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Chapter 26: Proposal

The learning ability of the Heidis race was excellent in all aspects.
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Gu Yan had finished watching the film and left the cinema with an expressionless face. He was momentarily unable to fully comprehend the plot of the film.
The cat-like Heidis in the youth’s arms was also very quiet, its head was leaning against the youth’s chest but all the way home, the pair of vertical pupils were slightly narrowed.
In the evening, the youth came out of the bathroom and sat down on the couch, pressing the remote control. At this time, the cat-like Heidis jumped into his lap and soon, a gentle touch caressed its back.
On usual days, after this, it would be time for the Heidis to accompany the youth to watch the drama series…
But clearly, today was not one of those days.
The weight on his leg was originally quietly staying still. However, after a moment, Gu Yan gradually felt something soft continuously touching his left hand.
This feeling…
Before he even lowered his head to take a look, he accurately caught the paw of the Heidis that had been constantly touching the back of his hand. Following that, he lightly pinched the soft paw-pads.
Very soft, he particularly enjoyed this feeling.
Distracted by the softness, Gu Yan could not endure and pinched a few more times.
Even though his paws were being playfully pinched, the Heidis did not show any signs of anger and instead, mewed softly.
His purpose had been achieved, he had gotten the youth’s full attention.
“Was this what you wanted?”
Pinching for a good while, Gu Yan finally lets go of the small paw. However, as soon as he let go, the paws once again reached over to touch his hands.
The only response he got was the sound of coy purring and there was even the slight squinting of eyes.
Hearing this, Gu Yan took off the ring on his left index finger and put it on his lap, where the Heidis could reach.
This thing was originally something that the Heidis had given to him before. Now that he wanted it back, Gu Yan thinks that it was only right if he returns it.
The big cat on his leg lowered its head and picked up the ring, then stood on its hind legs to get up from the youth’s lap–
The very next second, Gu Yan felt his left hand being held and the Heidis that had gotten up had already turned into his human form once more.
Using his newly acquired knowledge, the handsome and expressionless Heidis had already held his left hand and kneeled down in front of the dumbfounded youth who had not yet made sense of the situation.
Gu Yan: “…?”
Gu Yan was frozen stiff. This scene, where had he seen it before?? Only now, the one being proposed to was himself.
“Marry me…” the emotionless voice was lowered and his face was cold as usual. Although his face was emotionless, at this moment, the silver-haired officer seemed to be a little anxious.
He held the young man’s left hand, careful not to squeeze too hard, but probably afraid that the youth will snatch his hand back, he could not help but hold this hand a little more tightly.
However, after a while, the person he was facing still did not respond.
This time, Gu Yan had not been completely shocked silly but was still slightly stunned. The impact of the two words he had just heard was too great, he needed a little time to digest this information.
“Ah Yan?” Softly calling the name of the youth, the Silver-haired Officer slightly lowered his head to gently kiss the youth’s left ring finger. His actions were very careful, as though trying to express his sincerity.
As the fingers that were kissed felt a little ticklish, Gu Yan unconsciously jerked his hand back and immediately felt the hold on his hand tighten.
He was not trying to take back his hand. Looking into that pair of light vertical pupils that suddenly constricted, by the time Gu Yan reacted, he had already habitually stretched out his idle hand to appease the cat.
The man who had always appeared extremely cold and aloof suddenly had a nervous appearance, it was very difficult for Gu Yan to not be moved.
“You want to marry me?”
Knowing that this Heidis certainly did not fully understand the customs of this Earth, Gu Yan tried his hardest to suppress the tugging at the corner of his lips. Inevitably, there was still a hint of laughter in his voice as he said this.
“Yes.” There was no hesitation at all, the Heidis nodded instantly, almost immediately after the youth had finished his sentence.
The lips that were originally on his ring finger gradually inched downwards until it reached the tip of his fingers where he lightly pressed a kiss against them, repeatedly confirming that the youth was not trying to refuse him. The silver-haired officer wearing the cold black military uniform silver then put the ring on his ring finger.
He had agreed. The moment the ring was put on, Gu Yan’s mood was extremely complex. Of course, it was not because he had regretted it but just felt it was quite magical.
In a novel he had written, he had actually agreed to the villain boss’s proposal …
And it actually felt pretty good. Speaking of this ring, Gu Yan asked: “This is a spatial ring?”
From the moment he put on the ring onto the youth’s ring finger, the Heidis that had been experiencing an indescribable feeling … nodded, at this time his thin pupils slightly narrowed up.
If he were in his original form, Gu Yan estimated that by now he would have been able to hear the Heidis purring. Then he would climb up to his shoulder and start licking his neck.
“There is a machine inside, called the Silver Wing, this ring is the key to start it.” Pausing for a moment, the silver hair Heidis then softly told him: “Ah Yan can play with it however you want.”
This was the extremely famous armor known throughout the entire Empire, but just like this, it was used by its owner as a ‘toy’ to gain his lover’s affection.
If this was known by the people in the Empire who know of this machine, nobody knows how many people’ heart would be hurt.
“But this is not a wedding ring.”
Gu Yan said with a hint of laughter but did not make any move to remove it.
“Hmm…?” Hearing this, the silver officer slightly tilted his head. He did not understand, but whatever the youth said was always right.
“It’s too late now, wait until tomorrow.” Lying down on the couch, Gu Yan covered his mouth and yawned, fresh tears were squeezed out from the corner of his eyes, causing them to become watery. Half squinting, he thought–
Tomorrow……He should just directly buy a pair of wedding rings.
The moment this thought had just appeared, the youth who had already been lying down was further pushed down onto the sofa by the silver-haired officer.
Licking the youth’s neck, the Heidis who had been enduring his raging lust from the moment the youth had put on the ring finally could not hold himself back any longer.
In this close proximity, Gu Yan could easily feel the changes in the body that was rubbing against himself and occasionally, something hard would even poke him.
“Ahh…” He was entered. Doing this on the couch felt very different from doing it on the bed.
Gu Yan was unable to relax and as a result, his moans were harder to suppress than before.
The muffled breathing sounds beside the Heidis ear seemed to have flipped a weird switch in him. The vertical pupils gradually shrunk even further and following that, the Heidis’s movements became more vigorous.
It’s too fast…
After climaxing, Gu Yan was momentarily unable to think of anything. He could only remember desperately trying to hold back his voice. Until the tears in his eyes had gradually dried, did he finally remember.
The tears were not caused by yawning, but rather, it was because the Heidis that pressed him down did not stop once.
Where was the promise that he’d hold back–?!.
End of chapter 26
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