TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 70.1

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Underneath the cloak hood was the head of a tiny kitten. Its ears were covered by the hood, but he could still make out the shape of it.

It was probably an illusion, but Gu Yan somehow felt that this kitten under the black cloak had become rounder.

"Qiuqiu," he bent down and picked the little cat up. Gu Yan playfully smacked the hood off and teased its ears.

The kitten’s pair of eyes narrowed. Although its ears were being toyed with, the cat continued to stay still. Until the warm fingertips grazed over a slightly more sensitive area, did its ears tremble lightly.

The outstretched fingers were gently licked. The wet and soft feeling on his fingers reminded Gu Yan of the immoral deeds that they had done in the little black box, so he silently moved his hand to the back of the cat, stroking the its fur over the small cloak.

The body of the little cat in his arms was cold, just like when the other person was in the form of the Death God. However, because the kitten was small in size, just a small and round ball, it gradually grew warmer in his arms.

"Meow." Sensing the youth's intentions, the little kitten wearing a black cloak, arched its body towards his embrace while giving a low purr.

Having a low body temperature also had its advantages. In order to warm him up, the youth would hold him carefully just like what he was doing right now.

In the inner city of the Netherworld, players were unable to use the Stone of Return, but Gu Yan held the biggest extension cheat... In fact, it was more accurate to call it a plug-in cheat. Teleportation would naturally not be a problem.

From his Friends list, Gu Yan saw that Silver Raven was still at the Fortress of Lodda. Since there were still some places in the inner city that he had not visited, Gu Yan decided to take a stroll and look around. When the other person arrived at Mist Valley, he would let his lover send him over.

Simply from their appearance, there was a big difference between the undead creatures here and those that players normally encountered. The high-level undead in the inner city were basically like elegant aristocrats. Apart from their grey skin, their appearance resembled those of ordinary people.

Although, as high-level NPCs, all their names were displayed as ‘???’, but due to his “friendly” status, Gu Yan was not worried about the possibility of being killed and sent back to the rebirth point.

With the exception of when he passed through the courtyard of the palace, Gu Yan kept feeling that the undead who should have been busy with their own businesses were all staring at him now. Or perhaps, they were staring at the tiny cat in his arms.

"My God." No matter how he changed his appearance, the familiar pressure engraving itself into their souls was impossible to ignore. Maintaining their expressions, these high-level undeads showed the highest level of courtesy for the youth passing by them.

Two Masters of the Netherworld had appeared together, they naturally needed to salute. However, the undead race could not find a proper name for the young human in front of them, until one of them bowed his head towards the youth and greeted 'His Royal Highness'.

Their king was now in this form. This made those proud and aloof souls feel... as if the world had collapsed.

Faced with such a high level of etiquette for the second time, Gu Yan, still, was not very used to it. However, the little cat in his arms did not say anything, merely purring as it snuggled closer.

Without any instructions, these high-level undead dared not move. Gu Yan touched the back of the cat in his arms and nodded towards the gray-faced undeads in the courtyard.

Although the youth had already taken such an inconspicuous path, the familiar pressure was still there, in addition to the breath of a living human. It was simply impossible to not notice.

After nodding, the black-haired youth prepared to leave. Seeing his actions, a siren with an enchanting figure unconsciously took a step forward, "My... my..."

She was immediately silenced by a death knight who covered her mouth and unable to free herself from his hold due to the gap in their strength. She was only released by her colleague when the figure of the human youth could no longer be seen.

"Don't do anything unnecessary that might land you in trouble," the death knight shook his head towards this mild-tempered colleague. He was 99% sure that, if he didn't pull the other person back, her next sentence would be about the abyss imprint on the human neck.

"Don't tell me you’re not the least bit curious?" Despite knowing that her friend was only looking out for her, the siren still frowned.

She had been concerned about this matter ever since the previous time the youth had come. The Abyss imprint was not something that was impossible to remove, unless the person who imprinted upon was unwilling. That human was already wearing a ring with the royal seal on his finger, yet their Lord was still unwilling to remove the Abyssal mark left by the Abyss Demon King. Really...

"Our Lord has not spoken.. We have no place to comment on this matter." Concluding with this statement, the young and handsome death knight no longer pursued this topic.

In fact, Gu Yan, who had been shot even while lying down, was completely unaware of the situation, including what the Abyss imprint was. He did not even know that there was such a thing on his neck. And the initiator of all this was being held in his arms, eyes narrowed and tail swaying gently, softly purring.


T/n: to clear up any confusion, GY is currently holding QQ (in the form of the Death god) while he had been marked by the Abyss Demon King. That's why his retainers are shooked. Remember, they are two different beings. In the future, QQ will continue taking on more bodies... I should probably make a list lol

QQ is going to appear in other forms soon too !!!


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