Target Chapter 2

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The Male lead's ex-boyfriend(2): Relax, I know my limits


When it came to someone like Zhao Handong, Xiang Han really just wanted to ignore him but occasionally, he had thoughts of killing the man. Even though he was scum, eventually, he successfully whitewashed himself and turned into a proper gong. Xiang Han had no idea who wrote the plot for this world, but that person must have been blind. He assumed that if this author had a blog, he would probably be berated to death by the readers.

Although Xiang Han was very tempted to murder this person, he still kept in mind the reason for his arrival. If Zhao Handong ended up being the target that needed saving, wouldn’t killing him be equivalent to forfeiting the task?

[Little Nine, who is the target of this story?] Xiang Han asked before plotting.

[It is Lu Ze, Mr. Xiang.] The system replied.

[Oh, that’s great.] Xiang Han was relieved. Thankfully, it wasn’t that scum.

No, wait a minute. It’s Lu Ze?

[Little Nine, why didn’t you say so earlier? Didn’t I just offend him?]

[That’s not your doing, it was the original host’s fault.] The system told him.

Xiang Han’s heart felt stuffy. He’d done nothing yet somehow, he had already offended the target. How could he save the plot now?

[It’s okay, the mission’s requirement is to help the target obtain love instead of rejecting the emotion which results in a lonely ending. Now that you’ve broken up with the target, it’s best to unite him with the protagonist so you two don’t end up together again. This should clear the objective.] The system comforted him.

[That makes sense.] Xiang Han was enlightened but quickly disagreed once more, [Wait, that's not right, there’s still an obstacle called Zhao Handong.]

Zhao Handong, who was walking with Xiang Han, noticed him growing increasingly dissatisfied. He immediately pinched his chin and with a frown asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Xiang Han was pulled back to reality and thought to himself, wouldn’t eliminating this burden help Lu Ze overcome any hindrance?

The system was aware of the dangerous situation developing inside Xiang Han’s head so it hurriedly warned, [Mr. Xiang, this is a public domain and we’re in full view. Many people are watching and we’re a long-standing, long standing… long…]

[Relax, I know my limits.] Smiling coldly, Xiang Han turned to face Zhao Handong and secretly increased his spiritual force. In this moment, a light flashed through his eyes as he spoke with a faintly seductive voice, “How about we leave first?”

Zhao Handong’s mind was slightly groggy and he unconsciously agreed, “Okay.”

The system was still shouting, [Mr. Xiang, he is the main character. You can’t kill—]

[Is that so?] Xiang Han felt that it was truly a pity, [Relax, I know when to stop.]

The system was slightly relieved. [Then you have to control yourself and hold back a little.]

Once they left the bar, a cool breeze blew, abruptly waking up Zhao Handong. He looked over at Xiang Han and his eyes suddenly filled with vigilance, “You–“

Zhao Handong couldn’t fathom why he had listened to Xiang Han. He even ended up following him to this secluded corner. 

Xiang Han smiled, revealing two small, white teeth. He lifted his leg and landed a hard kick on Zhao Handong who was caught off guard. He instantly suffered a blow. 

“Ah!” He groaned in agony, immediately bending over to grab a certain place. He trembled with pain as he stood unsteadily.

“Xiang Han!” His eyes flashed menacingly as he gritted his teeth, “Are you fucking tired of living?”

“How is that possible? I’m very scared of death.” Xiang Han appeared fearful, just short of quivering.

However, taking advantage of when Zhao Handong was still bent over, Xiang Han aimed another kick and warned, “You better stop finding trouble with Lu Ze, or else…” He smiled, eyes blazing. Increasing his spiritual pressure, he threatened once more, “The next time it won’t be as simple as a little bit of pain.”

The main point was that he wouldn't find trouble for Lu Ze.

Meeting Xiang Han’s gaze, Zhao Handong unexpectedly shuddered, but the ache slowly brought back his senses. 

Recalling what Xiang Han had just said, he sneered sarcastically, “Why? Are you really trying to get back together with him? I only humored you for a few days and now you think you’re so special? Fuck…”

“Really dirty.” Xiang Han covered his ears. Just then, his eyes caught a plastic bag blowing over the wall. Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in his head, making his eyes light up.

Zhao Handong was still scolding angrily when a dirty plastic bag was quickly stuffed into his mouth. Instantly, he flew into a rage. Meanwhile, Xiang Han had raised another leg and kneed Zhao Handong’s lower body, he happily unbuckled his belt. Zhao Handong screamed in misery. His future was almost rubbish, how could he have any energy left to resist?

No one noticed when, but Lu Ze had suddenly appeared in the alleyway. When he saw the scene in front of him, his eyes expressed a profound look.

The system promptly reminded, [Mr. Xiang, someone came!]

Xiang Han didn’t pay any attention to the system. Once he removed Zhao Handong’s belt, he used it to tie his hands behind him. But from Lu Ze’s point of view, he was riding Zhao Handong; reaching for his belt while leaning over to press him down.

Lu Ze’s face was a little green. He regretted his words once he left the bar and realized it was unsafe for Xiang Han to stay there. Especially since Zhao Handong - a cold-blooded animal capable of anything - was beside him.

Thinking about it, he’d known Xiang Han for a considerably long time so even if they broke up, he couldn’t just sit still as the other person jumped into a fire pit. Hence, his conscience brought him back.

But when he returned, he immediately regretted it. Especially considering how Xiang Han was eagerly outside and in full view…

Fuck. Did Zhao Handong really not have the money to buy a room? Lu Ze rarely cursed, he turned around to walk away.

However, just as he took two steps, he heard two ‘pa pa’, followed by Xiang Han’s voice.

“Did you think scum like you could compare to Lu Ze? I was just using you, stupid.”

The reason why Xiang Han said this was because what Zhao Handong hated the most was people saying that Lu Ze was better than him. He knew that doing so would spite him even more.

Sure enough, once Zhao Handong heard this sentence, his body shook and his entire face distorted. But because his mouth was blocked, only a “wu wu” sound could be heard.

Lu Ze suddenly stopped in his tracks, doubts springing up in his heart.

Afterwards, Xiang Han got up and wiped his hands clean. “Today’s just a small lesson. In the future you better not find trouble for Lu Ze again.”

Zhao Handong glared at him fiercely but Xiang Han was too lazy to deal with him any further. Remembering that the system called his name just now, he asked, [Little Nine, did you say something?]

The system moodily replied, [Someone came by earlier, they were at the entrance of the alley.]

[What?] Xiang Han looked back with vigilance. Seeing no one there, he was even more nervous and asked cautiously, [Why now? I’ve never done this before.]

[The person is gone.] The system was also helpless and couldn’t resist asking, [Realistically speaking, if this is Mr. Xiang’s first time doing such a thing, how can you be so familiar with it?]

[To be honest, I was quite scared.] Xiang Han was somewhat bashful.

System, […] Did Xiang Han believe it was praising him?

[Say, do you think he’ll call the police?] Thinking of this possibility, Xiang Han was apprehensive.

[Most likely not, he’d only assume that you guys were merely doing it.] System concluded.

[Little Nine, you’re so dirty.]

The system was shocked. What’s wrong with him? It was just saying so.

In order to prevent further developments, Xiang Han decided to quickly sneak away. Thus, when Lu Ze returned, he only saw a haggard Zhao Handong with his hands tied up.

Once they left the scene, the system expressed its worries, [Mr. Xiang, Zhao Handong wields great power in this territory. You’ve just threatened and beat him, I’m afraid he will definitely retaliate against you.]

[It doesn’t matter. I used my spiritual force to scare him already.] Xiang Han clutched his stomach which seemed to be burning with pain.

Definitely hungry! He was very certain as he began to look at the shops and billboards on the roadside.

The system continued to worry, [But the spiritual power of Mr. Xiang isn’t even a class F. I’m afraid the result will not be favorable.]

Xiang Han felt his heart be pierced. Holding his chest, he asked 009, “How’d you know?”

System, [Didn’t you do a genetic matching test before?]

Xiang Han immediately complained, [This hospital is terrible, it doesn’t even know how to protect a patient’s privacy. I want to issue a complaint.]

[Uh…] The system explained, [Space Game Technology has a military background thus, it has the authority to retrieve all your data.]

[Military?] Xiang Han withered. Realistically speaking, the military had the authority to obtain all sorts of information, including the President’s.

If he’d known earlier on, he wouldn’t have listened to his father and done a genetic matching test. Not only did his money go to waste, even his privacy had been invaded. It must be known that only 0.01% of the people in the Capital possess spiritual force lower than F Class, and they were all ridiculed as trash.

With this in mind, Xiang Han felt sad and hungry.

The system tried to comfort him, [Mr. Xiang, this means nothing. A low spiritual power only determines that you aren’t suitable for driving battleships and mechs. Moreover, being lower than F class still makes you much higher than the ancient people.]

[That’s right, Zhao Handong is even more of a trash than me.] Xiang Han nodded distractedly, [Didn’t you say there was a variety of food here? Where should we go to eat?]

[What about the station?] The system asked carefully.


[Correct, since you just fought with Zhao Handong, shouldn't you consider going to other places to hide for a while?] The system suggested.

[Is there any food there?]

The system was silent for a while, [Yes.]

Xiang Han immediately agreed, [Well then, let’s go to the station.]

End of chapter 2



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