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Chapter 29: Consequences


The young politician looked at the youth staring at him and smiled. He did not further explain himself.
“This planet can make a good stronghold.” The young politician told him as he rose from his seat and went towards the cabin door. Turning back, he reverted back to a polite and gentle voice as he said, “I’ll come back later to check on you again.”
Confined alone in this empty compartment with people guarding outside the door, the ship’s surveillance system was most likely also being watched…
This situation was worse than last time.
What did he mean by even if he managed to escape, he still wouldn’t be able to find the person he was looking for? Gu Yan was extremely anxious about what he had said.
The Heidis should be obediently waiting at home for him to return.
Gu Yan remembered seeing the big cat lying on the sofa, the pair of light color vertical pupils quietly watching him.
However, their whereabouts was obviously already known by Ivy, then the Heidis staying in the rental housing waiting for him to return…
Anxious, Gu Yan had no way of calming his heartbeat. “00, can’t you invade the control system again?”
His carefree days were over, the youth in front was now displaying a rarely seen anxiousness. The only thing he wanted to do now was to go back and confirm the safety of his cat. The Earth’s safety and everything else could only take second place in his heart.
[There are people paying attention to the system’s data, any tampering will be noticed.]
Answering the host honestly, system could detect the youth’s mood swings as he continued: [There is actually another method the host can try…]
[If the host can operate the machine that is residing in the space in the ring, it’s not difficult to get away from here.]
The “Silver Wing” machine armor was an extremely lethal weapon. If driven by a capable pilot, was powerful enough to take out a whole fleet of guards.
In the past, its former owner had driven it onto the battlefield and had annihilated the enemies’ entire force.
“I don’t know how to …” Gu Yan furrowed his eyebrows deeper. If he had known that this would happen, he would definitely have sought out the original owner without a second thought to learn how to drive this thing.
[In the past, how did the host learn how to drive those battleships?] 037 asked.
All this time, its host has never clearly recognized one thing …
The host does not truly understand how terrible it is to be favored by the ‘ Rules ‘, nor to have the ability to influence or even change these ‘ Rules ‘.
Gu Yan suddenly did not know how to answer this question. Initially, he had only started playing the battleship simulator as a simple game. Things like the game’s operation, after groping about for a while, he somehow managed to grasp it and can be said to be …
[Host can just use back the same method as before to operate this.]
What method? Randomly groping about until he manages to grasp the concept?
Gu Yan was still a little confused about his ability, but he did not give it much thought. Any method was good as long as he can leave this place.
At the moment when the ‘ key ‘ was turned and Gu Yan entered the cockpit, he heard the system’s emotionless mechanical voice.
[In this world you have created, you can do almost anything.]
This silver machine was not very big, just the size of a medium-class warship and was nothing compared to a mothership.
Since he was already in the machine armor, Gu Yan did not bother departing gracefully. He directly destroyed the cabin wall as he crashed through the ship, not even bothering about the siren that was going off.
What was called even if he escaped he will not be able to see that person? The big cat must still be obediently waiting in the room for him. When he returned, the Heidis must surely still be there.
At this time, the people blocking his way was extremely annoying in his eyes. Gu Yan was running out of patience.
He wanted to quickly go back to see his cat, but these people had to block him.
[Enemy’s warships engine have been damaged 50% and have lost their operational capacity.]
Gu Yan had lost count of how many times system 037 had repeated this sentence.
To the enemies, this silver armor machine was like a streak of lightning flashing by. It never ever attacked the same enemy twice because once was enough completely immobilize them.
The man who was driving the machine was a pure novice who had never touched such a weapon before, yet it was simply a nightmare.
This level of accuracy, looking at the entire empire, perhaps only the previous owner of this machine could match up to him.
Heading towards the pre-set destination after clearing through all the obstacles, Gu Yan once again landed on the Blue Planet.
The mothership had probably already given out orders because the Earth had currently declared a state of emergency. Fortunately, this silver machine was a class seven armor. With its stealth and anti-reconnaissance technology, the level four civilization could not stop Gu Yan from landing smoothly.
A day had already passed since the time he left. “Qiu qiu …?” Along the way, Gu Yan hurried back as fast as he could. However, his body physique was originally one of utter trash. Even after he entered the house, he still did not slow down despite his parched throat.
There was a corpse at the door with its neck completely snapped. He could easily tell that it was a Sarian judging from the facial features. Gu Yan very calmly looked around.
This room was not very big. The living room was very close to the doorway and Gu Yan could see the cat-like Heidis was still lying at the same spot as when he had left. His eyes were closed, very quietly …
As though he was asleep.
Even while under the effect of the toxin and had almost lost his hearing, the Heidis could still keenly detect that someone was near as it opened its eyes. Lowering his body, it struggled to get into his defensive stance.
The vertical pupils shrank into thin slits as it stared coldly at the person before him even though he barely had any vision left.
But this stance was only maintained for less than a second.
“Meow.” The Heidis mewed softly towards the person in front of him and quickly adopted a docile and obedient appearance once again.
Even if he couldn’t hear his voice, couldn’t see his face or even smell his familiar scent, the Heidis could still recognize the person in front of him.
Picking up the silent cat, Gu Yan felt that his hands were a little weak. Stroking the big cat’s back, he used his softest and most tender voice: “Qiuqiu be good … Open your eyes and look at me.”
The Heidis race did not need sleep, but the Heidis in his arms had closed his eyes again and Gu Yan certainly knew what it meant.
In reality, the Heidis could only hear the three words, “Qiuqiu be good” before he turned all his attention to the person saying these words.
Take the initiative to rub his own head against the youth’s hand, the Heidis gave a soft mew in response. He had been very good.
After a while, the Heidis’s eyes would slowly close once more. Only when he heard the youth say ‘ Qiuqiu ‘ this word, he will slightly open his eyes to stare at him for a little while.
“00…Is there any way to … ” This cycle was too cruel, seeing the Heidis in his arms open his eyes tiredly everytime he called, Gu Yan almost could not bear to let the other person continue doing such a painful thing.
[Even if the rules are willing to bend for you, the rules still have to be enforced. This system cannot be sure of what will happen.]
Stroking the Heidis’s fur, he no longer uttered ‘Qiuqiu be good’ these three words.
No matter what the consequences were, he will bear them.
End of Chapter 29


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