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Chapter 27: Getting closer


To say that the Heidis had not held back was not completely true, otherwise, he would not simply have fucked the youth on the couch until tears filled his eyes, but would make sure that the youth did not have the energy left to even lift a finger.
According to the youth, the Heidis knows that they are going out tomorrow to carry out a very important task, so the Heidis had purposely left the youth his last bit of strength to go out.
The youth under his body had already passed out from fatigue while the expressionless silver-haired officer lowered his head to gently plant a kiss on his eyes where there were still some traces of wetness.
His ** was still buried in the depths of the youth and he also did not want to withdraw for the time being.
Although he wanted to continue to move, the youth had already fallen asleep, looking very exhausted. If he moved …
“Ah …” A wave of pleasure suddenly coursed through him like an electric current. His tired eyelids slightly trembled as he unconsciously let out a soft cry.
Because of his voice, the Heidis narrowed his pupils in an instant. In the end, he still restrained himself.
Moving closer to the sleeping youth, he let out a low ‘ meow ‘ beside his ears, the light vertical pupils carefully watching the youth. The Heidis thus began to quietly guard his most precious treasure by his side.
When Gu Yan woke up, he was lying on the bed. On his chest was a big silver tiger tabby cat laying on its side, gently swinging its tail with its slightly narrowed pupils gazing at him.
Too close, the big cat just had to lower his head a little and would be able to kiss him.
This cat that was clearly acting spoilt let Gu Yan sink into silence for a while. To have a cat fight for his attention by kissing him and hearing the soft purring…
As a cat-lover, Gu Yan always finds himself compromising very easily. Actually yesterday he was really not that tired …
He had been tossed around the whole night until he was completely exhausted and fell asleep. Now that he had woken up and seeing the cat on him acting spoilt for a little while, Gu Yan had already rushed to make an excuse for him.
“Ah … Okay, okay. Qiuqiu be good.” Gu Yan slightly tilted his head and gently pushed the Heidis off his chest, onto the bed as he sat up. If the Heidis continued to lick him, he had a feeling that this bed would not last much longer.
The current city they were in was a considerably developed area. He did not even have to search it up online to find a jewelry store in the bustling commercial Street they were in previously.
As usual, he held the cat-like Heidis in his arms. Before walking into a store, Gu Yan gently lifted the Heidis paws up and asked, “Is this one okay?”
He was, after all, buying a wedding ring and would, of course, seek the Heidis’s opinion.
His head was still leaning against the youth’s bosom as it let out a low purr, looking very obedient.
He will almost never reject the youth’s request, except at special times, such as when the youth’s hoarse voice begged him to slow down or stop.
Under such circumstances, even if the youth said ‘ Qiuqiu be good ‘, these three words might not necessarily be useful.
The Heidis had agreed, Gu Yan stroked the soft fur on the cat’s back and walked into the shop.
It was uncommon for guests to bring their cat into a jewelry store but it did not mean that it was prohibited. This was the thoughts of the salesperson who was currently introducing him to the shop’s items as he dutifully did his work.
“Qiuqiu, pick one.” Gu Yan brought the Heidis in his arms closer to the glass cases to allow him to see better.
This guest…Was a little strange.
After using so much time and effort to recommend the various rings to the customer, the shop clerk had silently thought. Who would let their cat decide such an important thing?
Since he was choosing a ring, it must either be for marriage or to give to a lover. Such an important thing, to let a cat decide …
If this customer’s lover were to find out that their rings were chosen by a cat, he wondered how they would feel.
“This pair?” Looking at the position of the Heidis’s paw on the glass case, Gu Yan confirmed once more and heard the purr of approval. Gu Yan then turned to the clerk: “I’ll take these.”
“The sizes of both rings will just be the same as mine.”
Last night, Gu Yan had specially held the Heidis’s hand to measure the size of his finger and found that it was similar.
While waiting for the shop assistant to bring the rings over, Gu Yan thought for a while and decided to buy a silver chain.
He directly put one of the rings onto his ring finger while the spatial ring which was initially there was changed onto his right hand.
“Meow.” Seeing the youth put the other ring through the silver chain, the Heidis in his arms let out a low mew.
“It’s done.”
Putting the necklace with the ring around the neck of the big cat, Gu Yan slightly raised his brows.
The salesperson watching the whole scene was a little stunned. Being in this line of work for so many years, this was still the first time meeting such a strange customer …
He had put a ring on his left ring finger and then another ring on a necklace for the cat to wear around its neck.
What the heck was this?
But failing to come up with an answer, the ‘strange guest’ in her eyes was already out of the shop.
The big cat in his arms used his claws to cautiously fiddle with the ring on the necklace. Seeing this, Gu Yan could not refrain himself from reaching out to scratch the Heidis’s lower jaw.
“Meow.” This mew was very soft. The Heidis pupil contracted as it stared at the ring that the youth had hung around his neck. To him, this necklace was a very precious thing.
Touched by the Heidis’s reaction, Gu Yan lifted the cat higher and looked into the pair of beautiful light vertical pupils and said in an extremely serious tone: “I love Qiuqiu the most.”
This time, there was no misunderstanding in the sentence. Gu Yan was indeed talking to the Heidis in his hands.
If you made a list of the most dangerous races in the galaxy, the Heidis race would undoubtedly be the best and perhaps, even the first. But the Heidis being held slightly narrowed his pupils and licked the young man’s fingers. A low purring sound was emitted from the back of his throat and at this time, it seemed to be the definition of a ‘ docile and harmless ‘ creature.
This Heidis was now very happy, everyone could see it at a glance.
The two men who had put on the rings have no doubt further established their relationship, but somewhere they did not know, a huge ship was approaching the defenseless planet …
End of Chapter 27


  1. What a pro. Money is money, even if it -is- from some weirdo who's marrying his cat! (Thanks for the translation!)