TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 48.1

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations
Chapter 48.1


Since he was going to leave the sect during this precarious period, Gu Yan had to give a good reason to the sect. It was naturally impossible to say the truth of the matter.
At that time, after the Jiang Tan grew quiet, he actually did not resist and agreed.
The entrance to the abyss of the Underworld did not lack in cultivators guarding the area using spiritual force. However, this level of the spiritual force was easily blocked by Jiang Tan, not letting it touch himself or the youth beside him.
“Yes, this is it.”
The black unidentified matter floating beside them seemed very agitated. For hundreds of years, Fuxi had been waiting for the day when the passage would be forced to reopen again.
From the passageway, there was a faint demonic aura spewing from it. The Abyss of the Underworld was a place that provides great benefits for the cultivators of the Demon Race. Originally, Fuxi was thinking of returning to the Demon Race territory. Even if he could not repair his body, at least there was no need to worry about the continuous weakening of his Yuan soul.
However, Fu Xi could not stay excited for long. The pair of dark black pupils that fixed on him made him freeze. This extent of darkness would only let people reminisce of the abyss that seemed to swallow everything, nobody would even dare to look at it.
“Go back into the Jade and stay there.” The voice of the person who said it was emotionless and because of this, came out particularly cold.
Even if only his yuan soul was left, this demon still shuddered and immediately obeyed his command.
There was no room to even consider. The owner of these pair of dark black eyes was no longer at the same level as when he first saw him. The other person was now able to instill fear in the bottom of his heart.
This feeling was something he had never felt before in the abyss of the underworld, even when facing those elders that refused to die.
His body was covered in a layer of a prohibitive spell, although Gu Yan did not know the specifics, he believes that his disciple would not harm him in any way and thus allowed the other person to set up a ban on him.
Waiting for the black matter to return into the Jade pendant, when Jiang Tan looked up again at his Master again, he furrowed his eyebrows. Taking the youth’s left hand in his own, he was not rejected and thus wanted a mile when given an inch. He hooked his fingers around and intertwined their fingers. “This is a prohibition ban, the Demonic force in here will not be able to affect Master.”
“En.” Gu Yan nodded. The fingers that had been caught were in a tight hold but he also had no intention of pulling away.
In the next second, Gu Yan was stunned. The person holding his hand first frowned, then raised his hand to his lips and touched it. It was only afterward he look up to gauge his Master’s reaction.
This child…
“You can do it more openly next time.” Gu Yan said slowly but did not expect to experience the ‘next time’ so quickly.
His hand was pulled closer and his fingertips were kissed. Then he felt the soft and wet tongue gently running over his fingers.
Gu Yan: “…”
This was something he had said himself. Although the result was slightly unexpected, he could not say anything and only let out a small cough.
Hearing the low cough, Jiang Tan slightly narrowed his eyes and placed a final kiss on his hand before he changed it such that he was holding the youth’s hand normally.
If this person constantly indulged him like this, then he will become more and more greedy, wanting even more each time.
This sort of possessive desire was too extreme, but this was the innate nature of the Taotie Beast. He was unable to change and Jiang Tan also did not intend to change.
There was not a single person at the entrance of the passage. The cultivators only projected a spiritual illusion of their bodies but were not actually present. At the moment, there was also no one from the Demon race.
The passage between the human world and the abyss of the Underworld is a distorted space where when ordinary people enter, their body would be crushed into dust by the space.
Gu Yan was still okay, the prohibition on his body easily mitigated any sort of pressure, allowing him to feel at ease.
From the entrance of the passage to the end, only a dark abyss could be seen. This land could only be described as a place where grass was unable to grow and the environment was extremely barren to the point where only dark red sandstones were left. This was the outermost periphery of the abyss of the Underworld.
They were surrounded by extremely ugly low-level demons with low intelligence who had not yet possess a human form. In the face of their arrival, these low-level demons stopped killing each other as their eyes moved towards the two people who had suddenly appeared.
The lower level demons attained their powers through combat with other demons to increase their abilities in order to reach a stage where they were able to possess intelligence.
The pressure emitting from the young man was too horrible. Even if they did not possess a shred of intelligence, there were no low-level demons who wanted to court death.
But the person next to the young man does not seem to hold any threat and the body that has been tempered by spiritual power was like a piece of meat for these demons.
The other person stayed close to the young man so they didn’t dare to approach and could only stare at him with a greedy look.
Gu Yan did not care too much about the hungry gazes directed his way. Anyway, his own disciple was here, it was impossible for these demons to touch him.
However, even though Gu Yan did not care, the person next to him clearly did not think the same way. Hence, in an instant, Gu Yan could no longer feel those gazes any longer and was stunned.
The demons in his line of sight disappeared into the void, without a trace…
they were completely annihilated.


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  2. Hahaha hahaha I love that your cat has a mouth guard hahaha is so cute! And hello me here re reading, thanks for your hard work and excellent translation.😘😘