Sickness Chapter 5

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1.5   Super aristocratic family 


Hao Ritian’s brain was still rather muddled, and he followed the child’s gaze down. Fuck. His chest was covered with blue and purple splotches, and there was actually dried wisps of blood too. All of that had been caused by the biting last night. After a few hours, these traces became deeper, looking quite ghastly.

Not only the chest, that beast had not even let off his thighs. From the top of his body to the bottom, there were quite a lot of places where they could be seen. Moreover, that fellow had not been polite at all, and was rough and wild when doing it——

However, that was just how he liked it. It was just the right flavour, hehe!

System, “…”

This host is already, thoroughly rotten.

When he looked up again, Hao Ritian noticed that the child was on the verge of tears. He hurriedly rubbed his head to comfort him, “No, no, how could your second uncle hit me?”

“Really?” Wei Lin asked softly.
Only then did Hao Ritian notice. The calm bearing the child had held, when he met him yesterday, was only for outsiders. For people he was close to, he would completely be like an adorable steamed bun.

He was a total sucker for this. He nodded, “Really, more real than even pearls.”

Wei Lin then set his heart at ease. He liked brother Yan a lot, and although second uncle was very terrifying, he also treated him very well. So, he liked second uncle too. He did not want the two people he liked to have conflicts.

Hao Ritian continued to put on the clothes. Okay, the underwear is big, the shirt is big, the pants are also big. Not one of them is small. But, thinking about the size last night, the underwear not being big would have been the real problem. It was still fine to make do with it. He would go out to buy some clothes in the afternoon.

When the clothes were on and he was about to go to the bathroom to wash up, Wei Lin tugged at the hem of his shirt, “If second uncle didn’t hit brother Yan, how come brother Yan has so many injuries?”

He had showered with brother Yan. Clearly, he did not have those last night.
“It’s nothing, children shouldn’t worry so much.” Unexpectedly, the child was still struggling with this problem. Hao Ritian caressed his head and went to the bathroom. If he continued asking, he wouldn’t know how to fool him.

Fortunately, Wei Lin was very well-behaved and did not ask him to make it clear to him. He just waited outside. Once Hao Ritian was done washing up, like a little tail, he grabbed the hem of his shirt and followed behind him. Hao Ritian did not reject him, bringing along this little tail downstairs.

While he was walking down the stairs, he noticed the man sitting in the living room, flipping over a newspaper. The feeling he gave off during the day was completely different from that of night. Because he was at home, he wore casual clothes. The way he read the newspaper with his legs crossed was able to convey a sense of sexiness to Hao Ritian. In short, he liked this man’s figure very much.

Perceiving someone staring at him, the man looked up and his gaze clashed with Hao Ritian. Hao Ritian was not shy at all, even deliberately throwing a flirty look at him. He brought Wei Lin and sat on one side of the sofa.
Wei Zhichen saw the clothes on him were entirely his and his eyes darkened, his mouth raised in a convivial smile. He was very patient with this lad who had a different personality from what was investigated, his voice was also mild, “Did you sleep well last night?”

Hao Ritian leaned on the couch, replying carelessly, “Whether I slept well or not, shouldn’t you be the clearest about that?”

The steward and the servants in the living room had long since been flabbergasted on seeing Hao Ritian wearing second master’s clothes. Especially, when those with sharp eyes spotted the ambiguous marks around his neck. After all, he had no intention of hiding and they were all adults. Who didn’t know how those marks came about?

They all knew that the second master was extremely fastidious, and let alone letting someone wear his clothes, he would be disgusted with even being touched. Now, Hao Ritian was wearing second master’s clothes, and clearly looked like he had slept with second master. Of course, he was scrutinized with all kinds of vague looks. What’s more, he had come out from second master’s bedroom, which was even more shocking.

Now hearing him, they could unexpectedly hear a hint of teasing in his words. Many were stupefied. Was the way they got out of bed today wrong? Otherwise, why would they see a boy treat second master with this kind of attitude?

Of course, there were some who held disdain for Hao Ritian. Though he had brought back the little young master, didn’t he still climb second master’s bed?

Wei Zhichen’s lips hooked up in a smile. He put his newspaper aside and patted the place beside him, “Come, sit over here!”

Hao Ritian rolled his eyes, “Why don’t you come over?”

He was tired, alright? He did not want to move at all!

The sound of the air-conditioner pouring cold air whirred. Hao Ritian raised his eyes but did not find where they were installed. Wei Zhichen did not put on any airs at all, actually listening to him and sitting next to him. Moreover, he pulled him into his embrace with his hand. He gently stroke the smooth side of his face and moved him to his side, staring into his eyes and joking, “That’s true, I am indeed clear that a certain somebody was sleeping like a piggy last night, even grinding his teeth in his sleep and snoring.”
Hao Ritian, “…”

He wasn’t born yesterday. He had never slept strangely. Not to mention grinding his teeth and snoring, even turning over was rare for him!

Noticing the eyes of the steward who was looking over had gone wide open, the corners of Hao Ritian’s mouth twitched, and he shouted, “Could I trouble you to get me a cup of coffee, please!”

He was not truly a fool. No matter if it was the steward, or the other servants, he could guess half the reasons for their reactions. It was merely because he did not take it seriously, so he did not care about how others thought.

To speak of Hao Ritian, he was a really a cold-hearted person. This mission world was no different from a game to him. He would take the people around him in his eyes, but not into his heart. It was not only the mission world, this held true for his real world as well.

The most appropriate term to describe him would be solipsistic.

From this manor alone he could guess that the Wei family was absolutely not an ordinary family in the imperial capital. At least, it was much stronger than the original host’s Yan family. And Wei Zhichen, as the master of this place, his family background was self-evident.
Such a man, who had both looks and money. Hao Ritian did not have to think to know that there must be many people who came wave after wave, to send themselves over to him. In the eyes of others, he too is but one among them.

However, Hao Ritian paid no heed to what others thought. He simply believes that going to bed with this man was comfortable, and sought nothing more from him. Which is why he did whatever he wanted, no need to butter up to anyone. For him, buttering up to others was as hard as asking for his life. There was no way he would do it.

Living in the present and enjoying the present, this was his approach to life.

When the steward snapped back to his senses and went to make Hao Ritian’s coffee, Wei Zhichen’s fingers were already placed over the traces on Hao Ritian’s neck. He softly rubbed them a few times, a trace of satisfaction showing in his eyes. These marks belonged to him.

“Alright, stop touching. Aren’t you bored!” Rubbed again and again, Hao Ritian was impatient, directly shaking off his hand.

“Heh——” Wei Zhichen was somewhat amused, would this count as the after-sex cold shoulder?

Clearly, he had been as passionate as fire last night, and today, he turned his face and refused to admit. What a heartless fellow!

“Alright, I won’t bother you.” Wei Zhichen shook his head as though he was helpless and once again drew him into his arms.

Hao Ritian did not refuse. A human flesh pillow was quite comfy. He chose a comfortable position to nestle in his embrace, enjoying this never-before-had feeling.

Once he settled in his position, he heard the man’s deep voice rumble over his head, “Thank you for helping Wei Lin yesterday.”

Hao Ritian declined to comment and raised his brow, “What was going on?”

If at first he still thought he had done a rare good deed yesterday, he was no longer that narcissistic upon arriving with the boy to the Wei family’s. How could such a family really let Wei Lin, this little young master, run out? There must have been someone following and protecting him in secret. There was no doubt about this.

He knew he hit the nail on the forehead the moment the man spoke up.

At the sound of his name being mentioned by his second uncle, Wei Lin very slightly shrank his neck. He had run out in a fit of pique yesterday, and now he was a bit scared. Not because of the danger he had met with, the previous day, but of his second uncle’s anger. His second uncle’s anger was too terrifying.

“The person who wanted to catch Wei Lin yesterday is called Cheng Feng, he's just the president of a small company. Because of improper management, the company went bankrupt and the accounts were included into the Wei corporate group. He just so happened to see Wei Lin, and when he discovered that no one was around him, it gave rise to bad intentions within. He wanted to kidnap Wei Lin for blackmail, but you ruined that.” Wei Zhichen understated it as he explained. Very obviously, he did not take it seriously.

Not long after the previous day’s matter, he got a call from the police station and soon learned about the details clearly. Such a trivial matter was not put in his heart at all.

Certainly, Cheng Feng’s company going bankrupt was a bit indirectly related with the Wei corporate group. However, the main root cause lay with themselves. Wei Zhichen would not bear the responsibility for their resentment.

It was as Hao Ritian thought, there really had been someone secretly protecting Wei Lin. Even if he did not do anything, Cheng Feng would not have been able to make a ruckus.

Wei Zhichen’s eyes fell on Hao Ritian. The only surprise in this incident was meeting this interesting lad. At least for now, this lad was very appetising to him.

Hao Ritian gave an ‘Oh’ and did not intend to ask in detail. He was not the type of person who loves to get into the whys and wherefores of something. As long as the result was good, he did not mind the process.

Just then, the steward delivered the coffee. Hao Ritian thanked him and the tip of his nose twitched. Hmm, a very pure fragrance. From the smell, it should be Jamaican Blue Mountain, not bad.

Wei Zhichen watched the tip of the lad’s nose twitch and inexplicably thought of a little squirrel. Very cute, he gave a soft laugh. His gaze turned to Wei Lin and his eyes slightly converged, “Don’t go casually running around in the future, remember to take bodyguards with you when going out.”

Although his voice was still mild, Wei Lin still unconsciously straightened up, “Yes, second uncle.”

He did not really think second uncle was easy to talk to because his voice was warm. So, he felt heartfelt admiration for brother Yan who dared to pull a long face at his second uncle.
Soon it was lunchtime and Hao Ritian also did as he had intended. After eating lunch at the Wei’s, he prepared to leave.

“Brother Yan, you’re going?” Wei Lin pulled Hao Ritian’s finger, rather reluctant to part.

But this time, Hao Ritian did not plan to follow along with him. He gently flicked his forehead, “Yup, I’ll come find you to play when I have time.”

He was a man with a mission, how could he think only of playing?

System, “You still remember you have a mission? I thought you were indulging in pleasure and forgetting duty?”

Hao Ritian, “That’s over the line. Am I such a person who has no sense of priority?”

System, “Yes, you are.”

Hao Ritian, “Alright, alright, alright, whatever you say.”

System, “…”

What’s with this helpless and indulgent tone? It was like it was the one making unreasonable trouble. That's simply too ineffable!

“Brother Yan has to remember to come look for me.” Wei Lin somewhat pitifully demanded.

Hao Ritian firmly replied, “No problem.”

After appeasing Wei Lin, Hao Ritian did not forget Wei Zhichen and blew him a kiss, “When I need to, I’ll come find you again!”

System, “…”

Look, and you still say you aren’t indulging in pleasure and forgetting duty. You even found yourself a fuckbuddy.

Wei Zhichen gave a slight smile, his eyes dark, “Okay, I'll be looking forward to it. Awaiting anytime.”

Hao Ritian was very satisfied. This frank and straightforward manner is pretty good.

He said he was leaving so he went. Hao Ritian no longer delayed and had the driver directly send him to a district exclusively for clothes, buying two to three sets of clothing for himself. Anyway, the weather was hot, the clothes were light and did not occupy much space. He immediately put on one set of the clothes and stuffed Wei Zhichen’s clothes, which he changed out of, into a bag, and went to a five star hotel.

He had absolutely no intention of returning to the Yan House.
He ran away seemingly rash, bringing nothing with him like a teenager who had left his home because his heart had been hurt by his father. But in fact, as long as he brought his wallet and phone, he did not need to bring anything else.

How could Hao Ritian possibly treat himself badly? He absolutely could not forget to bring his wallet. There were several bank cards inside, two of which Yan Yongan was not eligible to freeze. One had been given to him by his maternal grandfather and one by his mother, so Hao Ritian was not at all worried about spending money.

He ordered a presidential suite, booking it for a month.

The presidential suite had everything he needed. Hao Ritian put away all his purchases and sat in front of a computer, beginning to search up information. He only received Yan Qi’s memories when he crossed over, and though Yan Qi was the young master of a wealthy family, he had only just become an adult and was still in school. What he knew was little and he did not have much understanding towards the structure of the capital.

However, that was out of the question for Hao Ritian. He had a strong desire for control and had to be in control of everything that he could. At the least the Wei family which he just got into contact with, was not mentioned in the plot the system provided him. But this did not mean the Wei family’s status was low, on the contrary, it should be that the Wei family’s status was far too high.

The system only gave out plot related to the task and the task revolved around Yan Qi, or more specifically, the Yan family plus Cheng Nian, the scum man who deceived Yan Qi. There was nothing on anything else.
And the Yan family could barely count as a third-rate family in the imperial capital. Yan Qi’s life tragedy was nothing more than a farce in the eyes of others.

Hao Ritian shook his head, feeling hate for iron not becoming steel towards Yan Qi. The cause of Yan Qi’s tragedy, other than the harm inflicted on him by others, was partly due to his personality. His biggest mistake was his inability to stand up for himself.

His hands flew quickly over the computer, his ten fingers on the keyboard tapping like they were dancing. Hao Ritian took only an hour to get a general layout of the structure of the capital.

Touching his chin, Hao Ritian heaved a sigh. The Wei family in the capital was a behemoth. An absolute, super influential family. No wonder the steward and the servants had such a large reaction when he stayed over at the Wei’s house. The present head of the family was second master Wei, Wei Zhichen. Second master Wei was already not just a golden bachelor, even calling him a diamond bachelor may not be too ridiculous.

Who would have thought that casually picking up a child would get him involved with the super influential Wei family? If that scum father of his and his family of four with that mistress were to know, Hao Ritian couldn’t help smiling, that would surely be interesting!

 End of Chapter 5



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