TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 74.1

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Chapter 74.1


The longevity spell that the high priests had prepared for the Silver-haired elf was still ultimately cast. The Elf King’s body did not reject the spell but it also did not have any positive reaction.

[Ding.] The quest complete notification alerted both players at once. Gu Yan glanced at the quest panel and noticed that the quest had changed once more-

{obtain the Heather Crystal and Wake the sleeping Elf King - Cyril Ksurien [0/1]}

There was finally a clue. Seeing that the expression of the Priest at the side had also changed, Gu Yan knew that his quest must also have been refreshed.

Fair rivalry was all right. However, speaking of the Heather Crystal… Gu Yan had a feeling that it would not be something easy to obtain. The difficulty of a Legendary Class quest was something all players were aware of.

“According to legends, the Heather Crystal is currently hailed as a sacred relic by the foul demon race.” Upon mentioning the Demon race, the expression of all the High Elves at the scene turned cold, and even held a hint of disgust.

The Elves were not an amiable race. They were proud, aloof and extremely well-mannered. Using ‘foul’ to describe a person was extremely rare and thus, it can be seen how deeply the feud between them were.

Gu Yan: ...

Knowing that the Abyss Demon King and the sleeping Elf King before his eyes were the same person, Gu Yan felt extremely complicated. If these high elves were to know the truth, he wondered what kind of expression they would have...

“Legends may not necessarily be the truth. We will continue to look for more relevant clues and in the meantime, we hope both of you will continue to help us.” The female elf that appeared to be the leader told the two players before her.

The Elf King who had been sleeping for hundreds of years, protected by the Tree of Life, suddenly woke up for a brief period of time. The council of High Elves had rushed over immediately but did not manage to catch a glimpse of the awoken Elf King. Nonetheless, this piece of news still brought them great joy.

It was their first glimpse of hope in these hundreds of years, and it made those High Elves who had been guarding the palace less apathetic. They now insisted on protecting the Tree of Life.

With regards to the demons, the human priest quickly found a piece of clue. He posted a message to his guild channel and took on the role of the raid team’s leader; the guild were extremely supportive and had faith that he could complete this chain quest.

His rival was already ahead by a step. Gu Yan glanced at the silver-haired elf surrounded by the foliage once more.

So theoretically, his family’s lover was… pretending to be asleep?

He could clearly awaken by himself. Gu Yan stroked the kitten’s head while following the female elf out of the temple.

He couldn’t ignore the act his family’s lover was putting on, deciding to simply play along; especially since the other person seem to be particularly enjoying this...

“Meow,” the kitten in his arms narrowed its deep black irises and let out a low mew, licking the fingers holding it.

This pair of eyes were completely different from the silver-haired elf’s golden irises that seemed to shine internally. The latter was pure and beautiful while the former was like a darkness that could never touch the light, it was simply unthinkable that these two pairs of eyes would belong to the same person.

At this time, Gu Yan could not help recalling the demon race’s dark irises filled with seduction--

In this game, how many identities did his family’s Qiuqiu have?

Thinking of this problem, Gu Yan had the feeling that the silver-haired elf that he saw this time would not be the last.

“Where is the Heather Crystal? In the fallen abyss…?” Gu Yan asked while lightly stroking the kitten’s head.

According to the degree of potholes in this legendary chain quest, players would theoretically encounter many difficult pits.

Just as he said this, Gu Yan felt a person hold him from behind followed by a weight on his shoulders. Afterward, he heard a deep and husky voice beside his ear, “Hmm…”

Hearing this, Gu Yan immediately knew that the one hugging him was the demon with his two demonic horns. But they were currently in the Elf King’s Temple in the Capital and the guards patrolling the area were everywhere. An enemy that could make the Elven race hate until their teeth hurt had appeared, was he trying to cause trouble-?

“They cannot see me,” Knowing what the youth was worried about, the beautiful demon gently told him.

The hand that had reached out halfway suddenly retracted. Gu Yan had wanted to lift a hand to touch the horns on the demon’s head but he realized that doing so would make him look like a magic artist. Therefore, he simply stood frozen on the spot, allowing the demon to snuggle against his neck like a big cat.

There was another disadvantage of being a solo player and that was amplified when he needed a team to run a high-level dungeon.  He needed a 25 man team with high awareness but it was not easy to find one.

He could only find the guild that he had worked with before and seek their cooperation in this matter. A high level dungeon like the fallen abyss is insufficient to rely on a few hunting parties...

Just as Gu Yan opened up the chat box in his virtual column and entered a few words, the demon behind him that resembled a large cat immediately closed the chat box.



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