Note: Before everything else, I would like you guys to know that the Taotie beast can also be known as the gluttonous beast so as to avoid confusion in certain parts of this chapter and can also be used to explain the cub’s greediness(for food and maybe something else) in this chapter
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Chapter 36: Day six of being an untouchable flower

Gu Yan has always been extremely skilled at this kind of thing like raising a cat. In just half a month, he had already raised this little cub that liked to stick to him day in and day out to be… a little fatter.
In this period of time, Gu Yan had basically forgotten that this was not a real kitten but a Taotie cub who would in the future, exert great pressure on even cultivators in the Nascent Soul realm no matter where he stood.
Of course, right now the cub was lying on the youth’s lap, purring with pleasure as it allowed the youth to stroke its fur from its head to his tail. Slightly narrowing the pair of pupils, it looked rather happy.
Docile and harmless, well-behaved and obedient. In this half a month time, this small ball in front of youth had such an image.
The theft case which almost everybody knew of was suppressed Gu Yan and the disciples were barred from privately discussing it.
The inner sect Deacon had also in accordance to the youth’s orders, found out the truth of the matter. Gu Yan let the other person first hand over the evidence in his hand, thinking that when the small ball regains his human form, he will be able to return his disciple his innocence.
Thinking about this, Gu Yan took a while to realize that the [crunch] sounds of the little cub feeding had stopped.
Looking down, he saw that the two front paws of the small ball were still holding onto a piece of stone, which had been eaten less than a third but did not know why it had stopped eating. Looking at his two front paws, Jiang Tan was slightly stunned.
Although his bloodline allowed this taotie cub to know a lot of things, in the process of restoring his human form, he was unable to react immediately
Right now, he…
“Don’t like to eat this type of spirit stones?” Gu Yan stretched out a hand to touch the belly of this small ball on his leg, the latter also habitually turned over its small body in response. Lying on its back, the small ball revealed a soft belly.
This belly does not feel as fat as usual. It had been awhile since its last meal, so now that this small ball has only eaten so little, there was no way it was full.
If he remembered correctly, Taotie beasts could especially eat. [1]
The cub’s appetite was too small, this made Gu Yan worry about the development of the small ball.
Hearing the familiar yet unfamiliar voice, Jiang Tan who had been lying on his back saw the face of the person speaking and blanked for a moment.
In his memories, the young man in front of him had only always had an indifferent and cold expression. Moreover, they rarely had any actual interactions, mostly, he just saw the back of this person.
Jiang Tan never cared about being ignored by the other person because just like how the other person hated him, he also had no affection for his master.
But now, something was different …
Watching the gentle eyes of youth, Jiang Tan found himself unable to look away, he just wanted to keep looking.
He had never seen the youth with such an expression before, the pair of vertical pupils gazed at the youth’s face. The cub had a very serious expression as he stared as if wanting to greedily absorb every subtle change of his face.
His master was very good-looking, this was the first time Jiang Tan had this sort of thoughts.
From Gu Yan’s point of view, the small ball on his leg seemed to be in a daze, the light color vertical pupil were big and round.
He was so focused on staring that he did not even take a look at the food Gu Yan had given him.
“Be good…” Gu Yan lightly lifted the small ball then scratched the cub’s jaws to get his attention. Afterward, he tried to place the stone near the mouth of the cub.
[Crunch. Crunch.] It did not seem to dislike the food, Gu Yan silently thought. The damp feeling on his finger made his eyebrows twitch slightly then he used those fingers to tease and scratch the small ball’s lower jaw.
The curve of the youth’s lips was barely minimal, but in Jiang Tan’s eyes, this was a clear and obvious smile.
Recalling this half a month’s worth of memory, the cold and indifferent attitude of the youth in this Taotie cub’s mind seemed to blur and was replaced with this…
Person who will lightly caress his back gently and become anxious just because he does not eat his food properly. Toward him, this person will become gentle and tolerant.
“Meow.” Attempting to arch itself into the youth’s bosom, the Taotie cub was very good at taking advantage of his own strengths.
He was unsure if the youth knew who he was. That night he had come out from his own room and directly threw himself onto the youth’s shoes. The youth could clearly see that he was not a common beast, feeding him with pure high-grade spirit stones.
He should probably know then…
In this short period of time, this Taotie cub’s mind had already made many turns around this matter. On the other hand, Gu Yan was brainstorming for ideas on how to improve the little ball’s diet. Eating the same thing every day, the little ball was probably sick of it by now.
“Be good, I’ll get you something else to eat tomorrow, eat this for now.” In order to convince the small ball to eat another piece of spirit stones, Gu Yan used a gentle whisper to coax him. He remembered that this disciple was still an 11 to 12-Year-old child that was currently in his growing phase.
Gu Yan reached a hand over and this small ball ate the piece of spirit stones offered to him without hesitation. Swallowing the spiritual energy of these spirit stones, he can convert it into his own power. Even though the little ball currently seemed extremely docile and harmless, in actual fact this Taotie cub was already powerful enough to pose a certain level of danger.
As long as he continued to devour spiritual objects, whether they were dead or living, he will continue to grow very rapidly. Unlike the cultivators whose’ cultivation can get stuck at a bottleneck, as long as the Taotie cub wanted to grow stronger, it merely has to eat more.
Just as how gluttony was synonymous with greed, this gluttonous cub’s instinctive lust for cruelty and ferocity was a bottomless pit.
But now there was a man … He only had to look at him to feel satisfied, filling his endless desire to devour.
Unconsciously, the cub’s tail half hooked around the wrist of the youth. By the time it realized, the small ball no longer had any desire to remove its tail, purring as it moved closer to the youth’s body.
Knowing that it was now able to return back to its human form, this Taotie cub was surprisingly not very happy.
If he changed back to his human form, perhaps the youth will not use the gentle tone to talk to him anymore but just like before, speak to him coldly while frowning.
Seeing the youth’s eyebrows crease again, this small ball in the youth’s bosom started to move even more wildly.
Gu Yan stroke the tail that was hooked around his wrist. The tail was a very sensitive part but the Taotie cub did not resist, instead, it obediently stayed still.
Holding the tail hooked about his wrist, he cannot help but be a little startled.
The cub had grown a little over the last half a month, and it could be considered a good thing that the tail wants to hook around his wrist. Even the smallest gestures gave him a great sense of familiarity, it would inevitably cause him to have illusions.
Was it possible to meet the same person in a different world, even if the answer is [yes], the possibility was still too small. Gu Yan did not harbor any hope towards this matter but in his mind, can’t help thinking.
[Although the probability is very small, it is not impossible.] 037 dutifully addressed the host’s confusion.  The hand that was teasing the tail immediately stop: “00 …? “
[The probability is not equal to zero, so there is this possibility.]
[Then how can we verify this?]
Gu Yan raised his head to look at the little ball in his arms. Just in time, he met the gaze of the pair of light color vertical pupils and felt his throat become a little dry.
[By checking the data code, if there is a similarity above 50%, they can be confirmed to be the same person.] Comparing the data codes was not complicated but the amount of data needed to be checked was too large and required a lot of energy. In regard to this, 037 did not say anything.
After consuming a large amount of energy, the system would require to go into hibernation for a period of time in order to recover its energy. If it were the previous hosts, 037 would definitely not have mentioned it.
Although the system sounded mechanical and emotionless, it was not that it was unable to have feelings.
However, towards this matter, 037 was unexpectedly willing to do its best for this host.
End of chapter 36
[1]Taotie directly translates to gluttonous so this little kitty is actually a hungry and greedy kitty. 


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