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Chapter 47
Sticky cat

Not wanting his Master to be affected by the destructive power released from the Black Vatican Lotus, Jiang Tan waited until he reached the underground chamber connected to the house before taking it out from his space bag.
His master said that this thing can complete his blood and Jiang Tan had never doubted his Master’s words.
The power of the same attribute was not so easy to swallow. If it were before his breakthrough, he would probably be unable to absorb the power of this Vatican Lotus and use it as his own.
The process of completing his bloodline was not an instantaneous process. After Jiang Tan swallowed the Black Vatican Lotus, his pupils uncontrollably shrank into vertical slits.
He could feel the changes happening in his body but the pain was even more distinct. The blood flowing through his body seemed to be extremely scorching and continuously burned his body.
The pain was very intense, Jiang Tan furrowed his eyebrows. When he looked up once more, his eyes had already returned to normal.
The pain lasted only a second, the process of completing his bloodline was similar to the time when he was breaking through into adulthood, his possessiveness for that person will become even more prominent.
When the insatiable greed of the Taotie beast is stimulated, he will want to do something even more extreme to the youth.
He must control himself. Enduring the pain, Jiang Tan stayed in this secret room for a day to regain his senses before walking out from the secret room.
“Why are you so hot……” Hugging the big cat who wanted to climb onto his thighs into his arms, Gu Yan felt like he was practically hugging a small heater.
Thinking about it, he could also figure out that this situation was probably due to the Vatican lotus it had swallowed. Gu Yan watched the big cat in his arms and when the latter let out a low mew, he stretched his hand out to smooth the fur on its back.
“Meow.” Waiting for Gu Yan to sit down, the large cat then pressed his hands under its belly.
The temperature on the Heavenly Peak in the evening can get very chilly and his current state was very suitable to keep the youth warm.
The body of a person who had cultivated before would have been tempered by spiritual power such that even if their cultivation is destroyed, the body that had been strengthened will still be much stronger than an ordinary person’s.
For example, their appearance will remain unchanged and the body that had already cultivated before will not lose this ability just because its cultivation is gone. However, when it comes to keeping out the cold, it is a lot worse than before. The Taotie Beast could feel that the temperature of the hands pressed under its belly was a bit cold. 

The large cat crouching on his lap continuously rubbed its head against his body, occasionally letting out a low meow. Gu Yan took back his hands and after some thought, picked up the small heater and lowered his head to kiss its forehead.
This extent of acting spoilt was evident that he was not feeling well.
But at this moment, Gu Yan saw the large cat he had been hugging narrow its vertical pupils before the beast in his arms disappeared. He was suddenly hugged by the young man who had returned to his human form, strong arms wrapping around his waist.  
This wasn’t a small heater anymore, it is a big heater.
He did not resist the kisses and even when he was pushed onto the bed, knowing that the other person was uncomfortable, Gu Yan was somewhat tolerant of the other person’s requests.
Kissing his master’s neck, Jiang Tan believes that this could also keep him warm and at the same time, relieve the possessive desire that was about to burst out from his lower region. This way…he will not have to do anything too extreme.
Half a month passed quickly. Gu Yan noticed that the dark red glow hanging over the sky was already visible in the day. It was not long before the seal on the entrance of the abyss suddenly weakened. The news spread very quickly throughout the cultivation realm.
Although there were occasional battles, it can be said that ever since the battle a hundred years ago when the various sects of the cultivation realm jointly fought together against the Demon race to imprison them in the abyss of the Underworld and sealed the entrance and exit of the passage, the cultivation realm have always been relatively peaceful.
As for the Devil tribes, after they were left scattered and ununified without a leader, the threat they posed became much lower than the Demon race. Moreover, those that had cultivated to a high level and possessed a certain level of wisdom cleverly hid. The remainder who were involved in the chaos were relatively weak which was not difficult for the cultivators to deal with.
The seals that had been diligently reinforced for so many years were suddenly broken, it was impossible to not be surprised. Once this passageway is opened, everyone knows very well what was to come and each sect had now entered a state of preparation.
Gu Yan was just taken to the main hall to discuss matters related to this.
“Master.” A pair of arms wrapped around the waist of the youth. In this half a month, this grown-up Taotie Beast was getting more and more overboard, wanting a mile when given an inch[1]. For example, now, he not only put his hand on the youth’s waist but also propped his chin against his shoulders when calling his Master.
It was a completely intimate posture.
He had completely no caution against the person wrapped around himself. Gu Yan was lost in thoughts and did not know when Jiang Tan came up to him.
The other person’s body temperature had been normal for a few days and now when he was being held, Gu Yan no longer had the feeling that he was attached to a stove.
Humming an answer, Gu Yan did not move his body and continued to let the other person hold him.
Just when he wanted to bring up the topic of the abyss, Gu Yan was still thinking of how to phrase it when he felt a soft and cool touch on his earlobe.
His soft part was touched and then he heard the muffled voice from the young man holding him behind: “If disciple has made a deal with the Demon Clan, will Master be angry?”
He had made a deal with a Demon. In the eyes of Jiang Tan, as long as he can restore his Master’s cultivation, he will do anything regardless of whether it was upright or not. He did not feel that there was anything wrong with his behavior, he merely did not want that person he liked to be angry.
Hearing this question, Gu Yan was caught off guard. At the same time, he noticed that the arms around his waist tightened. The person behind him obviously cared a lot about his answer. Gu Yan quietly replied: “…no.”.
Slightly changing the words he had said to the other person before, Gu Yan added another sentence: “As long as you do not commit any evil deeds and cause great harm, your Master will not be angry.”
Such as leading the Demon Race and the Devil tribes to slaughter through all the sects in the cultivation world. In the end, this unfinished ending was written by himself and he only had himself to be angry at.
“Disciple coincidentally encountered a heavily wounded demon that had already lost its physical body and had its yuan soul severely damaged a month ago while on a mission.” Rather than having encountered, it was better to say that it was the other person who had approached him but there was no need to go into details. Jiang Tan only reported the final outcome to the youth: “And so, disciple made a deal with him…”
“Afterwards, Master’s cultivation can be restored.” When he said this sentence, Jiang Tan leaned in and pressed his thin lips against his earlobes.
However, he did not have the intention to uphold his end of the deal. Wait until he enters the abyss of the Underworld, how difficult could it be to find a demon who also knows how to restore his Master’s cultivation.
For example, the three demons that the demon had mentioned before, the three people who occupied the top positions in the Demon World, they should know. Coincidentally, the abyss of the Underworld was a place where the strong devoured the weak, it was extremely suitable for him. When he finds another demon who also knows the method, he can directly kill the other person…
From the beginning, Jiang Tan never had any intentions of letting Fu Xi off.
When he heard this, Gu Yan’s mood became a bit complicated. After deviating so much from the original plot, the main reason why his disciple was still in contact with the Demon Race was because of him.
“This disciple needs to go to that place, but disciple… is worried about leaving Master here.” Jiang Tan said quietly, an expression of extreme seriousness.
These words, if heard by others would sound ridiculous. The place they were going was the Demon Race’s lair. He actually said he was worried about leaving his master in the human world when the former was more than a hundred times more dangerous than the latter.
But now, Jiang Tan is an ancient mythological beast that has already reached adulthood and completed his bloodline, he had this ability. No matter which realm he was in, he would be at the top of the food chain.
The man he desired to possess completely was too fragile now. If he was not with him and suffers any sort of injury, he feels like he might just go crazy from anger and destroy everything.
A Taotie beast that had reached adulthood and completed its bloodline, it did not simply represent a rise in power but also an important point… his beast’s innate nature; the greedy and brutal desire to devour also rose to extreme heights.
Just by looking at this youth, he can feel a small sense of satisfaction. If only he could possess him, he will then be truly satisfied. It was important to carefully protect this person who he cherished dearly, this was his true thought that had never changed.
When he said that, Jiang Tan temporarily loosened the hands that were around the youth’s waist and walked in front of him to face him. 
The pair of eyes which was fixed on him was very dark and deep, this was the kind of dense darkness that was like a deep abyss where light cannot penetrate. From this pair of eyes, Gu Yan could faintly detect a sense of extreme paranoia when this feeling was directed towards him.
“You want me to follow you.” Faced with this paranoia, Gu Yan calmly stated, going in the direction of the other person’s intent.
The child whom he had raised was already taller than him, *his facial features had also developed well. His extremely beautiful face, when he was a child, had grown into what could only be described as handsome.
“Yes.” Jiang Tan stared at the youth in front, eyelids slightly drooping. He wanted the youth to stay in his line of sight forever.
“In the underworld, this disciple will properly protect Master.” Circling his arms around the youth’s waist again, Jiang Tan carefully observed the youth’s face. He had enough power now, will not let anything hurt this person again. He definitely will not forgive even himself if he were to do anything extreme to the youth that he was not supposed to do because of his innate greed.
“Let me know when you are ready to leave.” Seeing that dark black eyes light up the moment he said this, Gu Yan reach over to stroke his supple black hair. 
This paranoid feeling, he was the one to provoke it….since he also likes the other person, he will treat him well.
End of Chapter 47

[1] Wanting a mile when given an inch: Pushing his luck