TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 65.1

Translator: FH
Editor: Vivi 🙂
Chapter 65.1
A reader sent this to me and it actually looks like GY x QQ

It wasn’t Gu Yan’s first time experiencing this kind of ice cold feeling, that showed no signs of life. When he had first used the summoning magic to summon him, his hand had also moved towards the other person… Oh wait, it should be the other person’s sickle, and he had even touched it a few times.
When Gu Yan’s fingers accidentally touched the sickle, he had instantly felt this kind of pure, bone chilling cold.
But there were several differences between now and then. This time, he was being wrapped in the other’s embrace. The cold aura now completely enveloped his body, and Gu Yan felt as if he had been shoved into a freezer.
His body involuntarily shivered from the cold.
The heart of the god that symbolized darkness and death had, during a massacre, gone as cold as his body’s temperature; ice-cold to the point of unfeeling.
But the same Death God with a handsome face, was currently, with a careful countenance, hugging the magician who had mercilessly attacked him with a Magic Star Bomb; his eyes drooping slightly.
Sensing the body within its embrace shivering, a hint of light surfaced within the Death God’s pitch black eyes. He lightly pressed his thin pursed lips on the youth’s earlobes, already in the process of pulling back his body’s chilling aura.
From a freezer to a regular air-conditioned room –  Gu Yan felt more comfortable than before. At the same time, he was also thinking about an extremely grave matter.
Accidentally, abused my family’s lover, what to do—??
Gu Yan could ascertain that before he had entered this bitplane space, his family’s Qiuqiu was definitely not in control of the Death God’s body, but just now…
He had actually, solidly, landed a Magic Star Bomb on his lover’s body. Thinking of this point, the corner of Gu Yan’s eyes twitched uncontrollably, his expression becoming complicated.
He realised that, the moment the other person had taken control over the Death God’s body was the moment the Death God had looked over. But, he had already finish chanting the incantation by then. The Magic Star Bomb had landed on the other’s form, causing a distinct chain of numerical damages on its surface.
“Does it hurt?” Gu Yan turned around. Having remembered the position where the Magic Star Bomb had landed, he reached out to probe the black-robed Death God’s wrist.
Players often lowered their pain sensitivity in game, to such an extent that, no matter how much they were beaten up, they still wouldn’t feel anything. Meanwhile, Gu Yan didn’t know whether his family’s lover had lowered that setting when he was controlling the BOSS’ form
Being asked that, the godly handsome face lowered even further. He noticed that when the youth asked the question, his gaze held concern mixed with guilt.
The master of the Underworld region could finally feel the body warmth of humans, when his wrist covered with his cloak, was touched by the youth.
“Not too painful.” The Death God’s originally pitch-black eyes were now distinctly reflecting the youth’s figure in front of him. Putting away his terrifying sickle that was overflowing with a deathly aura, the god in control of the Underworld chose to answer in a sly manner.
Instead of confirming or denying, the answer ‘not too painful’ would be more likely to cause someone to feel guilty. This way, the youth before him would care for him some more, out of guilt.
The ’emotions’ module in the light brain was a new function. Compared to the completely mature yet constantly updating system module of his, his ‘emotions’ module was still relatively lagging behind. However, this kind of ‘lagging behind’ was only his own opinion. Reality proved that, in terms of capturing a person’s heart, even professional psychologists might not be able to beat Asa.
As expected, this answer caused Gu Yan to frown. Currently, the attractive Death God was quietly standing before him. His secretive black cloak’s sleeve was a little bit wider and longer, just barely covering his wrist. The exposed fingers were long and distinctive, even though his skin was a pale grey, this pair of hands were still nice to look at, as usual.
Adding a droopy expression and pouty look, there would probably be no one, who would think that this pair of good-looking hands were previously wielding a horrifying weapon. They would also not be able to believe the other person’s cold and unfeeling attitude when using this weapon to slaughter.
The god that symbolized death was now quietly and docilely standing with his head lowered to lightly kiss the side of the youth’s neck; like a wild cat that was willingly offering itself to be tamed.
“… It’s red.” Pulling up his sleeve slightly, Gu Yan’s face was conflicted as he stared at the conspicuous patch of red on the pale grey skin. He remained silent, lightly rubbing at the area with the pad of his fingers for a while, wanting to rub the patch of redness away.
However, after rubbing for a while, probably because of the color of his skin, the redness remained extremely eye-catching. This made Gu Yan’s expression even more complicated and conflicted.
Accidentally abused his family’s lover, plus it seems to have been quite harsh, what to do—?!
Seeing the youth’s change in expression, the hint of light in the Death God’s black eyes became even brighter, but he lowered his head even more to hide his gaze. Following that, he very naturally kissed the side of the youth’s neck again, “Kiss me.”
Gu Yan: …