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Chapter 49

The demon palace had a new ruler, this message spread quickly within the Demon Realm. The new ruler could simultaneously defeat the top three demons. Thus, no demon was foolish enough to look for a fight.
Their ruler had changed, it was now a young man who looks like an ordinary human being. From his power and aura, most of the older demons recognized this terrifying existence.
After obtaining the spiritual stone mold and the detailed procedure methods from the demon called Jia Yan, Jiang Tan immediately started preparations.
The heart of the demon palace was now occupied by its new owner who was now in the form of a domestic cat that was currently snuggled in the chest of a youth, purring loudly.
Reshaping one’s spiritual veins was not a comfortable thing. It required a period of time to complete the full recovery process and the pain made it difficult to fall asleep.
This big cat had been laying on the youth, allowing him to touch and hold it.
It was because he noticed that when the youth stroked or hug him, he would shift his attention, thus alleviating the pain.
“It’s not that painful.” His neck had been licked until he felt ticklish. Gu Yan raised his hand to stroke the back of this big cat.
The big cat lying on his chest only used the part of his tongue that had no barbs to lick him. After he finished, he purred loudly as he leaned his head closer to kiss his face.
Knowing that the other person was trying to comfort him, Gu Yan shifted his body such that he was lying on his side. In this position, he held the extremely obedient big cat in his arms and lowered his head to kiss the other person’s forehead: “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”
“Meow.” With a low purr, the big cat became quiet and motionless, only a pair of vertical pupils fixed on his face.
The youth closed his eyes and his breathing gradually became even and shallow, but the pair vertical pupils were still quietly watching.
When Gu Yan woke up the next day and opened his eyes, he saw the same pair of eyes.
He inexplicably had a feeling that the other person had been watching over him the entire night. Gu Yan did not think much about it as he kissed the beautiful light green eyes.
This big cat had obediently allowed himself to be held in his arms for a whole night without moving. Now that the pain had subsided a lot, Gu Yan could vaguely detect a trace of spiritual energy, although it was not obvious.
“Meow?” Seeing the youth sit up and seemingly in deep thought, the Taotie beast disguised as a big cat meowed lowly, moving his body onto his lap and using his tail to half-hook his wrist.
“Qiuqiu, be good.” Adjusting the position of his tail, before the big cat could purr loudly and rehook his tail, Gu Yan quickly stroked his jaw.
His master was indeed expressing rejection, this made the Taotie beast confused. The three words that he heard made him unable to refuse. He could only stare at his face with the pair of vertical pupils, purring softly.
It was not that he was afraid of being unable to control his power and burn the other’s tail. A cultivator’s power would probably be insufficient to hurt the furry ball in his lap… Having successfully summoned a flame and also being able to arbitrarily control its form, Gu Yan could confirm that his control over his spiritual power had not been affected.
His body has been tempered before, and thus, the speed of his re-cultivation will be very fast, and he can directly start from the late stage of the spiritual silence realm.
With a glint in his eye, the pair of vertical pupils contracted as the Taotie beast leaned towards the youth.
The thing he had been the most concerned about had been solved. The other things could wait until the youth’s situation becomes more stable.
The more his cultivation was restored, the more Gu Yan could feel the power of the matrix on his body and its destructive force. Although it did not affect him, any person who attacks him will probably die on the spot because of this matrix.
At this time in the abyss of the underworld, the demon elders were still the same few, but they now had one more king, whose status was above the three demons.
“Someone has delivered the spirit restoring artifact.” Now that he had become the new King of the abyss of the underworld, Jiang Tan will certainly not waste such good manpower.
It was a large piece of diamond-shaped crystal with a dark red hue. The outer part was full of hidden lines and when you look inside, there were several darker regions.
 “If there is any left over after repairing Yeyuan’s fragmented soul, should we send the remainder to Shen Yan?” Looking at the size of the crystal, Gu Yan recalled the original plot and asked his own disciple.
Shen Yan. Hearing this name from his Master, Jiang Tan completely shifted his attention.
It was this name and this person again. His Master always seemed to pay more attention to this person… it was like this when Shen Yan was taking the entrance examination and still the same after he entered the sect.
 Compared to a disciple whose talent was only a pseudo-root, could it be that his master wanted a more outstanding disciple? This was the question he had been continuously asking himself since he was a child.
His master said that he didn’t have the energy to teach any more disciples and he hasn’t accepted any more disciple in the past few years, However, Jiang Tan minded the fact that he always paid more attention to Shen Yan, especially now, he had even taken the initiative –
“…?” Being stared at so sullenly all of a sudden, Gu Yan did not know how to react.
When he tried to recall what he had just said, he grudgingly remembered and hesitantly tried to mention the name ‘Shen Yan’ in the next sentence.
And reality proved that it was a dangerous move.
This degree of jealousy… Gu Yan was pushed down and unable to get up. He quickly coughed and raised his hand helplessly to touch the other’s head.
 If the other person was in his original form, he reckons that he might have already flown into rage, with his fur raised. Thinking of this, Gu Yan thought it was a little funny.
“What is it that makes Master pay so much attention to Shen Yan…” The pair of pupils unconsciously contracted and frowned as he asked in a low voice.
His immense greed made him want to completely possess his Master’s complete attention. If there is a second person who is special to his Master, he will be very jealous.
Even his pupils had narrowed into vertical slits. Gu Yan had a feeling that if he still did not explain himself, the situation will be thrown into chaos later on and by then, it will be too late. This time, Gu Yan was able to save himself in time: “The Vatican Lotus was obtained from Shen Yan. I just wanted to return this favor.”
This explanation was very reasonable and made sense. Moreover, with the gentle touch that was stroking his head, Jiang Tan looked up and watched the youth for a while before he returned to his original form and laid on his chest.
The big cat’s tail swayed gently, its vertical pupils erect. It was now reassured and could be considered satisfied.
Although the degree of jealousy was rather extreme, he was also very easy to coax. Gu Yan caressed the big cat’s back and quickly heard the other person’s purring.
On the other side, the various sects in the human world were still in a state of preparation for war. However, from the passageway between the two worlds, they had yet to discover any demons.
The lower level demons were busy killing and swallowing each other while those with a higher level of intelligence obeyed their new king. The first task that their new king gave them was related to a sect called Zhong Xuan. It was their first task, of course, they must properly complete their mission.
 After the task was released, the cultivators who had been paying attention to the passageway using their spiritual force finally discovered the emerging demons. A war between the two sides was inevitable.
The cultivators in the human world had become weaker and weaker over the centuries. This was the common understanding of the demons who fought with them. In fact, these cultivators could be killed easily, but the demons spared them and did not start a massacre because this was the order they received.
The war continued and on the outside, it seems like both sides were intolerant of each other’s existence. However, at this time, there was a rumor in the cultivation world that the demons had colluded with the humans. The ones who suffered the most was the Zhong Xuan sect and none of the top powers were spared.
The cultivator who colluded with the demons was a chief disciple of the Zhong Xuan sect. Those who survived the demon attacks continuously pointed out this person.
“I saw with my own eyes that it was senior brother Ji Rong who helped the demons set up an ambush and kill the elders.” An inner sect disciple who said this covered his face and trembled, afraid to recall the scene of his sect being besieged by the horde of demons.
“There… there is also Senior sister Ye Yuan, she was also killed by him.”
More than one inner sect disciple said that they saw Ye Yuan’s soul that day. They recounted what they saw and when Ye Yuan looked at Ji Rong, it was full of anger and hatred, just like a resentful ghost, making them afraid of watching further.
The attack came without warning. When the reinforcements arrived, the original demons had already dispersed. The one who colluded with the demons was nowhere to be found.
In the past, Whenever Ji Rong, the chief disciple of the Zhong Xuan sect, was mentioned, people of the various sects would relate him to a good child with excellent talent and respect for his master. They also heard that the Zhong Xuan sect was intending to train him to be their next heir. Now, the entire cultivation realm only had one thought, colluding with the demons, killing his own sect brothers and sisters, and deceiving his ancestors.
Naturally, this person was now brought to the abyss of the underworld.
The demon in his heart took the initiative to leave his body and when his consciousness finally returned, he found himself being forced to kneel on the ground by two demons. Lifting his head, he met a pair of extremely dark eyes.
A kind of darkness that caused any light to be sucked away until it is completely annihilated.
He recognized the owner of this pair of eyes.
End of Chapter 49