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Chapter 45

At a certain age, all the disciples in the sect will be sent to leave the peak to carry out their assigned tasks. Jiang Tan was currently at this age.
With his disciple absent, Gu Yan naturally had more time to guide the sect’s disciples. His sword skills were still there together with other knowledge such as weapon refining, alchemy, and array laying. Guiding a few disciples was not a problem for him.
“The defensive array places great importance on balance. If you only strengthen a certain node, you will end up with loopholes in this array instead of increasing its power. It is important to avoid this type of mistake.”
Having his mistake pointed out at a glance, the disciple replied, ‘Understood’. Following this, he started to lay out the array once again according to what the youth said.
This kind of thing was extremely complicated especially since the slightest error can result in a potentially fatal outcome. If there was a person who had studied all types of arrays in depth, even if he did not have any cultivation, there will surely be many sects competing for him. Not to mention, this person also had the same level of understanding in the ways of weapon refining and alchemy. 
The more these disciples interacted with the youth in front of them, the more their admiration for him increased.
After instructing the last student today, Gu Yan returned to the Heavenly Peak. Now that it was already night time, it was possible to see the stars in the sky. There was a dark red glow in the sky that seemed to become brighter over time.
He did not know how to foresee the future like those fortune tellers just by looking at the constellations, but Gu Yan knows that the passage to the abyss from the human world was about to be reopened.
In the original plot, he had written that his disciple had entered the abyss at this time. By the time he finally came out, he was already able to lead the entire Demon race.
This part was written very vaguely, even Gu Yan did not know the specific details. However, this time, the two sides may not necessarily come into contact, after all, many parts of the story had already been changed.
On one hand, he did not really want his disciple to come into contact with the demon race like in the original story. On the other hand, there was a spiritual treasure in the abyss that was able to repair one’s soul. In the original story, this item was taken by the protagonist and used by the sealed soul that was in his ring.
Without a body to return to, a remnant soul will soon dissipate. After the incident, Gu Yan gave a soul sealing jar to Jiang Tan and let the other person call forth Ye Yuan’s soul again to seal it in there.  
This would slow down the disintegration process of the remnant soul. If they were able to fix Ye Yuan’s soul in the future using the spiritual artifact, they would be able to reveal the true culprit and prove his disciple’s innocence.
Although this was a little selfish, knowing that the opening of the passageway between the human world and the abyss of the underworld will cause many bad things to happen and thus, many innocent people will die as a result… But Gu Yan still prefers to let the passageway open. In the case of a death without evidence, the only way to let the truth be revealed was to repair Ye Yuan’s soul.
While Gu Yan was still thinking that his disciple might not have too much contact with the demon race, at this time on the other side, things that were happening was the complete opposite of what he thought might happen —
After the other disciples had reached their current location, Jiang Tan started to act on his own. At this time, he was clutching a mass of black matter, his pupils had narrowed into vertical slits, staring coldly at this black mass as he gradually tightened his hold.
Unable to escape from his grasp, the mass of black matter pleaded: “I, I have a way to restore your Master’s cultivation–!”
The hand that was holding it momentarily slackened but the piercing gaze was still fixed on him. The pair of vertical pupils were as cold as ever, the darkness in them was like an abyss that wanted to swallow him whole.
The Taotie beast’s ability to recognize a scent was much more powerful and effective than any cultivator’s spiritual probing tools. Jiang Tan was able to perceive the scent of the person he has always dreamt of torturing to death on this thing.
What the other party had just said was too tempting. It was impossible to restore a person whose cultivation had been crippled because their spiritual root had already been destroyed. Jiang Tan refused to give up as he sifted through all the ancient texts that could be read in the sect. In the end, he never did find a way. But now a glimmer of hope had appeared in front of him.
Vaguely recognizing the other’s race, Jiang Tan continued to grip the other party tightly and said coldly: “State your purpose and your relationship with Li Rong.”
“I can tell you a way to let that person recover his cultivation. In exchange, you have to help me obtain something.” Changing his original purpose, this demon paused for a while before he slightly modified his words and continued.
As a demon who was originally ranked third in terms of power in the entire abyss of the Underworld, Fu Xi had always lived a very arrogant and carefree life. The only time he suffered a downfall was during the battle between the humans and demon race hundreds of years ago, he had nearly died under the blade of an Immortalization Stage cultivator.
Fortunately, his yuan soul had managed to escape but failed to return to the abyss. His yuan soul was also severely damaged. Fu Xi had no choice but to do what he had always despised other demons for doing…
Feeding on people’s negative emotions to survive.
Li Rong was one of his targets. He had been attached to Li Rong for many years and he had a lot more negative emotions than those he had chosen in the past. Fu Xi was naturally happy to just absorb while cultivating, saving the trouble of having to frequently find new replacements.
In the Hidden Realm, he taught Li Rong to destroy the soul and frame another person for his crimes. Inducing the other person to kill the person he had always been dissatisfied with, Fu Xi unsurprisingly he gained a lot of ‘food’ during the process.
Later, he learned that the person who had been used as a scapegoat did not die. Instead, somebody else close to him had paid the price. Fu Xi started to take action at once. For so many years, this demon was already very skilled in human psychology. He knew that at present, that person must be filled with rich negative energy he could absorb.
Unexpectedly … … this was the second time he stumbled for so many years, being captured before he could even close in. This was definitely not a cultivator at the level of Spiritual Silence Realm.[1]
Until he met the pair of vertical pupils and got closer, did he finally feel the overwhelming power of destruction. The demon finally realized just what kind of existence he had provoked.
In an instant, Fu Xi had a new plan in mind. He had realized that no matter how much negative emotions he absorbed, he would never be able to possess his own body just like in the past. However, this person might be able to help him obtain something… that he had always thought would be impossible to obtain.
His yuan soul was nearly damaged once more. Now that he understood the true form of the young man in front of him, the demon Fu Xi who was currently extremely weak quickly added another sentence: “If you kill me in the spur of the moment, you will never be able to change what has happened. There will be no benefit at all.”
Jiang Tan narrowed his eyes before he completely relaxed his grip, and calmly said: “I will not kill you.”
For now.
Both parties have something they wanted from each other, an agreement can be reached and cooperation was possible. Jiang Tan took out a piece of jade pendant from his spacial bag and said: “Enter this piece of jade.”
He had no intention of letting the other person possess his body and neither did he want to be spied on, Jiang Tan laid an array about this jade pendant. A restriction was added such that when the other party was inside, it would not be able to spy on the outside world.
After finishing the task and using the horns of the slain beasts as tokens, Jiang Tan returned to the inn with several disciples from the same sect.
In terms of human age, he was already grown up. However, he had not yet crossed the line to obtain the true strength of a Taotie beast. He was already at the edge and recently, Jiang Tan could clearly and strongly feel that he was about to cross this line.
His hunger for a certain person was also becoming increasingly uncontrollable. He really wanted to obtain…
Night time, according to their agreement, they would first rest in this inn for one night after the completion of their task before returning to the sect the next day.
“Master…” Kissing the youth’s neck. Jiang Tan persistently left one trace after another. The light red marks printed against the youth’s pale neck looked especially gorgeous.
Usually, this youth would have an expressionless face. However, his cold face was now stained with lust. Those pale lips were slightly parted and because of his movements, would let out a nice sound from time to time.
The youth under his body had his robes pulled off by him and had fallen down to his waist, leaving only a thin, half-open inner garment on his upper body. As for his lower body…
Continuing thrusting his waist, Jiang Tan licked and nibbled on the youth’s Adam apple. When he heard the repressed voice, he kissed the youth’s lips. However, his waist started moving even faster and harder, each time reaching the deepest place.
Pulling away the hand that wanted to shield his face, Jiang Tan saw the slightly reddish eyes of the youth underneath him. He gently kissed them but his movements never slowed down.
He was greedy and wanted even more, this was the innate nature of a Taotie beast.
“…Qiuqiu, be good.” It was probably because the youth was no longer able to endure it and thus suppressed his voice as he said this.
This sentence made Jiang Tan who was moving his waist on him suddenly excited as he thrusted deeply and intensely several more times before releasing his traces inside the youth’s body.
“Master–” Waking up just as he reached the climax, Jiang Tan’s whole body stiffened.
However, he actually already knows, from that night when he took advantage of the youth who had fallen asleep defenselessly.
He was hungry for that person, especially the closer he was to advancing to the next stage, the stronger his desire to possess became.
Now that he had woken up, Jiang Tan was unable to forget and thought back to his previous dream. The youth had been pressed under his body to do that kind of thing, his cold and beautiful face stained with ** and because of his continuous thrusting, the corners of his eyes were slightly red…
“Master…”, whispering the two words softly, Jiang Tan reached towards his lower body and breathed heavily.
Today was the day they returned to the sect. By the time he returned to Heavenly Peak, Jiang Tan’s heart was still unable to calm down. The violent thirst which was originally restrained now seemed to occupy his entire heart.
“What are you standing there for?” Not understanding why the person was standing at the door and not moving, Gu Yan waved a hand and beckoned him over.
The young man closed the distance very quickly. Just as Gu Yan wanted to see if the other person had suffered any injuries on this mission, he was suddenly facing a pair of contracting vertical pupils.
 What was this situation……
Having his world suddenly turned upside-down, Gu Yan was unable to further think about it when a soft touch on his neck completely stunned him.
Half of him was awake while the other half was completely taken over by his instincts. Even Jiang Tan was unable to figure out his current state. He seemed to know what he was doing but despite knowing that it was wrong, he was now unable to control himself.
He was hungry for this person, he really wanted to completely possess him.
Unconsciously, he had already taken the first step into the next phase. Jiang Tan was now in the process of breaking through. This phase was the most uncontrollable and his innate greedy nature was even more profound than before.
The pair of pupils rapidly contracted into thin slits. The youth in front of him was currently awake and not defenselessly asleep. However, even if he realized this, Jiang Tan continued to lick and suck on the youth’s throat.
He wants to do those things…do those things that he did earlier in his dream to this person.
End of Chapter 45
[1] in between the Heart Stabilizing and Nascent Soul Realm