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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Target Chapter 3

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations :)
Chapter 3

The moment Xiang Han entered the grand station, he immediately felt better.
"This smell..." He took a deep breath and said excitedly: "So fragrant! Little nine, you really didn't lie to me."
The system was flustered: [According to the collected data, the smell of the waiting hall should not be that good.]
"No, no." Xiang Han shook his head and disagreed, saying: "It smells really good.”
He sniffed a few more times, following the smell until he reached its source.
Outside the supermarket, a couple of middle-aged men dressed in dark clothes leaned against the wall. They each held a styrofoam box in their hands with lowered heads as they blew on it. There was even a leather luggage beside them.
The fragrant scent was coming from those cartons. Xiang Han had to swallow his saliva and finally went forward and asked, "Big brother, what are you eating?"
One of them looked up and glanced at his clothing, ridiculing: "A rich boy who doesn’t even know what instant noodles is? Tch."
Instant noodles? But it looks very different from the one in the Federation.
Xiang Han held his stomach and swallowed the saliva in his mouth, asking, "Then where can I buy it?"
"The supermarket over there." The middle-aged voice was vague as he ate.
Xiang Han was very grateful: "Thanks, brother."
After he finished, he immediately walked towards the supermarket. The system was helpless: [It's just instant noodles, Haven’t you eaten it before in the Federation?]
"Eaten before, but it's not the same thing. The ones that the Federal Government sells does not smell as good.” After finding the shelves of instant noodles, Xiang Han suddenly noticed: "So many flavours?"
After a long time, he finally chose the spicy beef flavor because the packaging was similar to the one the middle-aged man was eating, the taste certainly cannot be bad.
While queuing to pay, he was a little nervous and could not help but ask the system: "Little nine, do you think it will be very expensive? I remember in the Federation, a pack costs more than two hundred dollars."
It must be said that his monthly consumption was only at most two thousand dollars, that was including rent.
In the federation, plants were extremely scarce and unsuitable for using in food production. Only on rare occasions he would be willing to buy these expensive things such as instant noodles. Normally, he would only drink a nutrient drink.
The system felt helpless: [Mr. Xiang, the main ingredients used in instant noodles here are different from those used in the Federation, they have no nutritional value and are thus very cheap.]
"Oh, that’s great news." Xiang Han nodded.
When he was paying, he was in a daze and each step felt like he was floating. He could not stop chanting: "It's really cheap, Little nine, so we must buy more."
The system reminded him:[Mr. Xiang, the instant noodles here should not be eaten regularly as it is not good for the body.]

Xiang Han did not listen at all and when the cooking began, his eyes were glued: “Indeed they are not the same, really not the same. The federation’s instant noodles are flaky, and the ultra-thin noodles would often get soggy.”
After cooking, he took a deep breath again, a face full of satisfaction: "It's so fragrant even without seasoning."
[009, analyze the raw materials and nutritional value of the ingredients in these instant noodles.] Big A suddenly appeared.
[Understood.] The system’s tone suddenly became mechanical.
Xiang Han could not hear their conversation, happily holding his instant noodles as he walked towards the wall. Poking the middle aged man from earlier, he asked “Brother, can you move over a little?”
The middle-aged man looked at him in curiosity, moving to the side and asked: "Young man, are you running away from home or experiencing life?"
Xiang Han wolfed down his food, the small fork in his hand waving excitedly about as his face was full of emotions: "Brother, I’m hiding from someone."
"Oh." The middle-aged man responded, then asked, "Is that him?"
Xiang Han immediately froze, a mouthful of noodles fell back in as he raised his head to look at the man approaching.
En, long legs, thin waist, broad shoulders, and good looks, just that he looked a little familiar.
"Does it taste good?" Lu Ze slowly opened his mouth and said in a magnetic voice, just not as low as it was at the bar.
Well, he also sounded a bit familiar.
"Good." Xiang Han praised without hesitation then scooted over and nicely asked, “Do you want some too?”
His previous blind date partners were correct. Sometimes, he was really helpful and caring, a gentleman... without the word, 'card'.
Looking at the cup of noodles floating in the red oil, Lu Ze momentarily remembered that he had just ‘spit' back a mouthful. His face suddenly changed, he suspected that Xiang Han was deliberately trying to disgust him.
Seeing his look of disgust, Xiang Han immediately took back his cup. He thought: If you don’t want it, forget it, okay? I would also rather not give you any.
After thinking this, he continued to move his small fork.
After discovering that Xiang Han had finished the instant noodle full of his saliva, Lu Ze's face became even more complicated and felt a queasy feeling in his stomach.
Xiang Han’s forehead was already drenched in sweat as he lifted the cup and drank the soup, not even leaving a drop.
Lu Ze’s gaze was attracted to the slender neck as his eyes began to follow the small movements of his throat and gradually darkened.
After finishing the soup, Xiang Han had a face of satisfaction as he squatted and licked the soup left at the corner of his lips. The pink tongue slid past his lips and in Lu Ze’s eyes, became something that was provocative and suggestive. However, Xiang Han was completely unaware, completely intoxicated by the instant noodles.
Lu Ze's mouth felt dry. He suddenly felt that saliva was not as disgusting anymore.
He felt that he was probably going crazy. After finding out that Xiang Han had beaten up Zhao Handong, he actually unknowingly followed him here. Now he actually mysteriously felt that Xiang Han was trying to seduce him. There was definitely something wrong, he had obviously just kissed another guy at the bar not long ago.
He stepped forward and put one hand on his knee, staring at Xiang Han, his gaze dark.
Xiang Han was still relishing in the aftertaste of the noodles and was considering getting another cup. He was suddenly being stared at by a pair of eyes that seemed to want to swallow him whole and instantly shuddered. Looking at the other person's expression, he anxiously shouted for the system: "Little nine. Who is this person? What does he want?"
Lu Ze saw him with a look of fear, subconsciously withdrawing his anger and and slowly asked: "Why did you fight Zhao Handong?" Why did you threaten him not to find trouble with me? Didn’t you... like him before?
A week ago, Lu Ze had already heard rumours regarding Xiang Han and Zhao Handong. It was just that he had been too busy at the time to confront Xiang Han. He originally wanted to wait until this busy period was over before speaking to Xiang Han. However, he did not expect to see the scene at the bar.
He was not a person who can tolerate unfaithfulness, so he chose to break up. However, the situation now does not seem to be what he thought it was. Xiang Han seemed to not like Zhao Handong and only hit him in order to take revenge for him(LZ).
When Sun Shuya warned him about Xiang Han and Zhao Handong, he had also reminded him: Xiang Han had been seduced by the rich upper class. Today, he was infatuated with wealth and power, he was no longer the poor man who had worked hard on his own in order to get into to a prestigious school.
A few hours ago, when he saw Xiang Han in Zhao Handong’s arms, breaking up with him with a nonchalant attitude, he believed Sun Shuya's words. However, at this moment, he felt that there were many contradictions.
When he had been dating Xiang Han, hadn’t he always brought him to social events in order to familiarise him with his own circle and even often gifted him expensive gifts. Although there were admiration in Xiang Han’s eyes at that time, it was more of joy. Later, when he was thrown out from his house, Xiang Han also did not give up. Instead, he said that he would work hard together with him, but why has this suddenly changed?
Zhao Handong!
Lu Ze suddenly thought of this person and his heart suddenly understood.
Yes, it was Zhao Handong who disclosed the fact that he was dating Xiang Han to his father, forcing him out of the house. Could it be that Xiang Han knew of this matter and wanted to take revenge for him?
Even so, there was no need to break up? Lu Ze fell into deep thought again.
If Xiang Han knows what he was thinking, he would definitely laugh loudly three times and tell him: You are thinking too much!
The original host had planned to share the difficulties with Lu Ze at the beginning. However, when Zhao Handong tempted him, his thoughts changed. This had nothing to do with retaliation at all.
However, Xiang Han now did not know that the man in front of him was Lu Ze. Seeing that somebody had found out that he had hit Zhao Handong, his expression suddenly changed to panic: “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”
In a flash, numerous thoughts flashed through Xiang Han’s mind: What does this person want to do? Could he be Zhao Handong's people? Since he knows of this matter but did not call the police, could it be that he wants to blackmail him or force him to expose himself...
Seeing that he was flustered and refused to admit it, Lu Ze was even more sure that Xiang Han was deliberate. He had deliberately hooked up with Zhao Handong, intentionally allowing himself to be misunderstood, then broke up with him...
But why did he want to do this? Lu Ze suddenly remembered that when he had just moved out from his villa and into a narrow rented room, Xiang Han had been extremely guilty: “If our relationship had not been discovered, you will still be the Lu Family’s young master, live in a villa and drive around in a sports car. ”
At that time, he thought that Xiang Han could not accept the change and was unhappy. Looking back now, he had a completely different thought: Did he think that as long as they broke up, he will be able to return to the Lu Family?
Really silly, Lu Ze's eyes were complicated. The family had already been unable to tolerate him for a long time. The situation of homosexuality was just an excuse. Even if they broke up, that woman would not let him return. Moreover, he did not want to go back.
It has to be said that Lu Ze’s thoughts had already shot through the sky. Xiang Han still had a look of tension but at this moment, the system just had to disconnect.
Afterward, Xiang Han did not know why, perhaps it was due to his anxiety but he suddenly felt a wave of pain in his stomach as his face paled, breaking into a cold sweat.
"What's wrong?" Lu Ze's face changed. He leaned forward and held his shoulders.
Xiang Han just kept shaking his head, desperately shouting for the system. At this time, his face was contorted in pain and felt that his pain was only increasing with time.
Lu Ze was even more nervous and kept asking, "What happened? Where does it hurt? Let’s get to the hospital first..."
Xiang Han’s head shook even more fiercely. He just had forced out a word 'no', before he spat out blood that was mixed with instant noodles residue and chili skin.
“Ah, he’s even vomiting blood?” the middle-aged man next to him exclaimed in shock. Passers-by gathered about, giving advice and asking if they needed help.
Lu Ze's eyes narrowed as he directly carried Xiang Han in his arms. Xiang Han was still confused, thinking that he had come to catch him and was struggling desperately.
"Stop moving." Lu Ze was having difficulty holding him.
The system finally came back online: [Mr. Xiang, what’s happening?]
"Quickly, this person wants to kidnap me. He may be Zhao Handong’s people." He hurriedly called for help.
System: [...Mr. Xiang, he is Lu Ze.]
"Ah?" Xiang Han instantly froze in shock and no longer thrashed about.
Seeing him finally calm down, Lu Ze let out a sigh of relief and said to the person next to him, "Have to trouble you to help me call for an ambulance."
After that, he carried Xiang Han and hurriedly left. Xiang Han weakly said: "But I already bought the ticket and it is going to leave soon. This ticket was really expensive..."
Lu Ze was furious: "Is your life or money more important?"
T/n: Hope Y'all haven't waited too long for this chapter eheh(sweats nervously) was gonna update TPWSTKMFFMI but has not yet been edited so here I am.



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