TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 66.1

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Chapter 66.1
what’s cuter than ducks and cats?

 “Regarding the problem of rotation…” After having said the beginning, Zhi Yi saw that all the damage dealers within the party had a look of shock, as if the world had suddenly become a profound fantasy. He had no choice but to pause and give them some time to recover.
“Is there something wrong with my output calculation system?” The short dwarf thief slapped her own cheeks, which made her originally already round face become even rounder like a bun.
But in reality, she knew that this was impossible. This wasn’t like the online games of the past that used a keyboard where a plug-in error could occur. This was a full-dive virtual reality game managed by the top of the line light brain; Something like a system error was impossible.
This sentence was just expressing her heart’s disbelief.
In the opinion of the public, what was a magician?
When it came to e-sports, it could be considered a relatively powerful class. However, when dungeoning, the magician was among the weakest, their DPS ranked from the bottom unless it was a dungeon with a boss that required little to no movement skills.
However, the higher the level of the party, the more fraudulent the BOSS’s system would be. Just take this Netherworld dungeon as an example, it could be considered the hardest dungeon in the entire game at the current point of time. To think of coming across a BOSS that would allow a player to steadily and continuously rack up damage…
There were only two words: Dream. On.
Most magician’s output heavily relied on their environment, even others who didn’t play this class were clear about this fact. Thus, when they saw that the player who dealt the most damage was actually the back figure in purple, almost everyone became so agitated that they were all glaring at the output statistics, trying to prove that what they saw was an illusion.
But no matter how much they stared, the number one position still belonged to the figure in purple. The name written was still the two words ‘Sen Luo’.
“Thigh[1]! This thigh is mine to hug!” with a shout, they stood up. Wearing a whole suit of armour, a strong and healthy looking knight sped towards the magician and stood before him, seemingly ready to carry out what he had just proclaimed.
Although he appeared extremely boisterous and severely lacked a serious attitude, as someone who was responsible for being the party’s main tank, his perceptiveness was definitely top-notch.
Having seen the DPS players suddenly fall into a state of silence the moment the commander started talking about the problem with the rotation, Silver Raven reacted swiftly and quickly pulled up the output statistics. This was also how such a scene came about.
The knight in front of him really looked as if he was about to prostrate himself over his feet at any moment and the corner of Gu Yan’s eyes twitch. He decisively used a gravity reversal spell to make the other person float upwards.
If he were to truly let him hug his thigh, then would they still be able to fight this BOSS—
Thinking back on his lover’s level of possessiveness, Gu Yan felt that something horrifying would definitely happen.
“Predict the BOSS’s skills. It’s best if you memorized the entire battle sequence. That should be enough.” Surrounded by multiple envious gazes, the magician sitting on his broom lightly touched the spellbook in his hands as he said this.
All the damage dealers in the party fell silent. They understood this logic, but in reality, wanting to memorize the battle sequence was something extremely difficult. If that were not the case, there wouldn’t be so many magicians that were ranked at the bottom already.
Moreover, to memorize the entire sequence, was it even within a normal person’s mental capability?
However, it was a coincidence that Gu Yan really had the ability to do so; To remember something after seeing it once, especially for the novels that he had written. He completely understood everything inside like the back of his hand.
When the rest and refresh time was nearly up, the party commander then became serious once more and continued to point out problems that had arisen in battle earlier. Including the various BOSS’s skills that appeared in the second phase, he explained everything in detail.
He let those players who had burning questions speak up and after he was done explaining, they were ready to begin the second round.
From the afternoon till night, their team was exterminated time and time again. They did not go offline during meal times, only relying on nutrient packs to curb their hunger. However, the party did not ire of having to constantly repeat the same thing. Instead, they grew even more excited each time.
In particular, were the damage dealers in the party. After receiving a shock from the blinding purple figure who took first place in the damage ranking, each of them now increased their output to the maximum.
However, because their previous dungeon runs had been relatively well done, having grinded close to a month before successfully defeating the BOSS of phase one, now that they might be able to take down the last BOSS in one day…
God dammit then what the hell have they been doing?!
Of course, they had to strike while the iron was still hot and take down this BOSS! Obtain the first kill, free themselves from this nightmare and reach the peak of life!
With this mentality, the dungeoning team felt extremely refreshed. When they finally defeated the sickle-wielding Death God into dust and obtained the first kill in the entire world, those who survive the BOSS battle plopped their butts on to the ground without any regard for their image.
“Tired to death…” A holy sword that emitted golden light was plunged into the ground by the dark-haired player. The moment the BOSS’s last sliver of health fell, Silver Raven was the first to fall to the ground.
They were still surrounded by the twisted void, similar to when they were on the circular platform that collapsed into half. In this final battle, only four players survived. Apart from the magician sitting on his broom, the three other people were now one by one sitting on the ground that can be described as broken.
They were still catching their breaths when the system announcement blew up the world channel. A string of first kills achievements appeared on the channel, the words in gold making it so that players could not ignore it.
{[Sen Luo] has been awarded the achievement [Server’s No.1! Death God Xiunuo[1]!]}
{[Tea Tree Fruit] has been awarded the achievement [Server’s No.1! Death God Xiunuo!]}
{[Zhi Yi] has been awarded the achievement [Server’s No.1! Death God Xiunuo!]}
{[Altrius] has been awarded the achievement [Server’s No.1! Death God Xiunuo!]}
{[Silver Raven] has been awarded the achievement [Server’s No.1! Death God Xiunuo!]}
25 messages appeared at once. No matter whether players had been posting announcements or chatting earlier, they all stopped. The world channel became extremely quiet before it exploded into a frenzy once more
[World] [Chattering non-stop]: What the f**! Someone actually managed to defeat the perverted BOSS???
[World] [Xian Cheng Duo]: This is practically a luxurious line-up…
[World] [Steamed Bun]: A dungeoning party created from the alliance of the three greatest guilds, too powerful.
[World] [There Is Commonality Between Black And White]: I’m more interested in knowing what the big shots have gotten from the drops…
No matter how noisy the world channel became, the players in front of the BOSS’s corpse watched as the dark-robbed Death God disintegrated into nothingness, leaving behind an ice cold black box. They finally relaxed and selected the ‘Soul release’ button.
After death, the players can either choose to release their souls or wait for the clerics to revive them. If they choose to release their souls, they will be sent back to the respawn point.
Afterward, they can choose to directly revive at the respawn point but they had to endure a 10-minute period of weakness. If not, they can run back as a spirit to their own bodies to be revived. This method of reviving had no limitations on them.
Now, apart from the figureless players slumped on the broken platform who were the few lucky survivors, the rest of the party were running about, extremely emotional.
After everyone had been revived, the collapsed platform had 25 people. The black box that appeared after the Death God died lay quietly on the ground. At the moment, nobody dared to touch it yet.

[1]Hug a thigh or golden thigh, which basically means to rely on the powerful person
[2] In case you forgot, the Death God’s name is Xiunuo