Target Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

The next day, both of them were naturally late for work.
Dozing off for the entire afternoon, Xiang Han was still in a daze when he woke up. He did not know when Sun Shuya had come in but he was discussing with Lu Ze about work. When he finally remembered that he needed to help the two of them get together, he tottered off to create an opportunity for the two of them to be alone.
Lu Ze looked up at him with a frown and asked, "Where are you going?"
"Washroom." Xiang Han yawned, his voice extremely light.
Lu Ze's mouth twitched. Although it was a normal physiological reaction, why did he feel that as long as Sun Shuya was around, Xiang Han’s physiological needs seemed to be endless?
Xiang Han went into the bathroom and complained: "Little nine, how is it that despite meeting every day, there doesn’t seem to be much progress between Lu Ze and the protagonist?"
[This ... maybe it’s because there’s not enough time?] The system was also very puzzled.
"Not enough?" Xiang Han said incredulously: "I've already tried my best to squeeze out time for them to be alone. Everytime Sun Shuya appears, if I’m not getting off work early, I’m going to the toilet. Let me tell you, everytime I see him now, I will involuntarily feel like peeing, it’s already become a conditioned reflex. If this goes on, there’ll definitely be a problem.”
[...Mr. Xiang, what I meant was... In the original story, the target was moved by the protagonist only after the company’s crisis. It hasn't reached that stage yet so the two may not have made any progress.] If the system had a body, it’s expression must be a sweating one.
"Oh, so this is what you meant." Xiang Han was also embarrassed. He scratched his head and asked, "So it still needs some more time right?"
Tianchen was a small company that had been established for less than a year. It was not famous and the games made could barely cover its costs. If they were not lucky, they would still lose money.
In order to advertise their company, Lu Ze bought the rights to a game adaptation of a famous online novel 'Ten Thousand Worlds'. The game had undergone beta tests for over two months but Lu Ze was still not satisfied. The only problem was that the company had not enough money.
Lu Ze had a half-brother, called Lu Hai, an illegitimate child from a mistress. Lu Ze’s mother, after knowing of this matter was truly angered and in her unstable state,  got into a car accident. Less than half a year after her death, Father Lu married his mistress, Zhao Yunzhi and Lu Hai followed them home.
After Lu Hai and his mother forced Lu Ze out of the Lu Family, they were still not assured. They soon found out that Lu Ze had started a game company and was developing a game called 'Ten Thousand Worlds', which required loans. In order to suppress Lu Ze, Lu Hai exerted pressure on the banks using Lushi Group's name and caused Lu Ze to be unable to obtain funds.

Unable to obtain sufficient funds, the project this time seemed to be unable to go through. In order to release the game along with the 'Ten Thousand Worlds' movie, Lu Ze had to release this game early. However, the homogenization of the game market was a serious problem. If a game had no special characteristics or core technology, it will be easily copied by others.
This was the case with 'Ten Thousand Worlds'. Not long after its launch, things like 'Million Worlds', 'The Legend of Ten Thousand worlds', 'The New World' and so on sprang up like bamboo shoots after a rain. Lu Ze had invested most of his money in this game and because of so many copycats, his funds naturally could not be returned and even the initial costs could not be recovered.
After this incident, he could only create some small games or do intermodal operations and it was difficult to maintain the company's operations until a year later when they finally walked out of this thorny road.
"It won’t happen again right?" Xiang Han was somewhat sympathetic.
The system slowly said: "If it won't happen again, how can the target be seduced by the protagonist? Besides, with this lesson, he will become more careful in the future and slowly bring Tianchen to success.”
"That’s true." Although his system had a point, Xiang Han was still uncomfortable.
Speaking of this, except for being petty and not allowing him to eat certain types of food, Lu Ze was pretty good to him. Having to watch the other person meet his misfortune still made him feel a little melancholic.
After reading the results of the beta test, Lu Ze nodded and said, “For the time being, I’ll go and meet with the author of 'Ten Thousand Worlds' in the afternoon and then go to the bank tomorrow. For the public test run… let’s wait for the time being.”
"Okay." Sun Shuya knows that Lu Ze also wanted to improve the game but he also knows that Lu Ze will not be able to change it. However, he had no intention of helping because everything needed to develop according to his previous life in order for him and Lu Ze to have a chance.
Returning to his seat, the investigation report on Zhao Handong happened to reach his mailbox. After Sun Shuya read it, he quickly destroyed it.
Zhao Handong’s recent situation was not very good. Firstly, he had been kicked by Xiang Han and a certain part could not stand up. He had already been holed up in the hospital for several days. After recovering for a while, his company’s computers suddenly suffered a malicious attack. All his employees could not work properly for an entire week and he was so angry that he lashed out at the technicians and personally invited several experts. After this series of incidents, he completely forgot about wanting to deal with Xiang Han.
This situation did not happen in his previous life. Who would be idle enough to attack Zhao Handong's company? Sun Shuya quickly thought of Lu Ze. With Lu Ze’s extent of care towards Xiang Han now, teaching Zhao Handong’s a lesson was reasonable.
In Sun Shuya's previous life, he worked with Lu Ze for several years and knew some of his attack patterns. Thinking that Zhao Handong's problems over there had not been completely resolved, his mind began to form plans.
Xiang Han stayed in the toilet for awhile and felt time passing by slowly. Seeing as how it was almost time to get off work, he stood up with numb legs and said, "If this goes on, I will definitely get hemorrhoids sooner or later."
When he returned to his office, he saw that Sun Shuya was no longer there. He happily packed up his things while asking Lu Ze: "Did you two have a great chat?"
Lu Ze shook his head: "Unsatisfactory."
"Ah? You are not satisfied with him?" Xiang Han was very surprised. Didn’t the data mention that before the target liked the protagonist, he already had some good feelings towards him?
Lu Ze did not answer. He contemplated for a moment and suddenly said, "You came back just at the right time. Go with me to meet ‘Husky in a dog’."
"Huh?" They were just talking about the protagonist shou, go see what dog ah? The target's brain was too much, he cannot keep up.
Lu Ze thought that he did not understand and explained: "He is the author of 'Ten Thousand Worlds' and the "Husky in a dog" is his pen name."
Xiang Han: "..." So, just now, they were not talking about the protagonist?
However, thinking about the protagonist, he thought of the task at hand again and quickly shook his head, "I’m not going."
"Why?" Lu Ze asked while packing his things: "It's almost end of work and it's on the way home too.”
He had just returned from the bathroom and thus, could not use the excuse of nature’s calling again. Xiang Han thought for a moment before he held his stomach and weakly said: "My stomach feels uncomfortable, I want to go back and rest early. I think it’s better if you call someone else. That person... Sun Shuya is quite appropriate."
One look and Lu Ze immediately knew he was faking it. He walked over and dragged Xiang Hang by the collar: "Sun Shuya has something on and probably already left."
"Stop, stop, stop, I can walk on my own." Xiang Han struggled to turn around.
Sitting in the car, Xiang Han had a face full of dissatisfaction. There were still many people in the company who had not gotten off work yet and being dragged like this, his image was completely destroyed.
Lu Ze helped him put on his safety belt and patted his head as he gently said: "The author has invited us and I heard he is also a foodie."
Hearing this, Xiang Han eyes instantly lit up: “Then, what are you waiting for?”

End of Chapter 9
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