“...” Was his lover currently opening a backdoor for him? Gu Yan silently pondered over this question.

At the moment, a high ranking priest dressed in robes hurriedly rushed in and performed a courteous greeting towards the silver-haired elf. This group of high ranking elves were intending to gather together to cast an ancient spell called ‘longevity’ on their King.

However, not everything developed according to what they wanted.

“The Heather crystal.” The cold voice only spoke one line before the silver-haired elf on the Tree of Life quietly closed his eyes. Even at the very last moment as his eyes closed, his gaze was firmly locked on the youth’s body.

As the pair of alluring, sun-drenched eyes closed once more, the branches that had eased up earlier began to surround the silver-haired Elf King once more, regaining its former glory.

His lover was extremely willful, willful enough to wake up and mess up the script. And now, they had even went one round and arrived back to where they started.

Those at the side had yet to notice any abnormalities, but Gu Yan could not help the twitching in his eyes. He had a strong feeling that the other person had forced himself to wake up, and the reason was purely...

To kiss him.

Facing the truth, Gu Yan remained silent.

End of Chapter 73

The author has something to say: Qiuqiu expressed that he wants to follow the script and be a good sleeping beauty qiu.

Waiting for Gu Yan to obtain the Heather crystal and wake him up with a kiss.

t/n: wonder if i can get 74 out by next week πŸ˜”

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