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The Emperor is an incapable ruler(4): The missing protagonist


System saw that Xiang Han was furious, and innocently worried about him, [Mr. Xiang, why don’t… I help you copy, it won’t take long.]

Xiang Han abruptly lifted his head and scoffed, [If I copy just because he said so, where will Zhen’s face be thrown?]

System, [Ah, then what do you intend to do?]

Xiang Han, [I have to retaliate.]

[You’re not taking the capable ruler and virtuous subject route anymore?] System carefully asked.

[That’s why I have to think of a justified way to take revenge and make him be unable to speak even when suffering.] Xiang Han sat on the dragon bed and stroked his jaw while thinking. After a moment, he suddenly said, [Isn’t he very free? Why don’t I make him write a book.]

[W-what book?] System asked.

Xiang Han thought for moment and said, [What about a dictionary? I don’t know anything else. Little Nine, find the compilation of theories for a {Modern Chinese Dictionary}. There’s no need for the pinyin. Later on, we’ll write it out and let those academicians study it.]

He remembered that this era did not even have something like a {Dictionary}. So, he’ll make one to benefit the country and its people, and at the same time, find something to keep Zhao Ze preoccupied. This would save him from Zhao Ze’s pettiness and stop him from constantly thinking of ways to take revenge.

[Understood.] After System received the command, it got to work.

Big A could not help opening the private chat: [After returning this time, Mr. Xiang seemed to have gotten more evil.]

Little B: [That’s because he’s been tricked so many times before.]

After Xiang Han and System studied a few cases, they wrote a vague framework before Xiang Han threw down his brush to go and read the ancient people’s yellow books[1]. As for the {Classic of Rites}, he did not copy a single word.

The next day at morning court, Zhao Ze saw the Little Emperor sitting at the top yawning non-stop and felt a wave of guilt. He thought the Little Emperor had copied the text until dead into the night and could not help thinking, ‘The Little Emperor is still young, yet he had to evaluate so many scripts every day. Was the extra work I gave him yesterday too much?’

But by the time afternoon rolled around, Xiang Han merely widened his eyes when asked for his work and innocently said, “Minister Zhao, when Zhen was copying a few sentences last night, Zhen realised that there were some words that Zhen could read but not understand, and thus, struggled for the entire night…”

Was this to say he did not do his work?

Zhao Ze saw through his little act but did not immediately expose him. Instead, he hardened his expression and replied, “Your Majesty could have ordered this minister to explain or wait until the script has been copied before asking this minister.”

“Of course. This was Zhen’s original intention, but after considering for a long time, Zhen thought that although Zhen has Minister Zhao to turn to anytime, what about all the other scholars under the sky? I heard from Minister Zhang from the Ministry of Appointments that when he was studying, he had to travel over tens of miles, regardless of wind or rain and with much difficulty, to seek a teacher to clarify his doubts. There are countless other scholars who have it harder than Minister Zhang. Thinking of this, Zhen felt extremely distressed, and thus, was unable to sleep all night.” Throughout his speech, everything about Xiang Han’s acting, from his movements to his inflection, was perfect. He even clutched his hands to his chest, as if experiencing genuine heartache.

Zhao Ze sank into silence. This was the reason for the Little Emperor’s slacking off and not copying his work? It sounded really pompous.

He purposely raised a brow and asked, “So after thinking for a night, did Your Majesty come up with a solution?”

“Definitely!” Xiang Han had been waiting for him to ask. He hurriedly brought out the things he had written down previously and earnestly said, “Zhen thought for the whole night and felt that there should be a book that contains a large portion of commonly used words alongside their explanation and usage. If possible, have some examples to accompany it. Also, be sure to use the most classic examples from early scriptures to make it easier for those who use them to make deductions. As for the index, Zhen feels that…”

Xiang Han rambled on incoherently for a while and when he was done, his throat was dry. Zhao Ze listened earnestly until the end when his expression finally changed.

He looked at the Little Emperor with a complex gaze for a long while before he suddenly bowed sincerely, “Your Majesty cares deeply for the scholars, loving them as much as yourself and causing this minister to feel guilty. This minister thanks Your Majesty for your grace on behalf of all the other scholars.”

As it was not his original invention, Xiang Han instantly felt embarrassed and quickly waved his hands, “It’s nothing. I merely thought of it but if Minister Zhao thinks it’s possible, then I’ll hand this matter over to you.”

“This Minister will not disappoint Your Majesty,” Zhao Ze immediately knelt down and promised.

When he stood up once more, he saw the Little Emperor’s bashful expression, as if he was embarrassed. Zhao Ze was confused but he quickly understood. His Majesty was still young and this was the first time proposing a solution after taking over the court. He was bound to feel trepidation and anticipation.

Therefore, he smiled and praised, “Your Majesty is amazing.”

Xiang Han was even more embarrassed and even felt guilty. His goal was merely to find some stuff to keep Zhao Ze busy and moreover, the dictionary was not his own idea.

Zhao Ze saw this and his heart tightened. He suddenly recalled when his second sister was delivering stuff to his brother-in-law, his brother-in-law had praised her and his second sister had been embarrassed. Could it be that the Little Emperor also...

Moreover, when he saw the other person looking down with sparkling eyes, he suddenly felt the urge to pull the other person into his arms and embrace him. When he regained his senses once more, he suddenly realised what sort of thoughts had been in his head and instantly broke into a cold sweat, hurriedly bidding his farewell.

Creating a dictionary was an extremely time-consuming task. Zhao Ze undertook this order and soon got busy. After Teacher Zhao knew about it, he could not help getting involved whenever he had the time.

When this happened, Xiang Han’s free time increased and he would frequently sneak out of the palace with a justifiable reason: To help System gather information.

After the ninth time ordering the Furong chicken soup with fine vermicelli at Yun Lou, the waiter’s gaze had also changed. Xiang Han did not care and used his spoon to take small bites out of his food. Because he was still young, such graceful movement appeared extremely elegant and caught people’s attention.

After a while, a group of scholars arrived in the next room. None of their identities were low. Thus, their attitudes were very wanton and they did not bother holding back their voices.

Xiang Han’s brows furrowed but he did not bother with them. After eating, he glanced at the waiter and seeing that the other person was not looking at him, he quickly licked the bottom of the bowl, not letting off the remaining soup.

Finishing his meal, he finally put down the spoon and picked up the piece of cloth at the side to dab at his mouth before politely asking, “Could you call the chef who made this? I would like to meet him.”

This dish was excellent, even more delicious than those from the modern world. Xiang Han could not help wanting to drag this chef back to his palace.

The waiter laughed, “Of course you can. Chef Luo just arrived not too long ago and you’re the first person who requested to meet him. Dear guest, please wait a moment, I’ll go call him.”

“Okay,” Xiang Han nodded his head and waited excitedly.

If only he could bring him back to the federation. Unfortunately, he could not because data was produced automatically, even Big A and the rest could not change it. More importantly, if he really went to the federation, many people were bound to snatch away such a chef with amazing skills. He did not stand a chance.

Ah… Why not just learn it himself? Xiang Han was suddenly hit with a flash of inspiration and thought of the perfect solution. After learning it himself, won’t he be able to eat whatever he wanted from now on? Although he was a black cook[2] in the first world, it could be due to the original host...

As Xiang Han was consoling himself, a clean-looking, albeit short, youth appeared as per the waiter’s instructions.

When he entered the room, he immediately broke into a smile and revealed a row of small white teeth, “Nice to meet you, dear guest. I’m Luo Bai, the person who made the Furong chicken soup with fine vermicelli. I heard you were looking for me?”

Xiang Han froze. Why did he look so young? Moreover…he even looked a little familiar.

He carefully thought for a moment and had a sudden realisation. Wasn’t this the protagonist shou? He nearly forgot, cough, cough...

Xiang Han felt that this matter really could not be blamed on him. Although Luo Bai was the protagonist shou, his character really did not interact much with the original Song Han.

In the original plot, Luo Bai was chased out of the restaurant and entered the palace as a lowly servant. Prince Liang’s digestive system had suffered in those years of confinement and nothing he ate was suitable. After Luo Bai entered the palace, it did not take long for him to return to the kitchen. One of the nutritious dishes he made caught Prince Liang’s attention and he gradually gained recognition.

At that time, the original host had just executed the entire Zhao Family and was sprinting down the road of an incapable ruler. Prince Liang was merely concealing his strength and biding his time, spending everyday in his official residence eating and drinking, and occasionally teasing little Chef Luo. When the original host was overthrown, Prince Liang ascended and directly granted Luo Bai the title of Imperial Chef, bringing him into the palace to specially prepare his food…as well as to warm his bed.

Originally, this should have been a sweet and happy ending, but no one knew what happened to cause the author’s brain to cramp. Prince Liang had to establish his harem and produce heirs, abusing everyone. After Luo Bai’s body and heart had been thoroughly abused, he could no longer endure this stud horse emperor and finally packed up to leave. He directly ran away, a death-seeking move. Afterward, it was the dog blood drama of ‘you run and I’ll chase’. Since it had nothing to do with the original host, Xiang Han did not bother to read on.

Xiang Han had thought he would also not come into contact with the protagonist shou, he never thought  he would meet the other person the moment he escaped the palace to search for food. However, according to the original plot, the protagonist shou should be a footboy in the Prince Liang’s residence at this point in time, so why was he at the restaurant? Was it because he had put the Prince Liang under house arrest and this was the so-called butterfly effect?


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[1] yellow books refer to porn
[2]厨房杀手: Lit. translation destroyer of kitchens, to mean he's a terrible cook


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