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The Emperor is an incapable ruler(16): Disobedient and rebellious Teacher Zhao

When the ministers heard Prince Liang had rebelled, they were all stunned.

Prince Liang? Didn’t he die a year ago?

And what the heck was this document saying?

The rebellious Minister Zhao seduced his master with his face and acted obscenely in the palace quarters, blatantly disregarding the law and order of the court. Not only did he not contribute to the country, he even harmed the Kingdom and incited the current monarch to commit regicide...his expedition in the southwest wasted the kingdom’s resources and depleted the national treasury.

Everything else aside, this matter of seducing the monarch with his face, acting obscenely in the palace...the ministers swept a glance across Zhao Ze, then to Xiang Han. They secretly thought, His Majesty was clearly more beautiful, right? Cough, cough!

Hou Yan, Assistant Minister of War, held up his tablet and stepped forward respectfully, “Your Majesty, Prince Liang has passed on, I’m afraid this matter is merely the work of rebels using Prince Liang’s name to cause dissent and riot against the government. The various divisions in the Northwest army have high regard for their soldiers, but they dare to conspire with the state capital to falsify truths and disregard the laws of the country. It is simply incorrigible. This minister sincerely beseeches Your Majesty to grant an imperial edict and allow the military to suppress these matters.”

The Minister of Revenue disagreed, “Your Majesty, the string of natural disasters are the driving force behind the citizen’s change in attitude and the ones most affected by this are refugees. The disasters are too frequent, leaving the people with no means of getting by. If we were to rashly suppress this, I’m afraid it will only further anger them, and this time, it will not only be the Northwest but even the refugees in other states that will be affected. In this old minister’s opinion, we should prioritise disaster aid to quell their unrest before attempting to suppress it.”

Xiang Han massaged his temple and turned to look at Zhao Ze. Zhao Ze hurriedly raised his tablet, his tone calm and unhurried, “Replying His Majesty, this minister believes that for a rebel to collaborate with the Northwest military in such a short period of time and even obtain the State Capital’s influence is simply not normal. For this ‘Prince Liang’ to be able to call upon the Northwest’s general, it might only mean... it isn’t a fake.”

Xiang Han abruptly sat up and asked in fright, “Minister Zhao means...imperial brother is still alive?”

When the ministers heard this, they immediately wished they could grab Zhao Ze and beat him up. Doesn’t he know the Emperor’s deep love for Prince Liang? He was even willing to overlook the attempted assasination. If it were really Prince Liang, would the Emperor be soft-hearted once more when it came to him?

It cannot be! No matter if it were true or not, they will not let it be the truth!

The Minister of War immediately raised his tablet and bitterly continued, “Your Majesty, everyone knows of the matter surrounding Prince Liang’s death. The situation in the military is only the result of rebels trying to incite dissatisfaction. Your Majesty cannot be soft-hearted and fall into their trap.”

The ministers all agreed and added, “Scheming and rebelling against the state is a grave crime, even if the other person is Prince Liang, but even more so if it’s a fake.”

Xiang Han was clearly in a dilemma. Ultimately, under the beseeching of his ministers, he ordered Zhao Ze to lead the imperial army and suppress the rebels as well as seek reinforcements from the southwest.

The imperial guards were directly under the Emperor’s command and to hand them over to Zhao Ze was a sign of his immense trust. Zhao Ze instantly knelt down and emotionally received the order. However, the Minister of War was unhappy. Once again, His Majesty had called for Minister Zhao, as if his department was lacking in manpower.

In reality, the problem in the southwest was not with the military, but the farmers. Zhao Ze’s main goal in this trip to the Northwest was not to suppress the situation but to distribute disaster aid as well as commercialise new crops.

Before they bid farewell, Xiang Han personally accompanied him out of the capital and earnestly repeated, “If it is really imperial brother, you must not hurt him.”

A few ministers’ hearts tightened when they heard this and secretly pulled Zhao Ze aside when Xiang Han did not notice, “No matter if he’s a real or a fake, you must not let him return alive.”

Zhao Ze smiled knowingly. In reality, the rebels had started to act the moment the imperial army moved.

When Xiang Han was sure that most of Prince Liang’s people had finally made their move, he directly sent a secret message to Wang Jun: time to move.

The troops came in the night and Prince Liang didn’t even have the time to put his pants on properly before he was rescued by his shadow guards with his bare ass exposed.

Wang Jun got the news and felt immense hatred. He had wanted to capture Prince Liang to show off his accomplishment to Xiang Han, but did not expect the cooked goose could still fly away. He could only order his men to give chase.

Wang Jun led the northwest army and once he had turned to side with the Emperor, Prince Liang found himself lacking talented manpower. Aside from the State capital’s military force, the group of rebels which had come together fell apart in disorganisation, like a headless bunch of people. They were not only difficult to control but also wasted precious grains to keep them alive.

Prince Liang had been imprisoned in Chang’an by Xiang Han for many years and through much difficulty, he was finally able to obtain some resources. There was no way he could bear to use it to raise an army. In most cases, the government officials would eat till they’re full while the soldiers could only eat a little less. While the officials ate to their heart’s content, soldiers would only have scraps.

In the first place, those rebels could not continue living their current way of life and thus went to the military in order to pick up scraps and fill their stomachs. They were not particularly supportive of Prince Liang and furthermore, after Wang Jun crossed to the other side, the quality of their meals began to fall. Often, they had to go hungry while other times, they could fill their stomachs. During war, they had to rush to the frontlines and use their lives to protect the officials. Even taking into account the constant threat of death, their lives were still not smooth, having  to endure others’ disdain and sharp tongues. Gradually, their enthusiasm faded.

Zhao Ze brought disaster relief with him wherever he went and offered amnesty to the rebel soldiers, furiously propelling Xiang Han’s image as a benevolent sovereign. By the time he slowly arrived in the Northwest, Wang Jun had already more or less defeated the remaining soldiers scattered all about.

After Zhao Ze arrived, he unabashedly reaped the fruits of his labour and surrounded Prince Liang alongside his troops and warhorses in the city.  They only surrounded and did not attack. In the end, Prince Liang starved to death and the soldiers beheaded him, opening the city gates in celebration.

Zhao Ze left behind some rations and led the army to return to Chang’an, angering Wang Jun till his gut hurt. As for the rebel soldiers, they were all put to work and sent to clear the wastelands, plowing the ground to cultivate sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes and the like were easy to grow and had a high yield.

Much of the farmland and their crops had been destroyed by the natural disasters and it was too late to start planting them now. Besides, whatever could be eaten had already been eaten, not even tree bark was spared, so how could there be anything left to grow? Thus, in this window of time, growing sweet potatoes, corn, and potatoes could not be any better. Since the government was giving out these seeds and seedlings, why not?

In these few months, Zhao Ze had been running all over the kingdom and lost a lot of weight. When he finally returned to Chang’an, he found out that Xiang Han had been spending his days with Luo Bai, eating, drinking, and playing his fill. His days were simply too good.

They were comfortable, but Zhao Ze was not. Within two days of his return, Zhao Ze directly kicked Luo Bai to work on commercialising the crops in Jiang Nan before dragging the little Crown Prince away to study.

Although Xiang Han could not bear to part with Luo Bai, when he saw how Zhao Ze had lost weight and his whole person had darkened since returning from an exhausting expedition, he could not help but ache for him. In the end, he simply acquiesced.

The little Crown Prince was extremely depressed. It’s bad enough that he did not have his imperial father to accompany him, now without Luo Bai, he also could not have any snacks. He silently made a mark for Teacher Zhao in his heart and felt that what Prince Liang had said was not wrong. Teacher Zhao was indeed seducing his master, seducing his imperial father while neglecting him, even sending Little Bai away.

After Xiang Han learnt that the Prince Liang who had committed treason was the real person and had even been killed by rebels, he was in ‘grief’ and did not attend morning court for many days.

But the truth is, he was pressed on the Dragon Bed by a certain person seeking compensation and done until he could not even get up.

After Xiang Han ‘grieved’ for a few days, the ministers knelt outside his palace and bitterly persuaded him to return to court.

Prince Liang was dead and his last and most trusted aide surrendered. The mastermind behind the conspiracy to destroy the three great ministers that year was exposed. Xiang Han was ‘shocked’ and after ‘hurting’, he could only strip him of his title and declare that he would never be buried in the royal tomb.

After settling the matters of Prince Liang, he began to restore the three former assistant ministers. He first promoted Zhao Ze into Head of Secretary where he officially gained the respectful title of Prime Minister before granting Prime Minister Sun, his wife, and his daughter an imperial mandate.

It is said that that year Wang Jun was sentenced to death, Zhao Ze had secretly rescued him and allowed him to enter the army under a different name. And during Prince Liang’s rebellion, he was the one who had contributed greatly as the main force that annihilated Prince Liang.

Xiang Han magnanimously expressed his understanding that Wang Jun had only been led astray by Prince Liang previously and, having proved his loyalty and made a grand contribution, it was enough to offset his crimes. His position as Marquis of Wei Yuan manor was rightfully reinstated to the Wang Family.

As for Zhao Ze, he had disobeyed the imperial edict and secretly saved the criminal but was also pardoned. He was rebuked a couple of times but mostly, it was just for formality's sake.

Wang Jun was beside himself with happiness. That year, he brought his family back to Chang’an and from then on, the Wang family continued to guard the northwest for many generations to come, their loyalty towards the monarch unwavering.

In less than two years, Luo Bai returned from Jiang Nan. When he came back, Xiang Han and the Crown Prince were elated, from time to time, they would summon him into the palace and let him cook a couple of dishes.

Zhao Ze felt unwell again. He finally had the time to accompany Xiang Han for meals, but in the end, Luo Bai was always there, irking his eyes.

Therefore, that very night, he began his pillow talk once more. “Your Majesty, Minister Luo is an important minister in the court, yet he is constantly summoned into the palace to cook. It is not too appropriate.”

“It’s alright. Little Bai doesn’t mind. He really likes cooking.” Xiang Han said, his mind half-muddled.

He was still calling him Little Bai? Zhao Ze gritted his teeth and snuggled closer, rubbing his body all over while enticing him in a seductive voice, “Your Majesty, didn’t you intend to establish a navy previously? In the last two years, the state’s treasury has been replenished…”

Fried crabs?

Xiang Han’s mind instantly cleared up. He hurriedly smacked his hand away and asked with excitement, “Minister Zhao thinks it’s possible?”

“Of course!” Zhao Ze nibbled on his lips and ambiguously replied, “Minister Luo is familiar with the ocean’s climate and his last voyage has given him plenty of experience facing pirates. This minister thinks that if the kingdom is to build a navy, he is the most suitable to be appointed to oversee the process.”

Saying this, he rocked his body and entered an unprecedented depth. Xiang Han cried out and panted, tightly grabbing onto the sheets of the Dragon Bed, too exhausted to spare any energy towards thinking. He only felt that what Zhao Ze said...seemed to be logical.

Thus, Luo Bai had only returned for less than half a year before he was tragically sent to the coastal regions.

The day he departed, the little Crown Prince personally sent him off. He pulled Luo Bai’s hands with sympathy and choked out, “Little Bai, you’ve worked hard. Don’t worry, wait for me to grow up and I’ll definitely the chase the rebellious and disobedient Teacher Zhao out of the palace and bring you back. Also, when you have the time, don’t forget to make some biscuits and let the relay horses bring it back at the fastest speed…”

Luo Bai, “...” The emotions he had previously disappeared into thin air.

Ten years later, the crown prince turned 16 and could finally enter court. His favourite pastime was to disregard Minister Zhao, the Head of Secretary.

When he finally replaced Minister Zhao’s position and forced him to retire, his heart was at bliss. He secretly found Xiang Han and suggested, “Imperial father, Little Bai...cough, Minister Bai has been in the military for many years. Isn’t it time to transfer him back? The Ministry of Revenue is currently lacking in manpower.”

Xiang Han closed his little yellow book on court romance and shook his head, “No need, Zhen has other arrangements for him.”

The crown prince frown and felt that this matter was better to be taken step-by-step. Therefore, he asked once more, “Imperial father, did you see the edict regarding Teacher Zhao’s retirement?”


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