TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 72.1

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The silver-haired elf being carefully guarded by the Tree of Life didn’t currently have the appearance of a powerful monarch.

But his beauty was undeniable. It affected  the newborn elves and even those that had yet to be born. They all instinctively wanted to be closer to the radiant beauty.

“Your Majesty.” The female elf that had brought the Human to the Tree of Life lowered her head. No matter whether the slumbering silver-haired elf was conscious or not, all due respect must still be given.

The beauty of the elf race was matchless. Their king was even more beautiful and powerful, there was no one who could compare to his existence. This was the thoughts held by all elves unanimously.

Although the silver-haired elf was beautiful beyond words, Gu Yan still forced himself to retract his gaze.

Looking at a beauty in the presence of his lover was not advisable, especially if his lover was extremely possessive. Gu Yan decided it would be best to not feed his lover any more vinegar than he should.

If he did, the things that might happen later would be tragic beyond words. More importantly, there was the possibility of being shut in a little dark room by his lover to do all sorts of depraved acts that could make one lose their morals.

Just thinking about it…cough. Forget it, he won’t continue thinking of it. Gu Yan silently cut off his train of thoughts.

The Qiuqiu of this world was omnipotent, he knew everything. However, speaking from another angle, it can also be said that he didn’t know anything.

The light brain did not have a human’s sense of shame. Doing that sort of thing was especially shameless and lacking in morals.

Remembering the agreement he had with his teammate earlier, Gu Yan sent over a private message.

[Party][Sen Luo]: “I’ve met the Elf King.”

[Party][Silver Raven]: “???”

[Party][Silver Raven]: “Doesn’t your reputation need to reach the level of “Respect” in order to enter the Palace? Golden thigh, what have you been doing in the last 10 minutes?”

[Party][Sen Luo]: “It’s just a coincidence, my quest somehow involves the Elf King.”

[Party][Silver Raven]: “F*ck…That’s so unfair. Quick, tell me, is the Elf King beautiful? If they’re a beauty, I will be more motivated to increase my reputation.”

“...” The dialogue box was silent for awhile. Faced with this Paladin’s question, Gu Yan was momentarily unable to answer him.

Lowering his head, Gu Yan glanced at the kitten in his arms. The black-caped kitten narrowed its eyes, unsurprisingly turning its sight to stare at the dialogue box.

Hearing the soft purr, Gu Yan seriously considered his options. In the end, he replied with a “yeah”.

Gu Yan made up his mind to never praise another person’s appearance in front of his lover.

Seeing the “yeah” word sent out, the kitten in the magician’s hand narrowed its eyes and abruptly stopped purring.

It had a question that it did not understand. It will personally clarify it later.

Gu Yan was not the only player in the Palace. From the moment he was brought to the Tree of Life, Gu Yan had noticed a Priest class player staring at him vigilantly.

“That person is the player brought by Viscount Claire, both of you can be considered to be rivals.” Noticing that the player she had brought along did not quite understand the hostility emitting from the other person, Finna explained.


Hearing this word, Gu Yan understood. His brows unconsciously knitted.

Previously, he had written of quests that needed to be competed for. This class of quests had different starting points for different players, but the requirements were the same.

Moreover, it was the type of quest where once one player completed it, the other players who also had this quest would no longer be able to, making it a unique quest that cannot be repeated.

Therefore, the player that lags behind can be considered to have given up the mission and unable to proceed to the next quest. There was no need to talk about the rewards.

No wonder the other person looked at him with an expression of vigilance. They had to complete the same type of quest, which meant that the other player was also doing a legendary class quest.

No one would willingly give up such a hard to come by opportunity to their competitor.

Compared to Gu Yan, who was still rooted to the ground, the Priest had already moved. With permission to approach the Tree of Life, he casted an “awakening” spell on the slumbering Silver-haired Elf.

“Is there no useful information that can help?” Gu Yan asked his own guide. The quest panel did not provide any hints, players had to look for clues on their own.

A good quest like this had become such a pit of mystery.

Finna shook her head. Even the elite elves in the Capital were helpless after conducting countless investigations.

Their king had mysteriously fallen into a deep sleep over a few hundred years ago. His body showed no sign of abnormalities even now. It was just that he was unable to wake up,

If they were not desperate, there was no way the elves would turn to the human race for help.

In the first place, he didn’t have much hope. So, watching the other person shake her head, Gu Yan didn’t really feel disappointed. He just needed to piece together the clues by himself.

To wake a deeply slumbering person, he needed to first observe the other person awhile.  Gu Yan had no desire to squeeze beside the Priest player that was still busying himself and decided to wait until the other person finish.

Gu Yan did not have any hope that the silver-haired elf would simply wake up from such a simple spell. If a spell was enough, it would be impossible for the Elf King to be unconscious for hundreds of years.

Even if the Elven race did not practice Holy magic, the Elves were an ancient race. What kind of sacred magical artefact have they not seen?

While waiting, Gu Yan continuously stroked the kitten’s back. His nimble fingers expertly reached under the hood and directly came into contact with the other person’s furry body.

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