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The villain and the protagonist are a family(13): It's not good to refuse treatment ah~


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“???” Xiang Han was stunned, and the book in his hand nearly fell out. This rascal… actually remembered?

Frozen for half a day, he forced himself to regain his composure and exhaled deeply, “Oh, it seems that you really did. But I didn’t hear properly, I think you mistook me for someone else and even intended to gift the company to them.”

Until now, he was still a little unhappy. Picking up his book to continue his pretense, he took the chance to remind him, “I think you’ve forgotten but the company is under the Jiang Group. You can manage it, but you don’t get to make the decision in terms of ownership.”

It was Zhou Yue Ze’s turn to be shocked. He suddenly understood everything. No wonder Jiang Han was unhappy, it was because he didn’t hear clearly and misunderstood, thinking that he was confessing to someone else, and even wanting to give away the company that he had given him as practice.

Zhou Yue Ze understood, no wonder he had been kicked after his confession. Under that sort of situation, anyone would also want to kick the other person. He immediately became frustrated. A good confession had been ruined by him just like that. Indeed, alcohol led to mistakes.

He quickly tried to explain, “Sir, I never thought of giving the company to anyone else.”

Hmm? Xiang Han lifted his head in confusion. Could it be that because he had been exposed and felt guilty? Trying to save himself?

Zhou Yue Ze sucked in a breath and carefully explained, “In the past one year, I have spent a lot of effort on this company, working hard to bring it to success. It was actually… all for you.”

Xiang Han: ???

Zhou Yue Ze suddenly knelt down in front of him, his hands on his knees and his head raised. Looking deeply at him, he slowly said, “I wanted to give you a perfect answer and let you know that I’m not worthless. I’m not someone who can only rely on you. That’s because… I also like you, I wanted to prove to you that I’m a person capable of standing beside you, of equal footing and not… like those lovers of yours in the past.”


The book in Xiang Han’s hands fell to the ground and he suddenly felt a little dizzy. What was going on? Who is he? Where is this place? What was he doing?

En, he was Xiang Han. He was in the game and currently raising a son. But why did this son suddenly confess to him? Faint!

Was it his method that was wrong, or the way he raised them wrong? Why did Zhou Yue Ze’s character suddenly go off track?  Wasn’t he supposed to loathe Jiang Han and even be deeply disgusted by him?

[Little Nine, there’s an emergency, I need help. Has this child transmigrated?] He was astonished and utterly confused, unsure of how to answer.

[Let me see…] The System was also in a dilemma, could it be that the data had been tampered with?

[Don’t bother looking, there’s no problem with the data.] Big A suddenly came online and said after a moment, [Probably, his feelings grew over this period of time. After all, you are the only person who cares for him in this world.]

[How could this be? I already said in the last world that I don’t want to be involved in another relationship.] Xiang Han’s heart was crumbling to pieces.

[This is also not our fault, Mr. Xiang. As per your wishes, we deliberately selected a character with the lowest chance of being liked by the protagonist. According to the original plot, there was no way the protagonist would confess to Jiang Han. As for why this happened, it’s probably… because of you.] Big A worked hard to push away the blame.

Xiang Han: Oh, so it’s my fault now?

Little B had also silently appeared, throwing away his conscience, he could not help saying, [Mr. Xiang, you don’t have to feel too bad, cough cough. Afterall, this is your first time raising a child and furthermore, the child is so big. Failing to keep within the limits is understandable, cough cough…]

Saying this halfway, he suddenly switched over to private chat and told Big A, [I can’t. My conscience hurts, Admiral Dean, I think it’s better if you do it…]

Big A coughed lightly and reminded him, [Mr. Xiang, things have already progressed to this stage. Analysing who is responsible for this is not important, what matters is that we should hurry and deal with it.]

Xiang Han: How depressing, TAT

Big A hesitated before continuing, [Actually, I feel that… accepting him is also not a big deal. After you complete the mission…]

[No way!] Xiang Han immediately rejected.

Big A quickly switched over to private chat and awkwardly said, [I’ve never been so shameless in my life.]

The System who had been stunned: So to say, why did the protagonist suddenly fall for Mr. Xiang? Ah, the human feelings are so complicated.

After his speech, Zhou Yue Ze was actually feeling anxious but when he saw Xiang Han’s frozen expression, he couldn’t help but laugh. This was the first time he had seen the other man lose his composure like that.

Could it be that he was too happy and unable to accept that it was real? Thinking of this possibility, he breathed a sigh of relief and then suppressed his thumping heart as he softly asked, “Sir?”

Xiang Han who was currently discussing it with big A and Little B finally came back to reality and then without thinking, he took a step back, raised his leg and kicked away the person pressing down on his knees. Afterward, his face was extremely cold, “What nonsense are you spouting?”

Zhou Yue Ze fell to the side, his face full of astonishment. Why did Jiang Han kick him again? Didn’t he like him?

Xiang Han had already gotten up and tidied his clothes. Lowering his head to glance at him, he unhappily said, “I’ve always treated you as my successor and raised you. You have never disappointed me, but this time…”

“Sir, don’t you like me?” Zhou Yue Ze could not help cutting him off.

Xiang Han was immediately stumped and then helplessly said, “Forget it. Probably because from a young age, there was no one to dote on you. I just treated you a little better, and you actually misunderstood. I have never liked you, I’ll just pretend I never heard this. In the future, don’t bring this matter up again.”

Zhou Yue Ze stared at him, unable to believe what he was hearing. “Then why did you help me at that time?”

Xiang Han saw his agitated expression, and his heart could not bear it but he still steeled his heart and said, “At that time, I saw you and felt that you were extremely pitiful. So, I just helped you in passing. Afterwards, I discovered that you were talented and decided to raise you as my successor. In reality, I only see you as a child, there was never any other feelings.”

After saying this, he did not give the other person an opportunity to reply and immediately left.

Zhou Yue Ze continued sitting on the ground with both his arms hanging by his side and suddenly trembled. At this moment, he didn’t even have the energy to stand up. His entire mind was thinking: Xiang Han doesn’t like him, he had always been misunderstanding all this time.

So it turned out to be the case, is that really the case?

After an unknown length of time, he finally regained his strength and left the villa in a daze, walking like a dead person.

Xiang Han stood by the window of the study and watched as he left. His heart was complicated and in the end, he instructed his bodyguards to follow him.

Big A: [You’re really not going to consider accepting him?]

[Not considering!] Xiang Han didn’t even pretend to think.

Big A: [It’s just a bunch of data. After analysing it, his similarity to Lu Ze is extremely high.]

Xiang Han: [...You can’t fool me.]

Big A: [...]

Zhou Yue Ze didn’t know how long he’d walked, only waking up when the sun was about to set.

He randomly found a bar and sat by the counter, drinking one glass after another. His brain continually replayed the same thought: Jiang Han didn’t like him, his effort all this year was just a joke. He had actually misunderstood and thought that that person liked him, he was such a joke...

While he was wallowing in his misery, a person suddenly took a seat beside him and after a moment, the person suddenly let out a cry and asked, “Aren’t you that… that person?”

Zhou Yue Ze furrowed his brows and picked up another cup, downing it immediately before ordering another.

The person who came quickly said, “Eric, count this drink on me.” Afterward, he shook Zhou Yue Ze, “Hey, do you still remember me? I’m Lu Yige.”

Zhou Yue Ze turned his head and upon seeing the doll-faced man, he quickly recalled this person. A hint of disgust flashed across his eyes… followed by jealousy. He could not help thinking, Lu Yige could at least follow behind Jiang Han but he could not even be compared to this lady boy.

Lu Yige saw his expression of bitterness and could not help rejoicing in his misfortune. “From your expression, you’ve finally been dumped by Jiang Han, ha ha…”

Zhou Yue Ze coldly spat, “Scram!”

Lu Yige unconsciously took a step back but when he saw the other person’s side profile and firm chest, he touched his heart and went forward, “Sigh, listen to me, little brother. There is no lack of grass by the horizon[1], why do you have to brood over a single flower? Jiang Han, that pervert, only likes to watch others self X and never does it himself. What’s there for you to miss? It’s such a waste for a person like you, to be not a top[2]. Let me tell you, once you taste…”

“What did you just say?” Zhou Yue Ze suddenly turned around and asked, his brows pinched.

“Ah, I said it’s such a waste for you to not be a top…” Lu Yige swallowed his saliva. He never thought that the beautiful youth from that year would be so substantial. In the circle, such a top was rare and he had already been waiting for a long time.

“I’m talking about the line before that, Jiang Han has never done it with you, ever?”

“Huh, y-yes. Not just me, my other “sisters” are also the same. We are all guessing that he can’t do it.”

Zhou Yue Ze suddenly felt as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning. Jiang Han… can’t? W-Was this real? He suddenly remembered that night, the other man had clearly been aroused but that part of his did not have any sort of reaction.

Zhou Yue Ze felt enlightened. Was this why Jiang Han rejected him? Such a proud person, if this was truly the case, Xiang Han would never want to let him know, and thus found an excuse to reject him. Everything made sense.

Zhou Yue Ze continued to find many instances supporting his conjecture, then left the bar like a gust of wind, completely forgetting that before he went into the Jiang Family, Jiang Han already… had that problem.

Returning to the Jiang Family’s villa, he earnestly drank the bowl of sobering soup and then took a bath before he went to find Xiang Han. “Sir, I won’t give up, no matter what the reason is, I just like you. It’s alright even if you can’t accept me, I’ll continue to work hard to make you accept me, and also...”

Speaking to this point, his expression turned hesitant, but after a moment of inner turmoil, he still gritted his teeth and kindly suggested, “Sir, it’s not good to refuse treatment. There are some things… you should see a doctor for.”

Saying this, he subconsciously glanced towards that part of Xiang Han.

At first, Xiang Han was still stunned and did not understand his words. But after his glance, his face heated up and he blew up, “Get lost immediately!”

End of Chapter 29

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[1]天涯何处无芳草: also means plenty of fishes in the ocean

[2]Written as number 1: but stands for top


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