TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 66.2

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Chapter 66 part 2

The distribution of loot had followed its own set of rules. The commander would call the shots on this.
“Someone else can do it instead of me. My hands are really unlucky,” Zhi Yi waved a hand to the party. He was speaking the truth. When he led his own guild, the one to collect the loot had always been the second-in-command, he was only in charge of the distribution.
Everybody stood up to watch. Only Silver Raven continued to sit and watch as if even thunder could not move him. “Why don’t we roll the dice, whoever has the highest number will collect the loot.” He suggested.
Nobody had any opinions and quickly nodded their head in agreement. However, in the next second…
{Sen Luo has tossed 100 (1-100)}
“…” The onlookers saw the virtual board display such a magnificent result and the whole team fell silent.
Forget it, they didn’t need to roll anymore.
The magician at the center of attention coughed lightly and stared the spell book in his hands. Gu Yan also did not know if his luck was good, or was it the doing of his family’s Qiuqiu.
“Great God, help me get a sword.” Watching as the magician’s hand touched the black box, the paladin who had been lying on the ground earlier quickly stood up, his eyes full of hope.
The Black Crystal box, like its original owner, was cold as expected, and Gu Yan was not surprised when he touched it. Opening the box, he sent a drop list of loot items in the team channel.
“Lucky! Too lucky!” Nobody knows who shouted first, but at that moment, nobody wanted to refute him.
Because it was indeed the truth. A 25-player dungeon will drop 5 sets of equipment. Now there were two main weapons on the drop list plus a secondary weapon. If that was all, it wouldn’t matter but the remaining two were also utility accessories.
He was indeed the magician worthy of summoning even the ultimate BOSS. If they had the same amount of luck as him, they would buy the lottery every single day.
Generally, a boss drop list has only one page but strangely, the drop list actually had a ‘next page ‘ button.
“Hiss–” After clicking, the people on the team sucked in a cold breath.
The name on the equipment; Purple, was of epic quality. This was already of the highest quality in the eyes of the vast majority of people, because the higher level items were simply too sparse and rare.
But the bright word that appeared in front of them had an orange name, and Orange stood for legendary quality. It was a round pearl called ‘ The eye of Vientiane ‘ a legendary item.
There was still something written below in fine print—
[This item will trigger a quest, class requirement: Magician]
There was only one magician in the party. This time, defeating the boss was mainly due to the other person’s contribution. His damage output alone made people speechless.
“It’s yours.” There was no need to consider anything, Zhi Yi directly sent the orange equipment to the magician’s inventory.
There was no jealousy, at most envy. They only asked what task was triggered and what reward and so o
“I just accepted it, it’s a quest to look for a certain person in the Eternal Night Forest. There aren’t any rewards.” Pausing for a moment, Gu Yan continued, “It should be a chain quest.”
Gu Yan certainly knew what the ultimate reward was. This was the reason he took part in this dungeon.
Everybody in the party nodded in understanding. These types of quests were common and the rewards were often generous. Usually, the longer the quest, the more difficult it was. A chain quest triggered by a legendary item was, without a doubt, extremely difficult.
After the arduous journey to defeat the BOSS, the after was the happiest time for splitting the loot. The players who did not receive anything were not very disappointed. Since they had succeeded, they would no longer be burdened by any psychological pressure when they re-run this dungeon again.
After distributing the items, the people who fought all day were saying that they didn’t want to stay in the game anymore. Although they were both resting, the players just wanted to go offline and lie down on their own beds.
They each used a returning stone and the names in the party decreased one by one, the remaining ones also intended to go offline.
Gu Yan left the party. Currently, he was still standing on the collapsed platform. Everyone had already left, he was the only one remaining.
He had just taken out the glowing bead from his inventory to admire it when he felt a chill.
The dark-robed death God who had been supposedly killed by the players, easily re-appeared from the twisted Void. His dark eyes were narrowed as he hugged the warm body of the youth from behind, his head slightly lowered against his pale neck.
End of Chapter 66

 The author has something to say:
En… Eternal Night Forest is the Elves' territory
If there are no accidents, you’ll be able to see Elf Qiuqiu~ 【Huh】

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