TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 44.1

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Chapter 44.1

The dark-haired child in front of him buried his head in his lap, hiding his face and thus, his expression could not be seen clearly. Gu Yan could only stretch out his hand to touch the child’s head and gently patted his trembling back.
He had, after all, promised not to do anything that would affect the sect. That day when he arrived at the main hall of the Zhong Xuan Sect, he directly shouldered the blame for not properly disciplining his own disciple and because of that, was willing to accept the punishment on his behalf.
From the Zhong Xuan Sect’s point of view, killing such a useless disciple would not affect the Guan Lan sect in the slightest. In the end, it was simply a life for a life.
However, after the exchange, they would instead lose a talented disciple.
It was impossible not to demand compensation from the Guan Lan Sect especially since it concerned the sect head’s beloved daughter. Zhong Xuan sect would definitely not be able to swallow this injustice.
Now the person’s master said that he was willing to take his disciple’s place and be punished for his crimes, hoping that they would give Jiang Tan a chance–.
If the person who came did not have any status, wanting them to make such a compromise was simply a fantasy. However, the person replacing him was one of the Guan Lan Sect’s peak masters and also a once-in-a-century rare talent, there was room for negotiations.
As mentioned before, killing a disciple with only mediocre talent had no effect on the Guan Lan Sect. However, if this was replaced by crippling a talented person, it was a completely different story.
It was not easy for the Zhong Xuan Sect to rise up to become one of the more prominent martial sects in the cultivation world. Apart from the Yun Yu sect, there was no other sect that could compete with them.
They had been suppressed by the Guan Lan Sect for over hundreds of years in the past, it was impossible to not have any lingering resentment towards them. Since it has come to this, they would naturally not be able to sit back and watch as the Guan Lan Sect rises to glory once more. Now that the opportunity was knocking on the door, they would of course, not let it go.
Letting the other person cripple his own cultivation was better than them personally killing a disciple. A person who destroyed his own cultivation would never be able to cultivate again and would thus, no longer hold any threat towards their sect. Moreover, they would also not have to bear the notoriety of killing another person.
There was only one way to destroy one’s cultivation. Generally, the elders of the Sect would only punish disciples who have committed grave sins in this manner.
Gu Yan did it with his own hands. This method was very traumatic and destructive to his body and would require at least one and a half years before he can recover. He was sent back to his sect for recuperation by Shen Wang who had rushed over and had to lie in bed to be taken care of for two whole days. He was finally able to move by himself on the fourth day, only his legs were still suffering from the after-effects and unable to move.
The child in front of him had thrown himself all over his lap with his face buried in it while silently sobbing, looking extremely pitiful. Gu Yan softened his voice to coax the child.
Before coming to this world, he had been an ordinary person. Gu Yan did not think that his current situation was unacceptable. He did not mind this and moreover, it was the only way that he could save his disciple without affecting the Sect.
When his voice fell, Gu Yan saw the dark-haired child raise his head, his eyes were still reddish, accompanied by streaks of tears running down his face. In a pitiful voice, he called ‘Master’ while staring down at his legs.
Something dark and dense was enveloping his heart, filling it with all kinds the negative emotions like anger and resentment. He remembered the faces of those people. Each and every one of them, he remembered them very clearly.
In the future, when he grows up, just until he reached adulthood was enough, he will not let these people off. He wants to make these people pay back a hundredfold … a thousand times for what they have done.
“Be good.” Knowing that the child in front of him was crying because of himself, Gu Yan extended his hand to wipe away any traces of tears from the other person’s eyes. “Your Master’s legs are only temporarily like this. After a few months, it’ll be alright again.”
In the original story, the child in front of him grew cold and numb because of his original body. When he was bullied by those disciples in the sect and shut in the dark room, he did not cry once. However, his eyes were actually red from crying in front of him now……
Jiang Tan clenched his fist tightly. Originally, his Master should have been a proud person whose existence was like a god. Whenever he remembers this, the dark fog that enveloped his heart becomes even denser.
A Taotie beast was a fierce, brutal and violent existence. It was only because he was properly cared for and nurtured by the youth in front of him, the young cub had become so gentle and obedient.
Now someone had dug up the fierce nature of the young cub had buried in its heart, the consequences in the future were unimaginable. The only thing for sure was, death would surely be the better option.
“Qiuqiu, be good.” He picked up the Taotie cub who had reverted back to its original form in his arms. Gu Yan heard the low cry of the cub and gently stroked the fur along its back.
The pair of wide-eyed, pale vertical pupils staring at him was wet with tears. Leaning forward, he kissed the side of the cub’s eyes and then its forehead. This time, he was putting all his effort into appeasing this cub.
No matter how big the sect was, it was not big enough to prevent the rumors from spreading. The incident with the Zhong Xuan sect was very quickly spread between disciples and soon, the entire sect knew about it.
“How does junior brother feel today?” A middle-aged cultivator recently visited the Heavenly Peak often and always brought the best quality nourishment pills.
It had already been several months since that incident took place.
“Apart from not being able to stand for a prolonged period of time, everything else is fine. I’m grateful for Senior brother’s concern.” The look of concern on the face of the person was genuine and Gu Yan’s face naturally softened when he answered. Although his original character was cold and indifferent, it would not hurt to differ slightly.
While the age gap between the both of them was not small, the two men were originally disciples of the same sect. In terms of relationship, their sects were the closest to each other.
At this time, a dark-haired child came out from the inner room and greeted ‘Peak master’ before he walked towards the youth and carefully handed over a bowl of medicine to him.
Song Cen watched this scene in front of him. In fact, every time he came to visit, he would see this. This child was the one whom he had thrown to Gu Yan in the past to become his disciple. When he recalls this, he will inevitably feel guilty towards this junior brother of his.
Seeing that this child at least respected his teacher and his junior brother also extremely doted on this disciple to the extent of paying the price for his wrong doings… he should at least grant his wish and provide Jiang Tan with a suitable environment for growing up. He only hopes that the child will not let down his junior brother and take his kindness for granted.
“The disciples in the sect will not say or do anything unnecessary, this, your senior brother can assure you.”
The bitter taste that spread in his mouth made Gu Yan unconsciously raise his eyebrows. After drinking the bowl of medicine, he nodded to Song Cen: “Thank you, senior brother.”
“Your senior brother will respect whatever you choose to do.” After saying this, Song Cen glanced at the child who was currently feeding a piece of candied fruit to the youth once more before leaving the Heavenly peak.
When he had left, Gu Yan drew his disciple closer and touched his head: “Later on, your Master will teach you how to refine a certain spiritual tool that can be used to conceal your cultivation level. Otherwise, your rapid progress might draw too much attention.”
Hearing this, Jiang Tan made a sound of acknowledgment. Recently, apart from taking care of the youth, he practically spent all his time cultivating and training. But it was not enough… It was still not enough. He had to become even stronger, strong enough to easily pinch those people to death. 
He wanted to be able to grasp the lives of those people in his palms, if he wanted them to live, they will live. If he wants them to die, they must die. Only then, will it be enough.

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