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Chapter 10

The real name of the author of {Ten Thousand Worlds} is called Zhou Jiawei. He is one of those authors who rose to fame in the early days of the web-novel world. His microblog had tens of millions of followers and he was extremely famous. This was one of the reasons why Lu Ze chose to purchase the game {Ten Thousand Worlds}. Since he was making a game, he might as well choose a famous one.
After listening to the system's barrage of information along the way, Xiang Han revealed a face of longing: [So amazing ah, it’s a senior.]
System: [...] It almost forgot, Xiang Han was also a web author in the Federation and was merely an author on a third-rate website that specialized in writing simple novels. The income he makes can only barely support himself and occasionally had to rely on his dad for financial help.
He hurriedly let his system find out more about the works of {The Siberian Husky}[1] and read it. When we met the real person, his eyes were filled with admiration. If he also had the {Husky} ability, he wouldn't have been hoodwinked by big A into this game for that little bit of money.
{Husky} was a good writer who is extremely diligent. When Lu Ze entered the room with Xiang Han, the other person was ‘pi pa pi pa’, furiously typing away and completely failed to notice their arrival.
Xiang Han was full of curiosity and wanted to approach him but was held back by Lu Ze.
"Don’t disturb him." Lu Ze whispered.
"Oh." Xiang Han nodded and obediently stood aside.
Fortunately, the {Husky} noticed them at this time and got up to shake hands, signaling for the waiters to begin serving.
When Xiang Han shook hands with him, he clung to other person and refused to let go, his tone extremely agitated: "Great, great god, I have admired you for a long time."
System: [...] He obviously only heard of him half an hour ago. Doesn’t his conscience hurt to lie like this?
Lu Ze face also darkened but he continued to smile as he explained: "He is also a fan of Mr. Zhou." Then he lowered his voice and whispered to Xiang Han: "Still not letting go?"
Xiang Han reluctantly released his paws. {Husky} nodded in understanding and politely said: "Unfortunately, I did not bring a book today. If there is a chance in the future, I will send one to Mr. Xiang.”
“Really? That's sounds great. Let's exchange numbers.” Xiang Han was extremely excited and quickly took out his cell phone.
The veins on Lu Ze's forehead was tensed[2] as he waited for their exchange to be done and quickly interrupted the two as he began to talk about business.
In fact, the game has already started undergoing internal testing, but Lu Ze felt that although the beta tests had some form of resemblance to the scenes in the book, it was still lacking in some areas. {Ten Thousand Worlds} existed in the memory of many youths back in their schooling days. Their main target consumer group were also these fans. Thus, he wanted to talk to the author about his intentions and ideas.
Xiang Han was not very familiar with the game {Ten Thousand Worlds}, but this did not stop him from listening to the {Huskies} thoughts and feelings. Therefore, he listened as he ate and gave a burp after he finished eating. He told his system with regret, “This body’s ability to take in food is really lacking."
[Mr. Xiang, the original host’s stomach was not good. You must quickly take medicine.] The system was very worried. When Xiang Han eats something, even ten cows cannot pull him back.
Xiang Han’s face instantly changed and rubbed his stomach: [Before you said it, it was still okay. After you mentioned it, I really feel like vomiting now.]
Saying this, he turned to look at Lu Ze and seeing as he did not notice, Xiang Han quickly sneaked away to the toilet and vomited madly. After vomiting, he took his medicine and rested for a while. Both his eyes were reddish and his legs had gone weak.
[Little nine, don’t find a host with stomach problems next time, too painful.]
System: [... told you not to eat so much.]
After returning to the private room, Lu Ze had just finished talking. {Husky} was very excited: “I have played the beta version before and I think it's pretty good. To tell the truth, the license for {Ten Thousand Worlds} was all signed to Shen Du Group, they are in charge of the movies, animation, and audio but they don’t pay much attention to the game and I also didn’t bother. At first, I thought that it would just be a page or a 2D game. I didn’t expect that you would think so highly of it and actually find me in person. After the beta tests, I believe that many fans will support it."
"Thank you, Mr. Zhou." Lu Ze smiled. After all, {Husky} was known to have 30 million fans on Weibo.
Wrapping up the discussion, Lu Ze turned around and saw Xiang Han leaning weakly against the chair. His eyes were red, as if he had been crying and looked like he had suffered greatly. Lu Ze’s heart skipped a beat as he asked, "What's wrong with you?"
The {Husky} also looked over curiously but Xiang Han quickly waved his hands dismissively. "Nothing, finished discussing?"
Lu Ze's brow furrowed and looked over at the dishes on the table. He suddenly recalled  Xiang Han leaving halfway through and instantly had an inkling.
The {Husky} nodded at the side and asked, "Is Mr. Xiang feeling alright?"
"I’m okay." Xiang Han shook his head. Hearing that they were finished, he couldn't help but worship him: "Great God, can I be your disciple?"
{Husky}: "Mr. Xiang also writes online novels?"
“Yeah." Xiang Han nodded and then shamefully admitted, "But... I'm in a bit of a slum."
System: [...] What did he mean by a bit? He nearly could not afford to eat anymore.
Lu Ze interrupted with a dark face: "I'm sorry, Mr. Zhou. His stomach is not good. He seems a little uncomfortable. We’ll be leaving first."
Xiang Han wanted to say that he was alright, but he was stunned by Lu Ze's expressionless face. His courage immediately wilted and he gave a weak wave: "Then, great God, we’ll chat again on Weibo."

After getting in the car, Lu Ze did not say a word but his whole body was exuding a cold aura. Seeing that the road was unfamiliar, Xiang hardened his scalp and bitterly asked, "Where are we going?"
"Hospital." Lu Ze spat out two words[3].
Xiang Han suddenly felt a little guilty and honestly admitted "I only ate a little too much, but after vomiting, I took medicine. I’m really alright now."
"Vomitted?" Lu Ze gritted his teeth.
"Uhh." Xiang Han shrunk his neck back, he decided that speaking less was better.
After confirming that Xiang Han was okay, Lu Ze eventually changed his route. Driving for a while, he said blankly: "Sometimes, what you see may not be true. For idols, you can just worship them online, there’s no need to interact with them in reality."
"What?" Xiang Han was taken aback.
Lu Ze said with a cold face: "I mean, what you like is just Mr. Zhou's work. Admiring him online is enough, meeting him in reality, there’s no need to.."
"No, no." Xiang Han quickly interrupted and said earnestly: "I only like the Great God’s ability to make money." The same word count of a book, but he cannot earn even the fraction of the other person.
Lu Ze was silent and gritted his teeth a moment later: "You can rest assured, in the future, I will not earn any less than him."
Alas, what did the target misunderstand this time? Or was he too shocked by the great god earlier on?
This time, as a friend, he felt the need to comfort Lu Ze. Thus, he nodded his head and said: "Okay, I believe you. You are much more amazing than him." This was the truth, later on, Tian Chen became the oligarch of the game industry.
Lu Ze's heart softened and his face gradually eased. Sure enough, Xiang Han still cared about him and trusts him. No matter the circumstances, his feelings had never changed.
Back home, Lu Ze worked overnight. The next day when he arrived at the company, he was particularly motivated. Several departments also followed him and worked overtime, sacrificing their sleep for several days. In order to be worthy of his double wages, these days, Xiang Han also diligently helped everyone to order delivery.

Because Lu Ze was too busy, Xiang Han went to work and got off work alone. On this day, just as he left the subway, Xiang Han was pulled into an alley and knocked out from behind. When he woke up, he saw Zhao Handong smiling and laughing at him from the other side of the room, standing behind a few big guys. At the side, there were several video filming equipment.
Xiang Han tried to move and found that his hand were tied. He suddenly had a bad feeling and asked his system: [Little nine, you guys will not just watch me get beat up, right?]

"We will close our eyes." Big A replied coldly.
[1] {Husky} is the name of the author
[2] His forehead tensed basically meant he was really annoyed
[3]医院: Hospital is two words in chinese

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